Ice Hot

Chapter 31

The first snow of the season finally settled on the ground and I couldn’t have been more excited. Winter was by far my favorite season and snow was the most amazing natural phenomenon I’ve ever experienced.
I went searching through my closet for the oddest outfit to wear at 23 degrees; a pink tank top and some old denim shorts. I slid on my outfit and threw my robe over to not draw attention to myself. I quickly peered outside my window. It was bright, but the sky was a bright gray, covered in snow-swollen clouds. In my personal opinion, it was the perfect weather.
I took Christina’s gloves, hat and earmuffs (all black and green), hoping she wouldn’t miss them too much and quickly walked to the courtyard. It was buzzing with students all with the same idea as me. Some were simply talking and gossiping, but most were active in a very fun snowball fight. I thought for a moment about ditching my earlier plans and joining a game or two, but it was a thing I always did with my family and I’d kick myself later if I missed it.
I passed the happy bunch of teenagers and walked much father out to where the campus of the school met the forest. The snow was smooth on the ground, free of any prints other than where a rabbit jumped or a bird landed. I felt a little bad for ruining it. I never did like stepping on fresh fallen snow. I stopped and took a look around. No one was to be seen and being all alone, I shed my robe, removed the hat, gloves and earmuffs and took of my shoes. I folded all my clothes into a neat little pile and lay in the snow.
This was the best sensation my new, undead body had ever felt. Lying in the snow felt like lying on a cloud, or a bed make of millions of tiny feathers. Each falling flake tickled my skin slightly. I wished I could sleep so I could drift off into dreamland inside this blanket of softness and stillness.
Out of nowhere, I heard someone walking towards me. I shot up inhumanly fast. For a brief instant, I was about to grab my belongings and run away before they could see me. But then I realized the person walking towards me was no one to fear.
Harry waved at me and I smiled brightly. I lay back down in my original spot, closed my eyes and listened to his feet crushing the snow. He lay with me, looking at me as I stayed perfectly still just listening to his breathing and heartbeat. I was amazed by how perfectly human he was. We shared a moment together.
“So why are you dressed like that?” he asked me. I wondered when he was going to. I smiled slightly.
“I’m a frozen vampire. I am the same temperature as ice. Snow and I are like distant cousins of sorts.” I heard him chuckle. I opened my eyes and rolled onto my side to look at him. He was bundled under red and orange wool. His cheeks, nose and ears were red. I’ve thought of Harry Potter as many things, amazing, breathtaking, hot, sexy. But I never thought he could ever be this adorable. “Despite all the cons there are to being a vampire, this is one of my favorite things. I can look past the freezing cold that I wouldn’t be able to stand as a human and just feel the softness of fresh fallen snow on my skin.”
“So you didn’t like the cold when you were alive?” he asked. My smile faltered a little, but he caught it nonetheless.
“Actually, I loved being cold. Don’t ask me why but I could never stand being overly hot. I hated the summer. I always looked forward to winter, being wrapped up in a blanket and a cup of coffee or hot chocolate. I can’t experience that anymore.” He took my hand.
“You don’t ever feel cold?”
“Never. Not anymore. Just excruciating heat. In the summer, at times it can be torturous. Everyone else in my family learns to stand it, but I hated it as a human. Now it just sucks.” I giggled and he chuckled. Snowflakes fell passed his glasses onto his eyelashes and onto strands of his hair that wasn’t covered by his hat. The ones that landed on his lips melted slowly, though the snowflakes that landed on me stayed frozen.
I leaned forward and pressed my lips to his. My mouth was on fire while the rest of me was completely at ease. Not cold or even cool, but almost neutral, like it didn’t feel anything at all. Nothing but soft. My lips felt soft, but it was like stroking a flame. It was the best type of torture I’ve ever felt.
I pulled away for an instant and heard a slight wine of protest too soft to be heard even by Harry. “I think you’ve forgotten to ask me something, Harry.” His eyebrow rose.
“And what might that be, Carol?” I smirked at him and leaned in for another quick kiss.
“You never asked me to the Yule Ball.” He leaned in for a kiss.
“I thought it was implied I was taking you.” I kissed him.
“I would still like to be officially asked by my boyfriend.” He kissed me, longer and deeper than before. He pulled away as if to tease me.
“Carol Cullen, will you be my date to Hogwart’s Yule Ball?” I took all my strength not to start laughing. I never thought I’d be asked to a dance like this, even if I did ask for it.
“It would be an honor to be taken.” I kissed him again and he rolled over so we were much closer now. The kiss got much more heated and the neutrality I felt all over my body was washed away by a rampant fire. I moaned slightly and he felt me tighter. I pulled away to look at him. His whole face was a tinted pink.
“Harry, you’re freezing.” I didn’t have to feel the temperature, I could see it. He laughed a breathy laugh.
“I’ve never felt so on fire before,” he replied. I couldn’t have agreed more. I got up and put my clothes back on. I took Harry’s gloved hand in mine, kissed it through the material and we walked back to school to warm up and maybe join in a snowball fight or two.
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