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Shh! I'm Really a Girl!

Stupid Father

"What!" I exclaimed, "What do you mean!"
“You’re going to an all boy boarding school.” he said calmly.
"How is that even possible!" I screamed, "I'm a girl! G-I-R-L!"
"I know that." He said in an 'I know that' tone, "I talked to the dean and he said it was alright, but in one condition..."
"Well what is it?" I asked after a long pause thinking he would continue.
"You would have to disguise yourself as a guy." he said
I stared at him in utter shock.
"What are you crazy!" I screamed, "I can't do that!"
"Well technically you can since your so flat chested no one would know." my brother said as he walked in.
"What do you mean!?" I yelled, "I'm a B-cup you . I don't think that's considered flat chested."
"Well to me it is." he said with a smirk.
"Eww!" I said backing up a bit, "You sound perverted."
"Nope just an annoying ass brother." he said in disgust, "See ya later sis."
When he left I glared at my father. What the he'll is wrong with him? How can my father be so stupid and put me in an all boy school, especially a BOARDING school. Which means I would probably have to share a room with a GUY. Gosh he so stupid.
"Well you're scheduled to an entire make over tomorrow at 10. Meet Sarah at the front gate tomorrow at 9." With that said he left the room. Well here I am with such a predicament. Let me introduce myself. I'm Adrian Sam Woods and 18. My brother's name is Alexis James Woods and is 25. He's a doctor in my father's hospital and will take it when father dies. I'm also going to be a doctor as well. I'm starting college this year. My mother died of leukemia when I was 10. I am also rich since my family is filled with well known doctors. My brother is also married. He married this other doctor a year ago after meeting in college. Her name is Ariel. I'm going to an all boy school for doctors and am extremely . Well that's who I am.
I sighed and walked up the stairs to my room. I fell on top of my bed and thought 'What’s wrong with my father?'


I woke up somewhat groggy and headed into the bathroom to take a shower and brush my teeth. I got out and dressed up. I looked at the clock. It read 7:30. Damn! Why do I always wake up so damn early. I grabbed my cell and walked down the stairs to the kitchen. I grabbed the box of cereal, bowl, spoon, and milk and began to eat, I ate piece by piece to pass the time. When I finished it was 8:00. I still got an hour before I leave with Sarah, a family friend.
My dad walked down the stairs.
“Early as usual.” he said to me. I just glared at him. He laughed nervously. “Well I’m off to work.” He waved a goodbye and headed out the door. I sighed and went toward the living room to watch TV to pass the time.
When it read 8:55 I turned off the TV and headed out towards the front gate. I waited 5 more minutes for Sarah to arrive, She arrived at 9 on the dot. She always arrives so punctual. I got in the car.
“Hi Sarah.” I greeted with a smile.
“Good Morning.” she greeted back.
The ride was quiet. I didn’t know where we were going. I asked her but she just kept quiet. We finally stopped. It was in front of a hair salon. I stared at her wide eyed. She didn’t react. We got out of the car and headed in. She told me to sit. I did. She left to talk to the hair dresser. She also stared wide eyed. Then Sarah motioned me to come. I did and then was instructed to sit down. The hair dresser prepped me up for a hair cut. Then she started to cut. She kept on cutting and cutting. I saw what she was doing and tears started to form in my eyes. My hair all my beautiful hair was gone. When she was done all my hair was gone and was so short. I looked like a guy. I started to tear up. I hate my father. My stupid, stupid father!