Ice Hot

Chapter 14

Dear Renesme

How is everyone? I'm doing great all the way across the world. I miss you so, so, so much. I wish you were here. Every thing is amazing. It's so magical here. You would love it. The blood in the animals are the only down side. It tastes horrible. It makes me want a mountain lion or a bear more than anything in the world. And the smell is a little intense, but I'm completely under control of my instincts. There's nothing to worry about and I totally have our secret under wraps. I have to go now, but I'll see you on Christmas. Give big hugs and kisses to everyone and tell Alice that I'll be sending her a picture of my uniform soon. XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Love, Carol

I put the letter in the envelope and sealed it up. I'll send it out tonight when everyone is asleep.
I put on my nock-around clothes that were my pajamas for the humans. I picked the best clothes for hunting. I went over to talk to Christina and Cathy before I pretended to sleep.

"Hey Carol, you're really from America? I didn't know that Americans were witches," Christina said. Cathy hit the back of her head. "Ow. What? "

"That's racist," she said.
"No it's not," I said. "I didn't know that magic even exists until a few days ago. It's all a little mind boggling."

"It's so cool that you're here. We never had a guidance councilor before," Cathy said.

"Well, do things go wrong that people are traumatized by?" I asked. That's the reason for having one.

"Oh, yeah. Especially with Harry Potter," Cristina said. Harry? What's wrong with Harry? He seems like a great person. He was nice, polite and had great friends. Including me.
Thinking of him made me want his scent. It's the only thing that could tame the fire that made home in my throat.

"What's different about Harry?" I asked.

"Well, everyone here knows this, but since you live on the other side of the world, you probably don't know. You know that scar on his forehead?" Cristina asked. I nodded, getting more and more curious. "Well, he-who-must-not-be-named killed his parents." That didn't make scenes.

"Who's that?" I asked. What gave them the idea that I would know that guy? They looked scared at my question.

"His name is forbidden," she said. "Just know that he's pure evil. He kills anyone that stands in his way. He killed Harry's parents. He was about to kill him too, but he just left that scar on his forehead. He is the only one that lived." That story reminded me of my transformation. The bear killed my parents and scared me.

"My parents died too. We were camping and a bear killed them. I have no family left," I said. This got me thinking of my mom and dad. From the first day of my death, I didn't think of them. I started to miss them now.

"I thought you said that you wrote a letter to your little sister," Cathy said. I didn't have to lie for this.

"She is my adopted sister. I was adopted by the Cullen’s. I took their last name to feel more like their family," I said. I looked into Cristina's mind and saw how depressed this made her feel. I didn't want my new friends to feel depressed around me. I changed the topic.

"So, is this school fun?" I asked. If I was going to live here, I wanted to have fun.

"Yeah. Where did you go during the feast?" Cristina asked. Oh. They did notice. Duh. All eyes were on me. I thought of a good explanation.

"I had something important to do. I'd rather not talk about it. It's a little private," I said. They can think of the next part.

"Period?" Cathy asked. Thanks Cathy.

"Yup," I said. I have a new excuse for something. Yay.

"Well, you missed the announcement," Cristina said.

"What announcement?" I asked. I missed something exciting for silver blood? Damn it.

"There holding the Tri Wizard cup here!"

"Oh, yeah. You don't know a lot about magic," she said. She was very excited about it. I didn't even know what it was.

"What?" I asked.

"Witches and wizards from three schools compete in three events for the Tri wizard cup and anyone can enter."

"Except this year, you have to be over seventeen," Cristina said. She looked upset.

"You wanted to enter it?" I asked.

"Yeah. A little." She really wanted to. I saw Cathy yawn and thought that the humans needed to sleep.

"I'm getting tired," I said. "I think we should go to sleep."

"Good idea," Cathy said. We got up off the floor and when to lie down in our beds. I lifted Adrienne up off my pillow and put her on the end of my bed. This would be hard. I had to lie on a bed for hours and wait for them to fall unconscious. This was going to be a long night.
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