Ice Hot

Chapter 12

That was the most nerve wreaking thing I ever had to do. I was so glad that it was over. Just a few more minutes and I could quench the thirst that engulfed me. When I sat down, Dumbledore tapped me.

"I can tell that you need to hunt. If you have to you can go through the door over there." He pointed to the door at the end of the stage. 'Thank you so much," I said. I tried to walk casually, but I wanted to leave so much that I almost flew out like I would at home. I finally made it to the door. I didn't turn around because I knew that all the students were looking at me. I turned the knob, Walked through the door and when it was closed I ran as fast as I could to where ever it smelled like trees.

It took me about five or six minutes to get outside. It was a big school. Outside I breathed in the air that still had magic, but it was so much tamer. The venom was still swirling in my mouth. I ran into the forest that was right in front of me. It was big and very dark so no one would see me. It was perfect. I wanted to find deer or maybe a mountain lion. I stopped when I realized there was a little hut to the left of me. I stood totally still, even though I knew the moonlight made me light. I couldn't hear a breath or a heart beat from a human. There was probably a dog in there or some type of pet. Knowing that I was safe, I ran straight into the forest. I was running so fast, I thought I would make a sonic boom.

The feeling of finally stretching my legs was so reliving. I made me feel like the first time I ran with my family. I loved that. Weaving through the trees was so fun. Not being scared of anyone seeing me. Knowing I was safe, even when I was away from my family. Every second here gave me new confidence. I was Only 30 seconds into my run when I smelled something that could be a meal. It was fast, but I was faster. I caught up to it in no time at all. It wasn't a human, so I jumped on it and broke its neck like I always do to kill it. It was a little stirring. It was a unicorn. I shook it off. Well, it made as much sense as anything else. I sunk my teeth in the stomach area, so happy for the blood to flow down my throat and put out the fire I have to live with. Instead of swallowing it, I vomited. That was the most vial thing I ever tasted. Not lying. It was repulsive. What was wrong with this animal before it crossed my path? I noticed that the blood wasn't red, like every other normal animal in this world. It was chrome. Shiny silver. That was so wrong. I couldn't drink this. It would make me sick for the first time in what seems like forever. The fire came back and I realized I couldn't starve myself of blood for an entire year. It would drive me to attack a student. I wouldn't live with myself if that happened. I was lucky I didn't kill anyone already.

I healed my breath and sucked the silver blood into my mouth and swallowed it, trying hard to keep it away from my tongue. It didn't work. I could taste the after-taste of it. It worked to keep it down. When I knew it was staying down, the fire was still there. Great. The worst taste in the world and it couldn't get rid of the fire that I had to suffer through. This was horrible. I thought that this was going to be the best time of my existence and nothing has gone right.
I couldn't drink anymore of that liquid that came out of the unicorn, so I ran back to the school. What I wanted most of all right there was to be back home. Not because I missed my family, but because I wanted to get rid of this taste in my mouth. Venom tasted like bear right now. I was at the hut again and I stopped because I heard a human. I hid behind the trees at the end of the forest. The light turned out and I ran right past the hut. No one heard me, so I made my way back to the castle. I entered the way I came out from, following my scent to the dining room. I wasn't running like a vampire, but I was running as fast as a human could run. I found my way back to the dining room. It was bigger when it was just me. It made me feel a little alone. But I wasn't alone.

Behind me, Dumbledore was sitting in his chair.

"Oh, what are you doing here? Should you be in you're room?" I asked him.

"I was waiting for you. I knew you would come back, seeing this is the only room you know how to get to." he said. "Now, you should go to your room. You're surprise is still waiting for you." I completely forgot about that. He got up and gave me a piece of paper. It had directions on how to get into my room. The last part was a little strange though. I was going to ask him what it meant, but he was gone before I looked up. My instincts were bad. I should have practiced with Carlisle more before I left.
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So, the food in England does really suck. (OH, I'm so bad!) But they aren't known for their cooking skills. They're known for marriages and to-die-for accents. There is nothing sexier in the world than a guy with a real British accent. ;) Happy wishes to Kate and William!!! I'm watching the wedding tomorrow!!!

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