Ice Hot

Chapter 8

London is strange. No, beyond strange. The weather was bright and sunny, and now, out of nowhere, it's a thunder storm. It literally came out of nowhere. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and now it's raining cats and dogs. This is going to be a fun trip. Either way, my wish came true. I could now walk outside without looking like a diamond girl. It was my turn to get out of this plane and find the students. The guy next to me took his sweet old time getting out. I didn't even know if they were still here. Either way, I was stuck in England.

When I got out, I realized that I didn't have an umbrella. It didn't matter. I just human ran to the air port. If I really ran, then I would be labeled as inhuman. I didn't vampire run, but I was fast enough not to get too wet, but I got pretty wet. It was much less crowded than I thought it would be. I didn't want to look for them until I got my bags. I walked around, keeping my face hidden. I didn't want people to be staring at me. I found the luggage carousel and went to wait for it. Then, I smelled the smell of magic. Either there was a troll running around, or the students to pick me up were near. I was by the carousel, looking for a sign. I also followed the smell. The smell led me to a group of three. One girl and two boys. The girl had light brown hair and had the weakest of all smell. One of the boys had red hair and freckles and smelled strong. The last boy had dark hair, glasses and a birth mark in the shape of a lightning bolt. Very cool. But his smell wasn't normal. It was the same perfect smell that all magic smelled like, but his scent soothed my throat. It didn't burn it, it took the flame away. It was amazing. It was unreal.

There were no other humans that smelled of magic, so I went to talk to them.
"Hi," I said. They all looked at me, like every other person in the world does. I knew who the girl was, but not the boys. Who was Harry and who was Ron? I concentrated on the eyes of the boy with the glasses, but I couldn't see into his mind and soul. My power didn't work. Besides Bella, I could see everyone. He confused me. It was like something was blocking my power.

Since he didn't work, I tried the red head boy. I looked into his eyes and I instantly found that he was Ron. So the glasses boy must be Harry. All this took about two seconds, so I thought I should talk.

"Are you Hermione, Harry and Ron?" I asked, hoping that one of them was done gazing at me.

"Yes, we are. So, you must be Carol?" Hermione asked.

"Yes I am," I said. I looked at her very quick. She was very smart and nice. She would be a good first foreign friend. "So then. This is Ron and Harry. Nice to meet you." They weren't finished looking at me and didn't answer. Hermione kicked them and they jolted. I giggled.

"Uh, uh, yes. Yes we are. I'm Ron and he's Harry," he said. He shook my hand. I felt comfortable because I was still wearing my gloves Alice gave me. I could tell that he was still in shock by me.

"Well then, we'll go where ever we're supposed to go next as soon as I get my bags," I said. I started to walk over to the carousel when they stopped me.

"We already have your bags," Hermione said.

"They came around?" I asked, confused. How did they know it was mine? It didn't have my name on it. I identified it by the smell.

"We're magic. We got your bags while they were still on the plane," she said.

"That's cool. What else can you do?" I asked. I was really excited.

"You'll see when you get there," Harry said. "Come on, then. We'll miss the train if we're late." I thought that the school wasn't far away. But, no. We had to take a train, too.

The ride to the train station was a half hour away. That was good. I didn't want to sit much longer.

"So, you’re really from America?" Hermione asked.

"Yup. The state of Washington," I said. She must be really into history to care. I personally hate history.

"That’s so cool that you're foreign," Ron said. He probably didn't care. He only thought of how I looked and wanted to get on my good side. Yeah Ron. Real original.

"Well, I think your accents are just so awesome. British accents are one of my favorites," I said. I always loved a British accent.

"Technically, you have the accent, not us. All Americans came from England and formed a new way of talking," Hermione said. She was smart.

"Yeah. Then New York made up a new way of speaking from Americans," I joked. They probably never herd some one from New York talk before. No matter how long I stay in Forks, I will never lose this accent. I wanted them to know what it sounds like, so I laid it on thick. "Oh, ya know. It sounds a little like this. All nasally and such." I purposely sounded like Fran Fine from 'The Nanny'. “Ahaa!” I laughed. They were laughing at it.

"Hey, that sounds pretty funny," Harry said.

"Now imagine that, with every person in one of the world’s biggest cities talking just like that and you know why I wear this cap," I tugged at my Yankees cap, still damp from the rain. The conversation that we had almost made me forgets about my family. Almost.
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