Ice Hot

Chapter 4

The feeling of letting all of my instances go would feel so good. But, I didn't want to hurt my new family, so letting them go on an animal would be much better. Blood would be the best thing for me right now, since I feel very dangerous. I didn't know how to hunt, so I asked Bella, Alice and Rosalie to come with me to help. When we were ready to leave, the girls flew right out the window, leaving me behind.

"Carol, you do know that you can run as fast as them right?" Edward said. Oh, I could.

"Really?" I felt so embarrassed. Emmet chuckled under his breath and Jasper hit him over the head. Then I chuckled.

"Better hurry up before the girls leave you behind," Jasper said. And with that I flew out the window.
They were right. I can run fast. The wind blew past my face to the point that I shouldn't hear, but I could hear a leave fall. I could smell something that was part of the perfect scent of the house. I followed it and found Bella, Rosalie and Alice waiting by a tree.

"What took you so long?" Rosalie asked, acting a little smug.

"I'm new to this. Cut me some slack," I said, just as smug. "So, what and how do we hunt?" This is something that will take me a long time to learn.

"Simple," Alice said. She and the other girls ran into the forest. But, as she was running, I heard her yell back, "Follow us." Here we go.
I darted after them, trying not to scare any animals away, so it would be easier to find them. Running as a vampire was just like the feeling of running as a human. There was plenty of wind, but this was much more fun. I followed the smell of perfection as I ran through the forest. I was scared I would hit a tree, but I was so agile. I could maneuver through the trees with ease. I never had so much fun before.
I stopped after smelling a faint delicious smell. I looked around and saw a deer grazing on some bushes. I heard the girls come up from behind me.

"Looks good, don't it?" Alice said.

"Yeah. So, what do I do now?" I asked.

"Run and grab it. Hold on to it, bite it and just drink its blood," Rosalie told me. I saw deer run. Was I fast enough to catch a deer? I didn't think too much into it and I ran as fast as I could. The deer didn't even know I was coming until I was right there. I grabbed it by the neck and broke it so it wouldn't feel pain, and bit into its torso. Its blood was flowing down my throat and cooling the curling iron someone stuck into it. It tasted so good. I never dared to taste blood. Not even licking my own cuts. So I assumed that it tasted sour and bitter and disgusting. Not like this. Now I know why vampires live of this stuff.

I smelled the girls a few feet away. They should be closer. I wasn't a threat anymore. They knew that. Maybe they couldn't catch a meal. Maybe they wanted some of mine. I would surely give them some blood. If their thirst was anything like my thirst, they really need it. I looked up, and they were hiding behind a tree, like there was something mortally terrifying. I turned around, but there was nothing there.

"What is it?" I asked them. I should've been used to this by now but, they looked at me weirdly. Apparently, I was abnormal. "Okay, what did I do now?"

"That's amazing. You completely stop feeding. And it looked like you were enjoying it too. I stopped in the middle of a hunt, but feeding? That's impressive," Bella said. I didn't think it was that impressive.

"I just thought you guys couldn't catch a meal, so I was going to offer," I said. "It's called being polite. Don't you guys remember manners?"
How can we? Carlisle is so proper," Rosalie said.

"Well, I think Carlisle has it all figured..." I stopped talking. There was the strangest sent in the air. It smelled a little rank, but nothing that I couldn't bear. But it was there, all the same. Then I heard something coming. I couldn't see past the trees, but it was definitely big. I would have thought it was a bear, but they run away from vampires, as I could never forget. And it was on two legs, not four. I could make out an even beat. One after the other, like someone was running. The smell got a little worse, but still, nothing I couldn't handle. The noise of running got louder, though. The sun was setting, but everything was still bright, and a saw something.
It was a giant man. He had long black hair and very tan skin. He stopped in front of us, about twenty feet away. It seems like everyone gives me space.

"Hey girls," he said. He sounded younger than he looked. What was he talking about? I didn't know him.

"Hi Jake. This is Carol. She's new. And very mature for a new born, so you can come closer," Bella said. She must know the giant boy. He came closer to us.

"How's it going? I'm Jacob Black. Friend of Bella's, headache to everyone else." I chuckled. He seemed nice. Up close he had the very disgusting smell, but it still wasn't horrible. He stuck his hand out so I could shake it. He was pretty polite too. Or he was just being kind. I couldn't tell. When I touch his hand, my fingers were on fire. I pulled my hand away so fast, I couldn’t see it.

"Wow, that's hot!" I yelled. His body temperature must have been 310º. "Why are you so overheated? You should go to a hospital." I was ready to carry him there if I had to.

"That won't be necessary. He's extremely hot because you're extremely cold," Rosalie said. "Its part of being a vampire."

"Why Rose, I didn't know you felt that way," Jacob said.

"Cram it, dog," She barked. I figured they didn't like each other.

"Oh. Wait, he's extremely hot? Is he sick or something?"

"No, he's a werewolf," Alice said. We were quiet as I digested this.

"A werewolf? A real werewolf?"

"Yup." I pondered this again.

"And that's it. There are no more mythical creatures alive besides vampires and werewolves?"

"Yes," She said.
"Okay. Then I'm good." Too bad Alice was wrong.