Ice Hot

Chapter 24

There are two reasons I go to breakfast. One, so I look human. I need to go to all of the meals. It doesn’t matter that I don’t eat anything. It matters if I’m there or not. And two, they give out the mail during breakfast. Every other day, some one sends me a letter from home. It’s the only way I can talk to them, since I left my phone home when I went back to Forks. I walked into the dining room where only a few kids were at the tables. I went up to my seat. I was so early, that none of the teachers, not even Dumbledore was there. I took out my I-pod and put it on shuffle. I turned it off when Harry walked in and I walked over to him. He was turned around. I thought I was going to scare him again, but he turned around at the last second and got me.

“Now you got it,” I said. I stretched up on my tip toes and kissed his scar. It made him feel good for some reason. “Ready for the interview with the devil?” I asked.

“You’re over exaggerating. She probably not even that bad,” he said.

“Oh, Harry, Harry, Harry. Poor, little, naïve Harry. All any of them care about is selling papers. She’ll put words in your mouth,” I said. “Either way, I’ll be there.” He lifted one eyebrow.

“How will you be there? Its contenders only,” he said. He was so funny. I pulled him closer to me and whispered in his ear.

“I think you forgot that I’m a vampire. I can do whatever I want,” I said.

“How can I forget? Every day you do something to remind me,” he said. He kissed my forehead and walked to his table. I went back to my seat and Dumbledore was sitting there. He probably saw every thing that I did. That got me a little embarrassed. It felt like your dad seeing you kiss your boyfriend. I sat in my chair next to him.

“So,” he said. “You’re going to follow Harry to the press interview?”

“Only if I can find long, dark clothes. It’s supposed to be sunny,” I said. The problem was I didn’t have long dark clothes with me.

“Well, in case you don’t have any, I can send you some,” he suggested.

“Oh, thank you Dumbledore,” I said. So, he did know why I did these things. That was good. Than why didn’t he know how much I didn’t want Harry in the contest? I didn’t think on it too much. He was entered and I’d do my best to help him. I turned on my I-pod and listened to Boys like Girls. All the students were in the dining room in a half hour. They must be hungry. I turned it off and put it away.

“Time for breakfast!” he called out, and like every day, food appeared out of no where. The first time he did that, it was amazing, but now it’s just necessary. I watched all the humans fill themselves with food, making me want blood. I heard a loud screech and owls came in with letters and small packages. A gray owl came over me and dropped a letter and a package. I had no idea what they would send me. I opened the letter. It was from Jacob. It said:


I heard that the blood there tastes horrible. I just ate and I bottled some white tail deer blood. Sorry if it’s a little cold. Hope you like it.

- Jake

I ripped the newspaper that he wrapped a water bottle in. I popped the top and the scent of actual blood flowing through my lungs. It was amazing. I chugged the bottle, not realizing that when it was gone I would be stuck with the silver blood. But I didn’t care all that much. I’d just ask them to send me more. I didn’t miss a drop. But after I finished, the blood from these animals made the red color stick to my teeth like paint.

“Are you okay?” Dumbledore asked me.

“No,” I said, covering my mouth. “My teeth are stained with the blood in the bottle.”

“Let me see,” he said. I bared my teeth. I saw them in the reflection of his eyes. They were a dark red. He took out a stick with detail, which I was sure was his wand, and waved it in the air. I didn’t know what he was doing. I looked at my teeth’s reflection and the red dissolved away showing nothing but pure white. It was amazing. The down side, however, is the scent blew in my face, into my mouth and into the fire, fueling it. I pulled away abruptly, but not rudely. He knew it was because magic burns my throat.

“Thank you very much,” I said. He smile and nodded and turned to his breakfast. I watch Harry talk to his friends and eat his food and just be amazing. When a few people started to leave, I left too. I went back to the room and got dressed in a black sweat shirt, black skinny jeans and a black cap. It covered me almost completely. If I was careful, I could follow him. As soon as I was dressed, I waited by my window for them to pass and I followed hem to where ever they were going.

It was outside of the grounds because they took a car. But I followed it easily. After a half hour I followed them into a building. I hid in shadows of some trees as they went in. before he went in, Harry looked behind him and spotted me and shot me a smile. His smiles made me light up like a light. I went around the back when everyone was inside and away. In the back, there was a small room, like a broom closet with two chairs. She must be interviewing them in here. Or the torture. I sat by the window to wait for Harry.

I waited for ten minutes before I heard a faint creek from inside. Harry walked in with Rita Skeeter, the writer for the newspaper writing the article about the competitors. They sat in the chairs. I couldn’t hear much. The glass was too thick. I could, however read some of the words from her lips. She sat with her back to the window, but on an angle so I could see what she was saying. Harry had his eyes locked on me for a moment. Then he went back to focusing on the interview. She started to talk to him and I put my ear against the glass. She started to talk about how he was younger than the others and they were more advanced than him. That got me mad. She was making him nervous for no reason. He was smart and was ten times better than they were. Harry said he didn’t think about that. He was good at this.

Then she said something that turned my vision red with rage. She said that his parents being killed made him enter the tournament. And that his parents would be mad at him for entering in something so dangerous. I couldn’t believe what she was saying. His parents died for him to live and she was making up lies about that. I wanted to break that glass and take her head off her neck and see what color blood she had. I heard enough. If I didn’t get away from her, I would surly kill her. I ran to the trees that I hid in and slammed my fist into the trunk of one of them. It left a huge hole in it. I ran all the way back to Hogwarts in fifteen minutes. I climbed the wall into his room. He would come back here first. I waited for him for an hour. Someone opened the door, and I jumped out the window and hung on the window sill. I heard his voice and pulled myself into the room. He ran over to me and helped me in. Again, I didn’t need his help, but it was the gesture that was nice. We sat on his bed and talked about how I could kill her and make it look like an accident. Harry was just kidding; I was all too serious.
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