Ice Hot

Chapter 5

For the next ten year, I lived with the Cullen’s. They were the greatest foster family anyone could ever have. They taught me to hunt and helped me sharpen my instincts. Whenever I had free time, I would race Jacob. He would always win, but I was getting faster. His smell was a sign that my instincts were being fine tuned because it was getting worse each day. Carlisle tested me with speed exercises and agility tests, but the hardest test was when we went back into the town with people. It was the worst thing Carlisle could ever put me through. It burned my throat so much I thought that it would make a hole in my neck. We were only there for a half hour before I couldn't take it any more. Carlisle covered my mouth and ran me back home where I went hunting for an hour. The blood from an animal never tasted the same after that visit to Forks. I craved human blood more than anything. I felt like a monster. Like out of nowhere, I would just burst to Forks and attack Innocent people. Carlisle said that that wouldn't happen. He would keep training me until I could go to Forks and not have the craving take over me.
It took forever, but I could now go into a city without being taken over by my thirst. I was so proud of myself. That night I went to hunt for my favorite type of animal blood. White tail deer. They were the hardest to catch. Since I wasn't a new born anymore, I wasn't as fast or as strong as I once was. But I got them and they tasted just as sweet. I left around 10 and came back around midnight. I dilly-dallied and strolled around the forest. I was in no rush to get home. I was about a mile from home when Rosalie caught up to me. She must have been looking for me.

"Carol, you need to get home now," she said. She seemed nervous.

"Why? What happened?" I asked.

"Just come on." She ran off towards the house. This was an emergency, so I bolted with her. It took us three seconds to get home and into the house. Everyone was in the living room, huddled around the couch. Even Jake was there. I saw everyone but Alice. That got me scared. I ran over to them and Alice was sitting on the couch with a blank look on her face.

"What's going on?" I asked Jasper.

"She's having a vision," He said. That's it? A vision? She had six of those while I was here and they were all about useless stuff like how many animals are going to be in a certain place or something like that. It was helpful, but not a grave emergency like Rosalie said.

"So what? Is there a shortage of deer or something?" I asked.

"No," Jasper said. "Someone is coming."
That got me nervous. No one ever comes to our house unless we invite them.

"Alice, do you know who it is?" Carlisle asked her.

"No. But he's a thin, old man with a long white beard and wearing a colorful robe and a matching hat that drapes down on his side. He's holding a straight, wooden cane with a glass ball on the top and an envelope with a red border." Her descriptions were so vivid. She came back into focus, and we knew her vision was over. Her power sometimes scares me.

"Do you know when he's coming?" Emmet asked.

"No, but it will be at night. It was dark, probably at midnight," she said. I couldn't focus on anything she was saying. There was an overpowering smell in the air. It was delicious. It was extremely weak, but it was strong. It was the perfect sent. Carlisle taught me to ignore scents that caught my attention, and I was good at it too, but this one was too much for me. They were looking at me when the realized there was a smell in the air.

"Carol, are you okay?" Edward asked.

"Honestly, no. That sent is too perfect and too strong that I can't stand it," I said. If I didn't leave, I would surly go crazy. "I need to leave. Alice, Rose, Jake. Can you three come with me so I don't go off?"

"Of course," Rosalie said. Alice, Rose and I went out the back door and Jacob went out the front so he could change into his wolf form. The three of us ran straight away from where Alice said the man was coming so that I wouldn't attack him.
We ran for three minutes before Jacob found us and us all ran for four miles before we stopped. We sat by a tree for a half hour before I couldn't smell anything and ran back home. When we got there, everyone was looking at me.

"He came," Carlisle said.

"What?! Did he hurt anyone?" I said. I shouldn't have left. I should have been here to take care of my family.

"No. It's okay. He didn't hurt any of us. He just wanted to talk to you. We said you weren't available, so he gave us this," Edward said. He handed me an envelope with a red border. It was the letter Alice saw in her vision. I was nervous to open it, but curiosity got the better of me. I took it and observed it. It had a red seal with an H on it. C-A-R-O-L-C-U-L-L-E-N. If it was for me, they must have made a mistake. My name didn't have an H anywhere in it. Still, my curiosity was too much for me. I opened it, and that same delicious smell that I ran away from before came back. It wasn't as strong as before. It was actually weak enough to let me smell it and not go crazy. Then, the scariest thing happened.

The envelope moved in my hand and wriggled out of it. It fell to the ground and jerked around. We all stood back, ready to attack whatever came out. It wriggled on the floor, like a fish and stopped. Then, it floated up into the air. It stopped right in front of me and folded its self into what looked like a mouth. By this point, I was scared out of existence. What happened next just wasn't fair. I started to talk. It said:

"Dear Ms. Carol Cullen, you have been invited to attend Hogwarts school of which craft and wizardry. We are well aware that you have special needs above all other students, and we are happy to help with any problems you may have. We ask you to be part of our staff and a student in our school. You will be a guidance councilor to all the students in Hogwarts. You will help the students with any problems they may have. You will be living in the Slytherin house with other students. This school is in England, so please don't forget to pack your clothing. You will be able to come back home during the summer and Christmas. Your books will be here when you are ready, you have a cat waiting for and your flight tickets are behind you on the table. We are looking forward to meeting you.
Sincerely, Professor Dumbledore."

After it finished talking, it ripped its self up and the pieces fell onto the floor.
We stood there, not talking or moving or breathing. It would have stayed like that, but the sweet smell flew across the room. I followed it behind me and there was something on the table that wasn't there before. I walked over to see what it was and picked it up. It shocked me to know what it was. I turned around to show them what I had in my hand.
"Plane tickets."
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