Ice Hot

Chapter 19

Alice didn’t help me pack this time. I only took out four shirts and a pair of jeans. I sipped up my suit case and brought it downstairs. Carlisle was on the phone trying to get me a ticket to England. I mean, he was getting me one. None of us had to try to do anything. We got everything we wanted. And we still weren’t spoiled. Carlisle taught us well. I came down as soon as he hung up the phone.

“Well, you got a one way ticket to England. And I added a surprise for you,” he said. I got a lot of surprises lately. All I cared about was getting to England as soon as possible. I gave him a hug.

“When can I leave?” I asked. “If it’s more than a week, I’m running there.”

“Oh, no. it’s much shorter than that,” said. “You’re plane takes off in an hour. Which means we have to leave now.” What?!

“Amazing! Carlisle, you’re the best! I love you so much!” I push him over giving him a hug.

“Okay Carol. I know you’re happy, but you’re crushing me,” he said. I was too strong for him. I let go to say my final goodbyes again. All I did was give hugs. I didn’t give too much emotion into it, not even for Jacob. All my emotion was for Harry and the sooner I saw him, the sooner I could get it back. Carlisle took me to the airport in Edward’s Volvo. When we got there, I just gave him a quick hug, took the ticket we got at the counter ad left. When I got to the gate, I figured out what Carlisle’s surprise was.

“Miss, you do realize you have a first class ticket, don’t you?” the ticket taker said. I snatched it from her hands and looked at it. Oh my god! She was right. Carlisle gave me a first class ticket. He was the greatest ever. I gave the ticket back to her and went through the tunnel to the plane. They directed me to the first class section in the front. The seats were so much better than the ones I was on before. It had a cooling system in the seat and I matched it closer to my temperature. When the stewardess asked me what I wanted to eat, I asked for the steak. When I got it, I waited until it got dark and I drank the juices. It wasn’t real blood, but it was close. It tasted watery, which made me gag a little, but it quenched it slightly. I sucked it out all the juice until it was dry and shriveled up. The flight seemed shorter in first class than it did in coach. When I got off the plane, I ran straight to the carousel to get my bags. I found them instantly. They were the first ones off. The scent was still recognizable. I took them outside and then it hit me. I didn’t know where the school was. I couldn’t find where it was without help and the train didn’t come until next year. How do I get to Hogwarts without Harry? Harry. He was the reason for me being here. I needed to find a way back to him. I could follow his scent, but he didn’t have one. But magic did. I went around to an ally and concentrated very hard on finding a hint of that scent that sent me insane. I cleared my mind of all things, trying to remember the scent. Then, for one second, I found a trail of magic. I shot off in search of where it ended. It was almost undetectable, but I couldn’t give up. I needed to find the castle that was drenched in the sweet magic. More than ten times, I lost the scent and ran aimlessly around the city streets then the countryside. I would have stopped to look at its beauty, but I was too preoccupied on finding the school. I didn’t stop unless I needed to feed. During the day, if it was sunny, I put on big clothes that covered my entire body and walked at normal speed. I couldn’t stand walking this slow when I needed to get to Harry. When the sun went down, I took off the thick clothes and put them in my bags and continued running at my normal speed. I ran for three days, the scent hard to follow.

Then I found a river that had the scent clinging to the water. I was sure that it was a river that led to the lake that held the school. It was a wide and deep river, so I threw my clothes by a tree and started to swim up it. I swam for hours. The moon was right above me and I knew it was midnight. By that time I finally found the school I swam up to the school in 30 seconds. I jumped onto the dock and ran to the wall. Now that I had the scent in my lungs and the fire in my throat, I tried to find the scent to put it out. It took me much less time to find his room. When I was holding onto the windowsill of his room, I realized where I was. I took a plane ride to England for the second time, ran for days and swam in a river for hours just to see a boy. I didn’t think, but I knew that this was where I should be. But closer to my life, which was in arms reach. But then I thought about if he didn’t love me back. I had to take that chance and tell him. Tell him everything. About how I‘m feeling this second. About my life that I hid from every human for my entire existence. I inhaled the cooling scent, accepting whatever will happen when I pull myself into that room, and swung myself into it. It had such a familiar feeling. I knew who was around me, but I only cared about one person in that room. When he slept, it fascinated me so much. But if I told him now, I could see him sleep whenever I wanted to. I leaned down over him. He was so perfect. No, beyond perfect. I touched his forehead. His heat was nothing I ever felt before. I never felt a human before. It wasn’t as hot as Jacob, nothing was as hot as Jacob, but it was still painful. I didn’t care that it burned me; I cared if he gets a freeze burn from me.

