Ice Hot

Chapter 15

It took two hours for them to go to sleep. I got out of bed quietly and carefully, trying not to wake up Adrienne. I didn't think I could get out the main way. The painting lady may wake up. I thought how to get out of here with out waking any one up. I thought for a moment and realized I could go out the window. I could climb up and down the wall easily with the bricks. I opened the window and saw how much higher my room was. I pulled myself together, taking a deep breath, and with my throat a blaze, I put my legs over the edge. I was holding onto the window sill and had my footing on a brick. I let go of the window sill and let myself fall about ten feet. I grabbed onto another brick and got my footing again. I looked at the palm of my hand. It had some sand on it. My hand scraped the bricks where I fell. I did the same thing over and over again, until I was 50 feet from the bottom. I let myself fall the rest of the distance. I landed and took off for the forest.

I had to pay close attention to my surroundings. All the animals were sleeping at out of plain sight. The magic in the air, I couldn't smell things right. But, it was still a piece of cake to track it. It was easier to catch it. I found a unicorn sleeping in a den. I noticed that there were more with it. I killed them all. It didn't feel right to leave part of a family open. They should all be together. This was one of the things that kept me part human. I drank all of their blood, despite the taste. I was too thirsty to care. But, my throat still burned. I would do anything for it to stop, even for a minute. Just to be able to think of something else. Then I remembered that Harry had a different scent. His would calm me down. I didn't want to go into his room, but I had no choice. I wasn't thirsty, so I ran back to the school. I jumped on the wall and started to climb. It tore my clothes a little, but I kept going.

I didn't know where his room was, so I tried to smell his scent. It didn't work. I scaled the wall for an hour before something changed. My throat started to cool off. Just a little. Not enough to make it go away, but I definitely changed. I followed along the path. And little by little, my throat cooled. I founded an open window and stuck my head in. The fire went down drastically. This was his room. I was holding onto the top window sill and dropped to the bottom. I peeked my head in and took a look around. The boy’s room didn't look hat different from the girl’s room. The boy's room looked like any other boy's room, obviously, but the colors were the main difference. Our room was mainly green and black. There colors were orange, yellow and red.

I pulled myself into the room. I noticed that Ron and his brother's were Harry's room mates. That must get annoying. Harry slept in the bed closest to the window. I knelt by his bed, inhaling the sweet smell that put out the fire. It was gone. My mind was clearer, too. I could think. I looked at the clock on the wall. It was one. I had plenty of time to stay here. I leaned in closer. That scent was so wonderful. I saw his scar. That scared me a little. That someone so evil could be near someone so nice like Harry. It just wasn't right. I also realized that he looked different with his glasses off, even with his eyes closed. I wondered why I couldn't see into his mind the first time we met. Was he different like Bella? Was it me? Was I loosing my powers? No. I used it on Cristina just a few hours ago. But, there couldn't be something wrong with him, could there? Maybe when he scarred him, it did something to him. Or maybe it was simpler than that. Maybe his glasses were blocking it. I never tried it on anyone with glasses. There was only one way to find out. I needed to get him to take off his glasses. I had to. Whoa, whoa, wait. I was getting obsessed with him. I just wanted to be his friend. I didn't want anything else. But, why did I think that? Why was I just obsessed with finding out everything there is to know about him? I was still kneeling too close to him. I pulled myself away from him. But I didn't want to. I wanted to stay where I was. What? Why was I thinking these things? I thought about this. Like I didn't know the answer. It must have been because I needed his scent. I was addicted to his scent. I wouldn't be able to leave him for fear I may kill someone from thirst. This was horrible. I needed to have his scent with me all the time. I looked at him, and what I wanted for him to open his eyes and see into his soul.

I had to get out of here. I got up and took one more, long look at him. I had to figure out what this was. I left his room out the window, not once my eyes left his face. I let go of the window sill and climbed down and ran into the forest. I climbed the highest tree I could find. I went to the highest branch that could hold my weight. The tree I picked had a look of a lake. It was pitch black with the reflection of the moon as the only light on it. It was amazing. I lied against the trunk and started to think about Harry. The feeling that overwhelmed me when I saw him was new and the most strong I ever experienced. What was it? I didn't know if it was good or bad? Right or wrong? If I liked it or not. The most powerful emotion I ever felt and I don't know what to feel. Did Carlisle feel this way? Was it normal? Or was I just making this up? That must have been it. This feeling wasn't real. I just thought it all up. I felt bad for him and got caught up in the moment. I wanted to get out of here. Not just the tree or the rooms. I wanted to leave Hogwarts and London and I wanted to go home. Back to my family, back to Forks and away from here. Definitely away from here.
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