Ice Hot

Chapter 2

This was great. The feeling of killing. I was just going to attack, when a strange calming feeling came over me. I didn't want to attack anymore. I got up from my pose, the strangers still standing there, as worried as before. But the boy with the curly blond hair looked smug. I still didn't want to attack. The strange feeling of calm left, but I didn't feel threatened by any of the perfect strangers. I felt like I would feel too awkward if I didn't say anything, so I decided to make friends with them.

"Hi, I'm Carol," I said. My voice didn't sound right. It sounded too clear and smooth. But I shook it off. The short, spiky haired brunet looked happy. I guess to see that I wasn't hostile. The older blond one stepped forward.

"Hello, my name is Carlisle," he said. He looked calmer too. "This is my family." I looked at all there faces. Some were still tense, but most were calmed down.

"Hi 'Family'," I joked. The short brunet chuckled and came over.

"Hi, I'm Alice. Are you felling well?" she asked.

"Yeah, I fell great. Weird, I never felt this good before." I told her.

"Trust me, that will pass," she assured me. I trusted her. "So, I bet your wondering where you are?"

"What can you read my mind?" I said kidding. They acted like I just insulted all of them. I thought I said something wrong. "Did I say something insulting?"
"No," Alice said. "Just ironic." Ironic? What was so ironic about saying to Alice that she read my mind?

"Okay, so is there more to this place than this one room?" I tried to think of anything to get the tension off me.

"Sure. I'll give you the grand tour," she said. She grabbed my arm and took me out of the room, down the stairs and into a living room.
She was fast. I mean really fast. It would have taken me at least a minute to go from that little room to the living room and it took her less than a second. "Whoa. How did you do that?" I asked her dazed. Before she could answer, the others were in the room and the bronze hair boy was attacking me and had me pinned against the wall. I should have been fighting him off like I did, but I was too over whelmed with this I just let what happened happen. And anyway, I knew that Alice would help me.

"What are you doing?!" she yelled. "Edward, let go of her, now!"

"No!" he said. I had no clue what was going on. Apparently his name was Edward, was holding me too tight, so I broke free of him easily. I was impressed by how strong I was now. He flinched back. His eyes were black with rage. But there was something about his eyes that I couldn't figure out. I stared deep into them to try to find it. Suddenly, I could hear his furious voice streaming through my head. He was yelling for me to stay away from Renesme.

"Who's Renesme?" I asked him, still staring into his eyes. My concentration was broken when his mood changed from enraged to confuse. His eyes went from black to golden.

"How do you know her name?" he asked me.

"Because you just told me," I said obviously. "And who is she? Is she here?" he looked at me like I was a freak.

"Can't you smell her?" he asked seeming confused and a little scared.

"No. I can't smell anything besides the room," I told him. "I'm only human."

"You can't hear her heart beat?" He kept asking such stupid questions.

"No!" I yelled. "I don't have super sonic hearing! If you can't, then I can't!"

"What if I can?" he asked. That question wasn't stupid.

"Then... can you?" I asked, getting a little afraid of what the answer might be. He came up to me, took my hand and led me to the couch. There was a women sitting across from me. She was no older then Carlisle. She looked nervous and was holding a child's book in her hands.

"Honey, it's okay, you can come out," he said in a soft, gentile voice that was nothing like I heard in my head.

A little girl, about six or seven, came out from behind the couch to the wavy brunnett. She was the most beautiful child ever. I was drawn to her milk chocolate eye like I was drawn to Edwards. I looked deep into them and I herd a high soprano voice that I thought was hers. She was scared of me because I was stronger then her dad. I was shocked by what I heard her say.

"Are you her father?" I asked him. If he was... he's too young to be a father.

"Yes," he said. He sounded proud of it.

"What!? Who...why...I...I..." I couldn't think of how ridiculous this was. He was a father?! I finally found the words. "Your, what, 17?" I didn't want to be rude, but it had to be said. "Why on Earth would you get a girl pregnant? Are you crazy?" He stood there, looking at me after I went off. I felt horrible.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry, Edward," I apologized. "It's that... I... my best friend got pregnant." His eyes opened wide. He looked incredibly surprised. "She got pregnant at age 18 and died giving birth. I swore I wouldn't..." I trailed off. I was sure he knew what I meant.

"Well," he said. "I can assure you that the mom is fine and healthy." That calmed me down a lot.

"Well, does she still she see the child anymore?" I asked.

"Actually, I live with them both," the girl with the wavy hair said. She was smiling at me. She was the mom. I looked at her, then at Edward. I smiled.

"You two are lucky to have such a beautiful child," I said, looking across the couch at little Renesme. "Hi there," I whispered to her, trying hard not to scare her. She crawled out of the women's arms and walked over to me.

"I'm Renesme." she said in the exact voice I heard in my head. That made my head spin.

"Did she say anything before about being scared?" I asked. They all looked at each other.

"No, this was the first time she talked since you got here. Why?" Carlisle asked.
I explained how everything weird started since I was attacked by the bear in the forest. As I told the story, Carlisle nodded as if he understood everything I said. I finished my tale with hearing Renesme's voice after looking into her eyes. When I finished, I was expecting Carlisle to give me a logical explanation. Instead, he said this.

"You’re a vampire."
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