Ice Hot

Chapter 21

It was 5:30. No one was awake at that time. I climbed into my room to see if Cristina and Cathy were still asleep. They were in there messy beds, moving and rolling around. They really kicked in there sleep. My bed was made neat. There was a cage on top of the covers. I looked inside and Adrienne was sleeping. There was a note on the back of it. I took it off and sat on my bed. It said:


I know why you left. Carlisle told me. I also know you don’t have your clothes with you. There out of your suitcase and in your dressers. I hope you have fun with Harry.


I was so happy he wasn’t disappointed in me. And I really did have a fun time with Harry. It was the greatest thing I could ever go through. I sat in the corner of the room, hugged my legs and thought about how happy he mad me. I wanted to see him now, but I couldn’t. I’ll be with him soon enough. In the mean time, I heard one of the girls wake up. I got up and sat on my bed. It was Cristina. She sat up, stretched, and looked around. When she saw me, she didn’t realize it and looked away. Five seconds later, her head snapped back, screamed a little, and jumped out of herbed to me. She hugged me, and luckily, I had a thick quilt wrapped around me. She let go and took one of my pillows and threw it with force at Cathy. She shot up and looked towards us. She screamed like Cristina did. She stumbled out of her bed and ran over to us. They both squeezed me and then let me have some space to breath.

“So, why did you decide to come back?” Cathy asked.

“Well, I left because I was confused about stuff now I got it all figured out. So I came back,” I said. They liked that explanation and they continued to hug me. I heard Adrienne meow. I squeezed between the girls and opened the cage door. She came out and climbed into my arms. She started to purr loudly and lick my hand. I missed her. I missed them all so much. I missed all my friends. That reminded me of Hermione and Ron. I couldn’t wait to see them again. Cathy looked at the clock by my bed and shot up.

“What happened?” I asked.

“We’re late. Cristina and I have to get to our classes in a half hour,” she said. They let go and ran around the room, trying to get ready. I thought it was funny. They were so slow. I could get ready in seconds. But, they were only human. I looked outside. It was cloudy. I would be able to leave my room today. I got my uniform on under a second and when they were finally done, I fed Adrienne and we left.

This was the first real time I got to walk through the halls. It was amazing. I was in a hall without a wall and you could see the forest that I hunted in. it was raining and the hall had puddles of water so no one was there. My throat was on fire, as usual, but then it went out. Harry came around the corner. I got overwhelmed by happiness. I ran at my normal speed and grabbed and hugged him soft enough it wouldn’t hurt him. I couldn’t be so happy any other time without him. I kept hugging him, but he never put his arms around me. I looked at his face without letting go.

“What is it?” I asked. I was confused. In the last night he kissed me and now he won’t even hug me.

“What are you doing, Carol? And when did you get back?” he said. What is he talking about I thought.

“Did you forget about what happened last night in the tree?” I asked him. His beautiful blue eyes opened wide.

“How do you know about the dream I had last night?” he asked. What?! A dream? He thought that was a dream. It was so amazing he thought it couldn’t be real.

“Um, because it really happened,” I said.

“No it didn’t. You climbed into my room, took me to the dark forest…” I cut him off.

“Took you up into a tree, we talked then you kissed me and it was amazing and I told you I loved you and it was true. It wasn’t a dream.” His eyes were still wide.

“Prove it,” he said. I didn’t know how to. I couldn’t use my strength or speed. Someone could come around the corner and see me. I thought for a minute. What happened that proved to me that we belonged together? Then I got it. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him close to me. His lips pressed to mine and the feeling that I loved so much, that made me human for those few moments came back to me. Nothing I could ever get in the world was better than this. Harry felt that too. His put his fingers through my wavy orange hair and pulled me closer to him. I opened my mouth and his mouth molded with it. I squeezed him closer, not hurting him and enjoying the experience at the same time. It was easier than I thought. This made me kiss him harder. I thought it would never end, but then someone said something. I pulled myself away from him and turned around. Hermione and Ron were standing in the middle of the hall staring at us. In that situation, I should have been embarrassed. But, I missed them too much and I was too happy to see them.

“Hermione! Ron!” I ran to them, a little faster than I should have, but no one would notice. I swung my arms around them and hugged them both. I wouldn’t expect them to hug me back, but they did. They missed me too. When I let go, they bombarded me with the questions.

“When did you get back?” Hermione asked. Harry was next to me and had his arm wrapped around my waist. He knew that it wasn’t a dream now.

“Forget that question,” Ron said. “You two are dating?” I shouldn’t say dating. That would imply there was a possibility that we would leave each other. But saying that were emotionally bonded and he was my eternal soul mate would sound a little clingy. So yeah we were dating.

“Yup,” he said. Harry looked a little nervous. “Can I talk to you for a minute, Ron?” he asked.

“Sure,” Ron said back. He didn’t seem upset, so why did Harry seem nervous? They walked away from Hermione and me to have privacy. Harry didn’t know that I had super hearing.

“Ron, I’m sorry, but I really like her. I think that we could go really far. I may even love her.” I knew he was belittling it down for Ron. He was in love with me. “I know you said that you have a crush on her last night, but I really want to be with her. I’m so sorry.” He was more like me than I realized. He hated to hurt people to.

“It’s okay. I still have a crush on her, but you two seem perfect for each other and you make me feel happy just seeing you happy,” he said. I was amazed that our being happy could make everyone else happy. Harry came back to my side and put his arm around my waist again. Ron whispered to leave us alone and that I’ll answer all questions later. She didn’t want to leave. She wanted answers. But, she would have to wait for them.

“Don’t be late for your class, Harry,” she said. She shot me a smile before she left with Ron. When they were out of my scenes, I turned back to Harry, and we went back to where we were before they interrupted us.
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