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Shh! I'm Really a Girl!


Alex and I quickly left before Ashton could see us. If Alex, one of his best friends, didn’t know this then he probably didn’t want anyone to know.

“Soo,” I said to start conversation, “Why are you so quiet?”
“I just am.” he answered, “It’s like why is a girl in an all boy school?”
I stopped dead in my tracks. “W-w-hat?” I said a bit shaky.
“Yeah, I mean I’m one of the smartest people here and becoming a doctor.” said a little cocky, “It’s not that hard to figure out.”
“Yeah, but it’s alright. I won’t say anything.”
“Thanks.” I said, “But I’m pretty smart too.”
“Really?” He asked a little amused. “How so?”
“I’m the second in grades even if I didn’t start yet.” I said with a smirk. “They just saw all my grades from my past years and I excelled enough to be second.”
He nodded a little impressed. “Is that it?”
“Nope I know your bi, but hide it from your friends.”
“How do you know that?” He asked surprised.
“I’m a girl and I notice things.” I explained. “For instance you checked out some of the guys that past by as I took the tour, but you do it with caution trying to hide it from Ashton and Angel.”
“That’s true, but how do you know I’m not gay?”
“Cause I know these things.” I said, “Plus having some gay friends help too.”
“Oh, why are you even in the school?”
“My father did this.”I answered, “He decided that this is one of the best schools majoring in the medical field, so he forced me to go here.”
“Did you have a choice?”
“Does being ‘forced’ mean that I had a choice?” I answered. “Plus I have a punishment if I got found out that I’m a girl.”
“But I found out.” He said. “Does that mean you have to leave and get the punishment?”
“No, unless you tell one of the employees.” I said, “All of them know of my situation and if they found out you know, I’m dead.”
“Oh, I wouldn’t want that, so it’s my secret now.” he smirked.
I just rolled my eyes and continued to walk with him.
“So are you still gonna be quiet with me?”
“Nah your cool peoples” he said with a huge ass smile.
“You retard.” I said chuckling to myself.
“But I’m your retard now.”
I shook my head.
“Hey are you single?” he asked.
“Yeah, why?”
“Why your cool people, who wouldn’t want you?”
“I just don’t have one.” I said. “I didn’t even have my first kiss yet.”
He stared at me wide-eyed. I just shrugged and looked forward. I saw a fuming Angel coming our way. I hid behind Alex.
“You.” Angel said with a finger pointing at me.” Why’d the hell did you throw my shoe at me.”
“I got frustrated.” I said.
“Why?” he growled.
“I was trying to wake you for a good twenty minutes.” I explained.
“Ugh so.” He said frustrated, “That doesn’t mean, you have the right to throw a shoe at me.”
“Well I did.” I said, “So stop being a baby and get over it.”
“Ugh fine,” he said giving up. “So what’d you guys do today?”
“We ate lunch together.” Alex answered for me.
“Where’s Ashton?” he asked. We shrugged.
“Well I gotta go.” He said and left.
“He’s some crazy ass person.” I said.
“I guess.” He shrugged. “He’s usually a calm guy. I guess you changed that.”
“Really?” I said with a blush coming on my cheeks.”
“Gosh your such a girl.” he joked.
“Well I am one.” I joked back.”
“Whatever.” he said rolling his eyes.
“Well let’s go.”
“Where?” he asked
“Where ever. I’m bored.”
“Fine, let’s go.” he said.
With that we left and walked where ever.
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