Ice Hot

Chapter 22

After we finished our kiss, which I really didn’t want to end, we walked over to the dining room to know who the contenders in the Triwizard Tournament were. I forgot all about it. I seemed like sports and I really didn’t like sports. But Harry seemed into it, so I acted like I liked it for his sake. All of the other students were pouring into the dining room too. Some of the girls wore blue attire and some of the boys wore black and fur. Hopefully, foax. But most of the students wore normal uniforms like mine, but in three other colors. I heard that students from other schools came here to compete in the contest. They must be the ones in the other uniforms. I liked ours the best. Everyone was staring at us. It would be just me, but Harry never let go of my waist and I had my arms wrapped around his waist too. So now the whole school and everyone in it know we are in love. Or just in their case, dating. I didn’t want to let go of him, but I had to go up on stage and he had to go sit at his table. When I let go of his side, he pulled me close and kissed my forehead. I heard the whole room gasp quietly.

“Everyone is looking at you. Embarrassed?” he asked. I sighed.

“Apparently, you forgot that I’m dazzling to everyone, not just you,” I said. Even so, that kiss made a scene and I didn’t want to make another one, so I left him there and he walked to his table. I listened to him and herd his friends congratulating him for getting me. I also heard some people swearing at him for taking me off the market. They were planning to make a move on me. Another good reason I found Harry. But definitely not the best. When I got to my seat, all the students were staring at either me or Harry. There was a big, stone goblet in the center of the room with blue flames. I had no idea what it was for, but it looked amazing. When all the students were sitting at their tables, Dumbledore stood to quiet the room.

“First of all,” he said in a loud voice. “I would like to thank everyone that entered for the tournament. And now, for the winners.” Everyone tightened up in their seats. Harry looked so excited. I didn’t take my eyes off him until the goblet did something. The flames turned a hot pink and shot up, like some one had fuel right above it. A small, burnt piece of loose leaf paper shot out of it. It floated gracefully down to Dumbledore and he caught it.

“From Durmstrang Academy… the winner is… Viktor Krum!” a roar of applause filled the room. He got up and shook Dumbledore’s hand and stood next to him. The flames turned hot pink again and shot up and spit out another piece of singed paper. “The winner… from Beauxbatons Academy… is… Fleur Delacour!” another wave of applauds came from the tables. She was very pretty. I had a hard time thinking that she could play sports. I clapped for her guts. She shook his hand and stood next to Viktor. The flames once again turned pink, shot up and spit out one more piece of burned paper. There were no more schools. Hogwarts was next. Dumbledore picked the paper out of the air. “And finally… from our very own Hogwarts... is Cedric Diggory!”

The final applause was the loudest. He was very attractive. He reminded me of Edward a little. But he was much cuter. But none of them could ever dream of touching Harry. He was more beautiful than Cedric could ever be. He stood up, and like the others shook Dumbledore’s hand and stood by the other winners.

“Congratulations!” Dumbledore said. “You will now compete in the Triwizard Tournament. But now that you are entered, you can not drop out. These three contests are extremely dangerous and students have died during the competitions.” I was suddenly happy that Harry and I didn’t enter. “The winner, however, will win this.” He pulled off a sheet to show a beautiful, ice blue, glass cup with the word ‘WIZ’ on the front. “The Triwizard Cup.” It was beautiful. It was wrapped in metal shaped and chiseled into the features of dragons. The handles were the heads of two dragons. It was amazing. It glowed with a radiant light. As every one in the room was admiring the cup, the fire in the goblet started to rustle. It spun and flamed out. It then turned hot pink. But all of the schools were called, I thought. How could another name be picked? I thought it must have been a default. But just as it did three times before a piece of burned loose leaf paper came floating down from the fire. I couldn’t see the name, even with my extreme sight. Dumbledore snatched it from the air and looked at the paper in shocked eyes.

“Harry Potter,” he said in a voice that was so quiet that no one besides me could hear. Despite its volume, it hit all the same. I heard a million whispers in confusion, wanting to know who it was, where I would do anything to forget the name he said. I stood up, my face frozen in horror. “Harry Potter!” He screamed it. It hurt every time he said it. Harry got up and walked over to Dumbledore, getting booed the entire way. I wanted him to sit back down. I didn’t want him to enter in the tournament. Dumbledore said that contenders died. Harry could die. When Harry got to the front of the room, he looked up at me for a second and looked back at Dumbledore. He took Harry by the arm and towed him to the door by the table I was sitting. I followed them out. When we were through it, Dumbledore let go of Harry’s arm. Harry stopped to get next to my side. I put both my arms around his hips and we followed Dumbledore. He took us into his office and slammed the door. He came back and pulled me and Harry apart. He grabbed his shoulders and started to shake him.

“Did you put your name in that goblet, Potter?” he yelled.

“No sir?” Harry said, sounding scared. Dumbledore kept shaking him.

“Than how did it get in there? Did you make one of the older kids do it?” I ran up to them and pulled Dumbledore off of Harry.

“Stop it!” I screamed. I held him around the neck. Dumbledore looked at us for a long time. I was scared and he wasn’t helping by hurting Harry. He relaxed his muscles.

“Harry,” he said in a calmer voice. “Did you get some one else to put your name in the goblet?”

“No. I would never do that,” he said. He looked at me.

“Carol, can you see if he’s lying?” he asked me.

“He wouldn’t lie. He too good to…” I started to say, but he cut me off.

“I know. I just want to make sure,” he said. I let go of Harry’s neck and stood in front of him. I took off his glasses and looked at his emotions. He was scared that he had to compete in the tournament and possibly die. He didn’t feel scared because he could get caught lying. I was right. He wouldn’t lie. He was too good and pure. I took myself out of his emotions and gave him his glasses back.

“He’s not lying,” I said and I put my arm around his waist. Dumbledore turned around to look out the window into the rain. “So, is he in the tournament, or not?” I asked.

“The rules are set in stone. There’s nothing I can do. If I could, he wouldn’t be in it, but I can’t do anything. He is a contender in the Triwizard Tournament.” I couldn’t contain myself. I let go of his waist and waved my arms in the air.

“NO!! He can’t! He’s too young! He could die!” Even when I said it, it hurt all the same.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “He has to.” I turned back to Harry, wrapped my arms around his neck and started to cry harder than ever. The reason for my existence is going to be in mortal danger, staring death in the face, and I can't save him.
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AVPM- Act 1, Scene 4
Dumbledore: “Hermione if it makes you feel any better, the last guy who died in the tournament was a Hufflepuff.”