Ice Hot

Chapter 27

Around midnight, I got out of bed to get Harry. It was easier if I took him and went hunting afterward. For the first time I went to his room, the window was closed. I pulled myself up and looked inside. Harry was sitting against a wall across from the window waiting for me. He was holding his legs together and his head was resting on top. He must be awake. I tapped on the window lightly. His head shot up. He fixed his glasses and came over to open the window.

“Are you okay? If you’re too tired, I’m sure that Hagrid would understand,” I whispered. He blinked a few times.

“No, I’m fine. Um… we should go,” he said. I shouldn’t take him out every night. He needed sleep. I remembered something just then.

“Didn’t he say that you needed you’re dad’s cloak or something?” I asked.

“Oh yeah.” He opened a trunk next to his night stand. He took out a blanket that was thin and looked like silk of velvet.

“What’s special about that?” I asked.

“It turns you invisible,” he said. I didn’t believe that.

“No way,” I said.

“Yes way. Watch.” He put the cloak on and every inch of him that was covered by it, he disappeared. It was amazing, but I didn’t like it.

“Take it off,” I said and I pulled it off of him.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because I can’t see you,” I said and I kissed him gently. He kissed me back, but I pulled away before I could get too into the kiss. He folded the cloak, grabbed his glasses and I flung him onto my back. I climbed down the wall and ran into the forest. I put him down when I heard Hagrid just a few feet away. I put on his glasses and gave him a kiss before I ran to look for some animals to hunt. I loved him, but if I didn’t get blood, I’d put him in real danger. It was harder to find animals tonight. I only got one baby unicorn. I was so thirsty, but I would suck it up. I spent a half hour trying to find something else. I was running aimlessly when I saw a flash of red light. I ran toward it. It was amazing. I only wanted a werewolf or a unicorn. Instead I found a dragon. A real, fire breathing dragon. The fiercest one had horns all over its back and spikes on its tail. It would be the most fun I would ever have if I could let it go and I could hunt it. But there were people around and if I broke the chain with my bare hands, take it down, crack through its hard skin and drink its blood, they would be suspicious. I just let it go and ran to our tree.

When I got there, I started to rub the trunk of the tree. I got bored without Harry. Some of the wood came off. That gave me an idea. I scratched a heart with mine and Harry’s initials inside. I know it was something that a high school jock and a cheerleader would do in a movie, but it was a permanent reminder of how I feel about Harry and how he feels about me. After that, I walked down the edge of the lake. It was like always calm and peaceful. I was walking for ten minutes when I heard a crack of a twig behind one of the trees. I turned around and crouched over in my attack pose. I saw a dark figure come out from behind. I jumped onto it, knocking it over and prepared to kill it. I got up as soon as I saw it was Harry.

“Oh my God, Harry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to. I thought you were someone that was dangerous. I over reacted,” I blurred out so fast, he probably couldn’t understand anyway.

“No, no. It’s okay, really. You could have done much worse,” he said. He was right. I took his hand and helped him up.

“So, what did Hagrid want to talk about?” I asked.

“Well, first of all, he was on a date,” he said. That was so funny. I started to laugh.

“Are you serious? I thought that he said that he hates the lovey-dovey stuff,” I said, still laughing.

“I know. And I know what the first task is,” he said. I completely forgot about the tournament.

“What is it?” I asked him, remembering that they were incredibly dangerous. He took a breath in.

“Dragons,” he said. The first thing that came into my mind when he said that was the dragon I wanted to hunt. Anything I wanted to hunt and found a challenge was dangerous. I was scared right there. I hugged him.

“Harry, you need to be so safe during the tournament,” I whispered. “I don’t want anything to happen to you.”

“Nothing will. I promise you two things. I will be safe… and I’ll be yours forever.” I pulled away to look at him the moon hit him perfectly. I would continue to gaze at him, but I realized my hands were sticky. I let go of him and looked at them. They were pale white with dark red all over the palms. I backed away from Harry and he backed away from me. I had to use every ounce of self control not to attack. But I didn’t need to. I didn’t feel any burn. Absolutely no urge to kill him. I lifted my hands to my nose and inhaled deeply. There was absolutely no scent what so ever. This made me so happy. Now I knew what ever happened, he had no scent and I wouldn’t have an urge to drink his blood.

