Ice Hot

Chapter 26

He took me to the edge of the forest that I hunted in. We walked up to the hut that I passed every time I had to hunt.

“I knew this is where he lived,” I said.

“How did you know that?” he asked.

“I pass this hut every night to get to the forest where I hunt in,” I said. “There’s always someone in there with some animal.”

“Well, he has a dog,” he said, wondering if that was what I smelled.

“That’s probably it,” I said. I knocked on the door, feeling anxious to meet him. a tall man with a massy dark brown beard and hair opens it. He was big, but his eyes had the same gentleness that Harry’s had. He was a kind man.

“Well then, this must be the famous Carol. Harry’s told me such things about you,” he said. That got me nervous.

“Like what kind of things?” I looked at Harry, trying to find if he told my secret.

“Well, that you made him happier than he’s ever been. And that he’s in complete love with you. I find it a little disgusting, if you ask me. I’m not partial to the whole love thing. But, if you made Harry happy, than I’m glad he met you,” he said. Since that’s all he talked about, then Harry didn’t tell. I felt a little disappointed in me that I didn’t trust him right off the bat. I turned to Harry.

“Oh, you’re so sweet. I’d kiss you, but Hagrid might lose his lunch,” I said. Hagrid laughed, which sounded like thunder. But it was a light thunder.

“So, why were you looking for me?” Harry asked.

“Oh yeah, well I need to show you something tonight. Carol, can you keep a secret?” he asked me. I found that humorous. Can I keep a secret?

“Yeah, I can,” I said. I saw Harry smile out of the corner of my eye. He got it too.

“Well Hagrid, I’m actually really tired and I think I need some sleep tonight,” he said. I knew what he was doing. He was trying to stay so that he could be with me tonight. I thought that was so sweet.

“Hagrid, can we talk in private for just one minute?” I asked.

“Sure,” Hagrid said. I pulled Harry away and talked in a low voice.

“Harry, are you lying so I can take you to our tree tonight?” I asked him.

“Well yeah, kind of,” I stuttered. I sighed.

“Harry, this could be extremely important. You should go. Anyway, I need to hunt tonight,” I said. “I haven’t had blood in weeks.” He thought about it.

“Okay,” he said in a very upset tone.

“We’ll spend the rest of the day together. I promise,” I said. That got him a little happier. I knew something that would put the light back in his eyes. It always did. I leaned to his ear and whispered, “I love you.” I pulled back to see his eyes brighten with happiness. I always loved to see that. Knowing that I love him make him the happiest person in the world. He pulled my head close to him and kissed my forehead. I took his hand and lead him back over to Hagrid.

“Okay,” Harry said. “I’ll be here at midnight.”

“Actually, can you meet me in the dark forest?” he asked.

“Sure,” Harry said and turned around to walk away.

“Wait!” Hagrid called back. We turned around.

“Come alone and bring your father’s cloak, okay?” he said. I had no idea why he wanted Harry to bring a cloak.

“Okay,” Harry said and we walked back to the lake.

We spent the rest of the day under the tree like we did before. I thought about what Hagrid wanted to tell Harry.

“Hey Harry?” I shook him, thinking that he was still asleep.

“Yeah?” he said. He wasn’t.

“What do you think Hagrid wanted?” I asked.

“I don’t know. But it’s probably important. He wouldn’t put me in the risk of getting me in trouble if it wasn’t important,” he said. I was a little nervous.

“What do you mean get in trouble?” I asked. He could get caught when I took him out.

“Well, it’s not normal for students to go outside in the middle of the night,” he said. I felt horrible that I put him in the line of trouble just so I could see him.

“Harry, I’m so sorry” I said.

“Sorry? For what?” he asked.

“I almost got you in trouble every night. If you were caught, you would have been in so much trouble,” I said. In my mind, that was like putting him in danger.

“You really don’t know who I am,” he said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I asked.

“I’m Harry Potter. Trouble comes naturally to me. It’s not because I met you. I was nearly killed at one year old. I don’t get scared by trouble. And I laugh in the face of danger. Ha!” he said. He made me laugh. I stopped.

“But you can’t go looking for it now. You have me and if something happened to you…” I looked down and started to play with the dirt. He turned me around and pulled my face close to his.

“Nothing will ever happen to me. And I’d never even think about doing something that would put me in danger. And if something ever does happen to me, don’t do anything that would make me sad,” he said.

“Only if you do the same,” I said. If he was face to face with death, I would jump in front of him.

“Deal,” he said. There was a break of sun in the clouds. The beams hit my skin and I checked the area to see if there was anyone around. When sun hits me, I get extremely nervous. When I knew that the cost was clear, I looked back at Harry. His eyes were shining with the reflection of my skin.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said.

“In the sun,” I finished. I knew that he was in a trance whenever he saw me in the sun. I didn’t blame him. When he was in the sun, I could see all of his perfect detail.

“No. All the time,” he said. He ran his fingers into my hair and pulled my head toward him and kissed me gently. I loved it when he kissed me, but I couldn’t go too far. I thought about that for a second while I kissed him back. Even though I couldn’t go all the way didn’t mean I couldn’t just be passionate. I put my fingers in his hair too and started to kiss him harder. I pushed myself against him and he went right along with it. He opened his mouth and, even though I loved it, I got a little nervous. I tried to pull away, but Harry kept me in my place. He really did think that I changed my mind. I pulled away from, using enough force that he couldn’t hang on. I couldn’t even give in a little now. It was too dangerous. That sucked.

“Harry, I didn’t change my mind. I just got carried away again,” I said. I didn’t think he was listening. He was staring into my eyes. I sighed and grabbed his face. “Harry, really, listen. I don’t want to and you have to remember that. I get carried away too easily. If I do, you have to be strong and stop me, okay?” He really didn’t want to, but he knew that it would make me happy.

“Okay. But you can still kiss me right?” he asked. I chuckled quietly. There’s no point of having him if I can’t kiss him. I lied. Even I can’t kiss him, I still want him. I lightly pressed my lips to his scar and he shuddered again and went calm. I wondered what it felt like.

“Harry, what does it feel like when I kiss you’re scar?” I asked. He paused and thought about it for a minute.

“I can’t really explain it. It’s like a rush of cold runs through my entire body and gets rid of all of my troubles,” he said. It sounded like what someone would say in a winter fresh chewing gum commercial. But whatever he says, sounds like an angel. It was starting to get late. I got up and gave Harry my hand. He grabbed it and we went back to the school so Harry could have dinner and I could play human.
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AVPM- Act 1, Scene 2
Ginny: “Conecuh a Cho Chang. I am Ginny Weasley!”
Ron: “That’s Lavender Brown! Racist sister!”