Ice Hot

Chapter 13

I followed the directions as best as I could. I stopped at a hall with moving stair cases. This magic stuff was so cool. I would never get used to it. I stepped on one of the moving stairs and went as far as I could without falling off. It was amazing. It started to move slowly to a balcony with a picture of a young, beautiful woman. This confused me a little. The directions said that there would be a door that led my rooms. But there was only a painting. I got off the stairs before they could move again. The painting has such detail. It looked real. I thought it might be one of Da Vinci's hidden pieces. I reached out to touch it.

"Oh, my!" it yelled. It was alive?!

"You can talk?!" I said, shocked that nothing made sense here.

"Why, yes I can. Why is your skin so cold?" she asked me. Oh great. Not only could the painting talk, it could feel things too. I tried to think of a reasonable explanation.

"Oh, that? It's natural for me. Sometimes my hands freeze up. I don't know why. It just happens," I said, hoping she would buy it.

"Well, I think you should sit next to the fire. It's extremely cold," she said. It worked, but I didn't have a good explanation yet. She was still suspicious. I had to get the attention away from my body temperature.

"I'm Carol Cullen. I'm new and I wanted to know if you knew where the door to the Slytherin room is," I said.

"Why, it's right behind me," she said. "You just need the password to get in." Wow. This place was very secure.

"Oh, I don't think I have the password," I said.

Well then, I can't let you in," she said. I then realized what the words underneath the directions were. I pulled out the paper and read them out loud.

"Abstinence." She moved out of the way and there was a whole other room behind the frame.
It was elegant and amazing. And this is where I will live. I walked in and saw a blazing fire. I thought it was funny the lady inthe painting thought that fire would warm my hands. If that would happen, I would live in fire. If I touched fire, it would burn off whatever part of me I put in. I smelled a human coming. No, two. I turned around facing the stairs that split at the top in two different directions. Two girls came down from the right. They just peered around the wall and jumped down the rest of the stairs. One of the girls was pale and had a round face and straight, long, black hair in two braids. The other had big, curly crazy brown hair and had dark skin. She wore a purple hair band. They both had dark brown eyes. They smelled sweet and a rather strong one. If I wasn't so tame, I would attack. The pale girl talked first.

"Hi. I'm Cristina and this is Cathy. We’re your new room mates," she said. They seemed nice. I was a little glad I got room mates after all. But just a little.

"I'm Carol. I'm new so can you show me our room?" It was weird to say 'our' with room because I always had a room to myself. It would feel weirder sharing one with humans. They led me up the stairs to the right. They opened the door four down and on the right. The room was huge.

It had three single beds. Two of them were messed up and pulled apart. One of them was neat and well made. It was obviously mine. It had something on top of the covers. I walked overto the bed. It was a present wrapped in tan paper and tied with a dark green ribbon. It had a note on it. It read:


This is your uniform. Even though your not a student, you still need to wear it during the school day.



P.S.-Ask Cathy for your second surprise.
I turned to Cathy. "It says you have another gift for me?" I asked, not knowing what's going on.

"Oh, yeah." She ran to the room that I think was the bathroom. She came back with a dome cage. She gave it to me. "Here you go." I took it by the handle and put on my bed. I opened the lock and a black cat came out. It caught me off guard. I never had a pet. And I don't think that a cat would be a good idea now. I might be tempted to drink its red blood. I thought it was a test to see if I could control my thirst. Even if it wasn't, I would take it as one. A small, cute test. Animals were usually scared of us, but this one came right up to me. I lifted it up and it licked my cheek. It didn't seem to mind the cold, and I didn't mind the heat from its breath.

"Wow. It usually hates everyone that's near it. But she seems to like you,"Cristina said.

"Really?" I said.It was such a stupid cat to like me. But, I would livewith it either way."I should name her, shouldn't I?" I said. "I'll name you Adrienne," I said. I just loved that name. She seemed to like that too. She rubbed herself on me. It was amazing not for someone to be afraid of me. I picked up the present on the bed and unwrapped it. It was a uniform alright. But as far a uniforms go, this one was one I would love to wear. Itwas a white,long sleeve, button-down collar shirt with a green tie with agold snake on it. It also had a green plaid skirt and knee high white socks and a pair of black Mary Janes. This was the type of uniform that Alice would design.
Then it hit me.

"I have to write to Renesme," I said. The girls looked at each other like I was crazy.

"Who's Renesme?" Cathy asked.

"She's my little sister. I promised I would write to her every day." I took out a pen and paper from my suitcase and started to write. They would be so surprised with what happened.
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