Ice Hot

Chapter 7

The flight to London was one in a million. And I say that in a bad way. I got coach class, so the seats were small. I made sure that I got a window seat if I needed to, I could pull down the shade if I had to. I got a fat guy sitting next to me. Like this wasn’t bad enough. I don't care if you were a vampire or not, this guy smelled like old pizza. He fought with me for the window seat. My excuse was, for everything, I had sensitive skin and need to adjust the shade. His excuse was he wanted to make faces at whatever flew by. When I asked him if he had a better excuse he said he wanted to see a UFO. So, he was fat and stupid.
Me being me, I won the window seat.
The rest of the flight was horrible. He was watching obnoxious videos of raciest jokes on his laptop. I hate racism. A kid behind me was kicking the back of my seat for two hours straight. I started to get mad at Dumbledore for not giving me first class tickets. If he could poof up tickets, he couldn't make them first class? When I told the father to ask his kid to stop kicking me, he said he couldn't. That he wants his kid to grow up responsible. I never got why parents say that. If you want the kid to be a responsible adult, tell him what's right and what's wrong. The guy sitting next to me fell asleep around 11. The kid was out way before that. I had to pretend that I was sleeping, so no one would get questions. This was the scariest part of the whole trip. With my family not here, I had to think of excuses and cover ups on my own. One little mess up and I was in big trouble.
At one, everything was still. I could stop pretending to sleep. I opened the shade, being as quiet as possible. I took out a book by my favorite author, Stephanie Meyers. I read all of her books. She was so talented. I read for about an hour when the guy next tome started to snore. I took out my I-pod, put on Paramore and turned it up high. I drowned out most of it.
The night wasn't as long as I thought it was going to be. When I herd someone coming, I stopped the song I was listening to, and made it look like I fell asleep reading and listening to music. She reached over and pulled the earphones out of my ears, without touching my skin. Thank God. I didn't want to keep faking, so I pretended that that woke me up.

"Good morning, miss," she said to me.

"Good morning," I said as if I just woke up from a hard night of sleep. "When do we land in London?" I asked her.

"In a few hours. Do you want some breakfast?" That was one of the questions I feared the most. Since my body is frozen where it is, I can't digest food and I vomit it back up. And it tastes like dirt any way.

"No, thank you. I don't care much for food on planes. It gets me nauseous." Good save. "I'll eat when I get off." I wasn’t lying. I needed to feed. And soon. The stewardess left and I remembered that I snuck on board with a water bottle filled with animal blood. It was risky, but I was so thirsty that it was worth the risk. I looked through my bag and found the blue water bottle. The liquid inside looked purple. I made sure that everyone was either asleep or gone. I opened the cap, leaned toward the window and sucked in as much blood I could in 15 seconds to make sure no one would catch me. I held my breath the whole time. Not because the smell was too strong, but because I didn't want to choke and spit blood all over the plane. I was careful, unwillingly pulled the bottle out of my mouth and felt the fire melt away. It was the riskiest thing I could ever do.

The stewardesses were waking people up around 8. I asked when we were landing and one of them said in two hours. I couldn't wait to get off this plane. It gave me just enough time to finish reading my book. The ending was excellent, as always. I hate books ending with a cliff hanger. With the book done, I had nothing to occupy my time. The shade was closed, but I took a small look outside to see where we were. I saw my skin make a glare from the shine, but beyond that, I saw something that made fill with joy. An airport.

I made it. I made it through my first big experience without my family. This gave me a whole new type of confidence. If I could get through a plane ride like this, I could get through anything. The plane started to come down. I put on my sun glasses and cap and got ready to hit the ground. The plane jolted once, twice and we were smooth. Two times was impressive. Every one on the plane clapped and cheered but I said nothing. On the inside, though, I was throwing a party I was so happy. Then a new fear came over me. It was bright and sunny outside. Even with all of my clothes on, I couldn't cover up all of my skin. Then, we all heard a giant boom from outside. I didn't think and opened the window to the sunny day and found what London was like.
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