Ice Hot

Chapter 25

The more time Harry and I spent together, the harder it was to get us apart. We didn’t spend much time together during the day, which killed me. And if we did, it was inside. It was rarely cloudy there. But when it was cloudy, we spent all our time by the lake underneath our tree. We didn’t do anything but sit. Sometimes, I’d teach him how to skip a rock all the way across the water and enjoy each others presence. One day, he didn’t let me get out of his arms. He just sat under a tree and held me close to him. I didn’t mind it. In fact, I loved it. I was a little different. Usually, we do stuff together. He loved it when I showed off my super natural strength and speed. He’d time me to see how fast I could run around the lake. My record was twenty seconds to go around a one hundred and fifty mile lake. I was a little slow, but I’d practice. So, we just sat there and he was so still and quiet, I thought he was asleep. I wouldn’t blame him. I took him out every night from the first day I came back. He deserved a good night sleep. I just loved him holding me. I day dreamed when he was asleep I imagined my life with him forever. I would never tell anyone this until it got closer, but after the tournament was over, I was going to take him back with me to Forks and change him so I could be with him forever. He was going to turn fifteen in September. He would keep aging and I would be left behind. I knew that would be hard for both of us, but the aftermath would be worth it. To be together, forever fourteen. It would be a dream comes true for me. A fantasy that I was unsure about, but I wanted so much. I would tell him before the last event. Then when school was over…

Harry sat up, abruptly ending my fantasy. He sat up and turned me around so he could see my face.

“I got you a present,” he said. I forgot to tell him that this was not a material relationship. He was the only thing I needed.

“You didn’t need to do that,” I said. He let go of me and reached into his pants pocket. He pulled out a silver chain with a thin plate on it. He took my wrist and clipped the chain on it. It was loose on my wrist, like a Bengal but I liked it loose. I spun it around to see the plate. It had Harry’s name engraved on it in the most beautiful handwriting that I ever saw.

“Harry, it’s beautiful,” I breathed. I ran my finger over his name, feeling the indents where the lines were in the metal. He lifted his arm and pulled his sleeve down. He had the exact same bracelet as me, but his had my name in the same perfect writing. It was the same writing, but his name looked better than mine. “You’re the sweetest person on Earth. I love you so much,” I said. I leaned and pressed my lips hard against his. I opened my mouth and traced the inside of his mouth with my tongue. I forgot how sweet he tasted. I did this all under control, but it took all of my strength. I couldn’t stand to go too far while he was a fragile human. When I change him, then I’ll feel safer. I put my tongue back in my mouth before I got carried away. But I didn’t stop kissing him with a wide mouth. He twisted his fingers in my hair. A moan escaped my throat. He became more passionate I the kiss. He pulled me as closed as I could get to him, but he kept pulling me closer. I was enjoying it until I figured out what he wanted to do. I froze in the kiss when I realized that I gave him the idea. He was always respectful. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t let him be fully happy with me, especially when I wanted the same thing. We were too compatible. I pulled away from him, looking at his face. “Harry, I’m sorry that I gave you the wrong idea. I don’t want to…” I turned quiet. His face turned into disappointment.

“You don’t love me that much?” His assumption was unbelievable.

“No, no, no. That’s ridiculous. I love you more than anything and anyone. You make me happier than anything ever could. And that would make me even happier.”

“Than why not?” he asked. It was the only thing that could hurt him. I took his hands ad cupped them in mine.

“You have no scent. You’re special. You make me feel good. I have absolutely no reason to hurt you on purpose. But I love you too much, and if I let myself go with you, I could lose control and hurt you.” He looked confused. He didn’t understand. I sighed. “When I kiss you, all I want is to go farther and farther. But I’m much, much stronger than you. If I was going to, it should be with another vampire. You’re not built to hold up if I put too much force on your bones. I could easily break it. And the last thing I want is to kill you.” His eyes widened. He got it. I hoped that he knew that it was totally safe for me to kiss him. I leaned close to his forehead and kissed his scar. He shivered and went totally at ease. “You’re totally safe with me,” I said, and I leaned back into his arms. He kissed my hair, inhaling my scent. He liked the way I smelled too. He closed his eyes as I played with my present. It wasn’t too long before I heard someone coming this way. I sat up, startling Harry.

“What is it?” he asked. There were three of them. I knew that two of them were Ron and Hermione. They were fighting. But there was another. I smelled the air, hoping to get a whiff of whoever it was, but Harry was covering up everything. I still loved it. They walked up from behind a tree. Hermione and Ron were up front and a younger girl was behind them. She had the same facial details as Ron. She must be his little sister or younger cousin. She saw me and Harry and shot me a face that a popular girl would give you if you stole her boyfriend.

“Who’s the girl over there, and why is she looking at me like I’m evil?” I asked.

“That’s Ron’s little sister Ginny. She’s mad at you because she had a crush on me and now you have me,” he said. I don’t know if I liked to think of Harry as just another person to date. He was much more than that. Ron ands Hermione were still battering on about nothing. Ron pushed her to us. She seemed to refuse at first. She walked up to us. She stopped and took a breath.

“Ronald would like me to tell you… that Seamus told him… that Dean was told by Parvati that Hagrid’s looking for you,” she said. I couldn’t believe that she remembered that. Harry stood up.

“Yeah, well…” He stopped. “What?” she looked nervous. She turned around and went back to Ron. They rambled a little more. She came back.

“Dean was told by Parvati that…”She couldn’t do it again. “Please don’t make me say it again. Hagrid’s looking for you,” she said. She turned around and walked off.

“Well you can tell him that-”

“I’m not an owl!” She cut him off. Harry backed up a little. She looked over and me and gave me a small smile and walked away. Hermione and Ron walked away and Jenny gave me the evil eye and followed them. When they left, I chuckled.

“What?” he asked me.

“I find it funny that Ron acted like such a child. What was that all about, anyway?” I asked.

“Ron thinks that I put my name in the goblet on purpose and I didn’t tell him,” he said.

“That’s it? Doesn’t he trust you?” I asked.

“Not at the moment.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

“No. He just needs to cool down a little.” I sighed.

“It’s not right for friends to fight like this. You’re his best friend and you hate it when you fight,” I said. He looked surprised.

“I thought that you can’t see my emotions with my glasses on,” he said.

“I can’t. I just know you all too well,” I said. Harry started to laugh and kissed me.

“He’s also a little jealous of us,” he said. I laughed under my breath and kissed him again. I was the one, as always, to pull away. We both hated it, but if I didn’t, he sure as hell wouldn’t. I didn’t blame him.

“Don’t you need to see that person?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah. Hagrid. Do you want to come with?” he asked me.

“Well, I don’t know if he wants anyone to come. I think he just wants to talk to you,” I said. I really wanted to come, but I didn’t want to intrude into something that isn’t my business.

“It’s okay. I told him so much about you. He wants to meet you,” he said. Before I time to say anything, he grabbed my arm and tugged me to where ever Hagrid lived. I wasn’t sure, but I thought I knew where he lived already.
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Ron: “Before his escape from Askaban, Sirius Black went of the record saying, ‘I want to find Harry Potter’, that’s you, ‘and I wanna drug and kill him.’”