He fidgeted a little and his breathing picked up. His eyes flicked slightly under his lids, and they squinted open slightly. That was all it took for me to see into his soul. I saw exactly what he felt and I found it a little amusing. He thought that I was a dream and I wasn’t really here. He thought I was still in Forks. I found that funny for some reason. Maybe he didn’t think it was possible that I had the guts to come back to him, and for no other reason than to be with him. He opened his eyes all the way when he realized that I really was here. I pulled my hand away from him, cutting off the heat from his skin. He sat up and reached over to the night stand beside me, and grabbed his glasses. I caught his arm before he put them on. I didn’t want him to put them on yet. I want the freedom to see his feelings. And with what I was going to do, I don’t want them to break. His wrist was just as hot as his forehead, but I still didn’t care. He shivered a little bit from my touch.

“What are you doing?” he asked. He didn’t sound mad or scared. He sounded confused. I wouldn’t think anything less.

“I don’t want them to fall off you,” I said.

“Why would they fall off?” he asked me.

“Because you’re going to be going very fast.” And with that, I took the glasses out of his hands, I grabbed his arms and flung him around my back. It was one swift movement. I made sure that he didn’t get hurt, and I put his glasses in my pocket and jumped out of the window. I fell about twenty feet and grabbed onto the wall. I skidded down and got sand on my palms from the bricks again.

“So, was that fun?” I asked Harry. He didn’t say anything. I would be scared that he was injured, but I could feel his heart and breathing. He was fine. He just got the wind knocked out of him. “Say something,” I said, wanting to hear what he had to say for that.

“Where are we going?” he asked. That made smile. He didn’t want to know how any of this was possible. He just enjoyed the ride with me. That gave me hope that he loved me too.

“You’ll see soon enough. But I want you to hold onto me as tight as you can and keep your eyes closed until I tell you different, okay?” I told him. I felt him nod, with his head against my back. “Okay then.” I let go again, climbing down the wall the way I always do. When I got down, I ran to the forest where I hunted. I found the tree that had my scent on it. It was faded. I climbed up it and found a branch that was strong enough to hold our weight. The lake was still the same, still beautiful. Just like the first night. The water as black as the night sky, with one round pale white circle placed perfectly in the center. I wanted Harry to see this with me. I reached around my neck and loosened the grip he had, and put him next to me. He still had his eyes closed. He was so funny.

“Harry, you can open you’re eyes if you want to,” I said. He opened them slowly, with me holding onto him in case he gets scared from being so high up and fall off. He looked around, his mouth opened long. He didn’t look at the view fo long, because he instantly looked at me. I looked into his eyes and saw what he felt at that moment. Pure joy. He was so happy. I scanned his emotions to see if he was scared or confused at all. But he wasn’t. He was totally calm and at ease. That didn’t feel right. He should have been scared, or at least stirred up a bit. I should tell him something to get him scared. Just so he could react normally.

“Harry, I need to tell you something that you can’t tell any one else, and you have to promise me that,” I told him. He nodded. I trusted him. “I’m a vampire.” I kept my hold on him. He looked at me in a blank stare. I wanted to look into his eyes again, but he stopped me.

“Can I have my glasses back, please?” he asked. I wanted so bad to find something, but that would take time. I took them out of my pocket and gave them back. He put them on and it covered up my view into his emotions. “Thank you,” he said.

“You’re welcome,” I said back. Was he scared of me? Did he want me to leave him alone? He needed to say something. “You’re a vampire? Did you take me here to kill me?” he asked. That question startled me. He actually thought that I would hurt him. I loved him. I would protect him if it came to that.

“No Harry, never. I would never harm you in any way,” I said.

“Then why did you leave?” he asked. That was an odd question.

“What do you mean?” I asked him.

“It hurt me bad when you left me,” he whispered. That was horrible. I hated myself for hurting him. My entire life. I leaned over so fast he didn’t see me and held him.

“I’m so sorry, Harry. I didn’t know what I was doing. I would do anything to keep you safe and happy,” I said. I would. I leaned away from him when I realized in this pose, I could hurt him. He looked at me in a stunned gaze.

“So, I have a few questions for you,” he said.
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