“Harry, you have no scent.” He could tell that I was ecstatic. That lasted only a moment. I looked horrified at my hands. I must have cut him when I pushed him down. I did the one thing I could never deal with. I hurt him. I backed up away from him and he came closer. “Harry, I hurt you. I made you bleed.” He came closer to me and put his hands on my shoulder.

“It was an accident. You didn’t mean to and I’m not going to die from it. I don’t hate you and please don’t hate yourself,” he said. He was right. I still hated myself, but at least I didn’t kill him. I took his hand and led him to the lake.

“Harry, take off your shirt. I need to clean the wounds,” I said. He took it off and handed me the shirt. It had tears in it. I put in the water to get out some of the blood. I rubbed it together and wringed it out a little.

“Turn around,” I said. I looked at the cuts and they weren’t that bad. They just bled a lot. That made me feel much better. I took the shirt and whipped the cuts as delicately as possible. He still shuddered from it stinging. I flinched away a little.

“Did that hurt?” I asked.

“Not really,” he said. I went back to cleaning the wounds. When I was done, I washed out the shirt again. I wringed it out and it ripped from the tension.

“I don’t think that you should wear this shirt anymore,” I said. I held up the two blood stained pieces of a shirt. He laughed and took the two pieces and put them together where they were torn.

“Yeah, it’s ruined,” he said. I laughed with him.

“Sorry,” I said. He looked frustrated.

“Stop saying you’re sorry. It’s not you’re fault you’re strong, fast or incredibly beautiful,” he said. I looked into his eyes and reached to take off his glasses. His feelings were so intense. So were mine. I put his glasses back on and looked at the perfect detail of his body. I ran my fingers over his chest. I made it up to his face and saw his perfect lips. They were so full and pink, it was irresistible. I leaned forward for his perfect lips and pressed mine against them so lightly. No matter how I did it, when ever I kissed him, I have the sensation, just like the first time we kissed and it was getting harder and harder to fight it. That night, with the lack of blood, I didn’t have enough energy to stop myself. I pressed my lips harder and harder against his. I put my arms around his neck and pulled him close to me. It felt so good that I didn’t think about what I was doing. Harry was a little hesitant, but he accepted it and kissed me back, just as hard and passionate.

I leaned back and fell to the ground, bringing him with me. I opened my mouth and his molded into mine so perfectly. I reached my tongue into his mouth and found his. I wrapped my legs around his waist. I suddenly realized what I was doing, but it was too late for me to stop. I was enjoying it too much. I knew that I couldn’t stop and that if this would end before I did something to hurt him was for Harry to stop first. But I felt him. He couldn’t stop either. I tried as hard as I could, but the lack of energy I had made it impossible. I cared less and less about stopping and I enjoyed it with a speck of fear in the back of my head that I held onto, hoping that would stop me from doing anything stupid. It didn’t work. I slid my hands down from his neck to and started to run them up and down his back. I moaned and lost all control. I took my hands off his back and grabbed the bottom of my shirt. Harry pulled away from my mouth and looked at me.

“Carol?” He did what I asked him to do. He stopped me before I went too far. He sat up and looked at me with deep eyes. I let go of my shirt and sat up. I looked at him for a long time without saying anything. I finally broke the silence.

“I think we should go back to the school.” We got up and he started to get on my back, but I moved away.

“Maybe we should walk,” I said. We started toward the school. It was a long and dark walk, but I didn’t want him too close to me. I saw in the darkness once he tried to reach for my hand by my side, but they were behind my back. When we got to the wall, I swung him onto my back and climbed up the wall faster than I ever did before. When I got into the room, I let him off and I stepped away.

“So, good night,” he said. He leaned in to kiss me, but I moved away from him. He looked upset.

“Are you ever going to touch me again?” he asked, hoping for the answer he wanted.

“I don’t know,” I said weakly. He looked down.

“Do you still love me?” he asked me.

“Of course. It’s just that… what I did made me realize two things. One, I can totally trust you. And two, I don’t know if I can trust myself.”

“Will I ever kiss you again?” I sighed.

“Let’s see how time plays out.” I left him there and climbed out the window. When I got to my room, I went into the corner beside my bed and started to cry.
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