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Weird Ways To Wake Up

We ended up in the campus’s library. It a was a long time since I've been in one. At home I actually got kicked out of my local library for being too loud with my friends and was band.
I decided to go to the mystery fiction while he went to fiction. We sat there for a good two hours engulfed in a book. It was interesting enough for me to actually borrow it and take it out of the library. We decided to head back to our dorms and read our books. Angel wasn’t there for the entire day, which I enjoyed. It was peaceful, and I actually finished the book. I was so in it that I didn’t notice Angel coming in the room. He didn’t even say hi. I guess he’s still kind of for what I did earlier. I just shrugged it off.
It was six o’clock by the time I finished. I put the book away and decided to see if Angel wanted to eat dinner. I saw him sitting at his desk working tediously on his laptop. I poked him.
“Hey do you wanna come and eat dinner with me?” I asked.
He didn’t acknowledge the question. I shrugged.
“Fine. whatever.”
I left the dorm and headed to the vegetarian cafeteria. I got in and ate my dinner. I got to my dorm and saw Angel still glued to his desk. I sat on my bed, took off my shoes, and sat against the head board.
“Dude, are you okay?” I asked him. I was getting concerned, “Umm you shouldn't work that hard. You could get brain trauma or something.”
“Yeah, yeah whatever.” he said not really paying attention.
I shrugged. I got up, got ready for bed, and fell asleep.

I woke up and got ready. Angel was still asleep in his bed. I looked at the time. It said 8 o’clock. Oh crap! Angel needs to get up. I went up to his bed and started to shake him to wake him up. He just grunted and mumbled something about five more minutes. I rolled my eyes and left the side of his bed. I went to the bathroom and used the bucket under the sink with the cleaning products in it. I took the products out and filled it with freezing water. I left the bathroom with it and stood next to his bed with the bucket over his head about to pour.

Alex’s POV

Where are they? They usually come here on time. I was sitting in my class waiting for Ashton and Angel. They were ten minutes late. Another five minutes passed when Angel entered. He looked and was muttering something about buckets and freezing water. I didn’t even want to know. Ashton came in shortly. He was the exact opposite from Angel. He had a huge grin on his face.

“Hola mi amigos!” He said cheerfully. I smiled a reply while Angel nodded acknowledging his existence. Ashton looked at me confused. I shrugged indicating I didn’t know. We sat through the remainder of the classes. Me calm, Angel , and Ashton very optimistic.
It was a horrible for the next few hours of class. I was happy when class was dismissed.

“What happened to you guys?”
“I’m in a freaking relationship with the most awsome person ever!” Ashton exclaimed.
“Really who?” I asked. He blushed and mumbled something.
“What?” I asked not catching his words.
“His-” He started, but Angel seemed to catch what he said.
“Did you say ‘his’?” Angel said.
“Yeah.” Ashton said a little shy. Aww. It was the first time seeing him like this.
“Well that’s new.” Angel said a little shocked.
“Yeah.” Ashton said.”Wait, how come you weren’t shocked like Angel.” Refering to me.
“I saw you kissing some guy yesterday so it wasn’t some suprise.
“Oh,,,” he said. “Hey let’s hang with Adrian today.”
Angel snapped back to his muttering at the mention of Adrian.
“Hey what’s wrong with you?” I asked.
“Adrian poured a bucket of freezing water this morning.” he mumbled. When Angel said that Ashton and I started cracking up. We were laughing so hard that we were clenching our stomachs from being out of breath.
“First it was a shoe now freezing water?” I asked still trying to catch my breath.
“Wait what shoe?” Ashton asked out of breath too.
“Adrian through a shoe at him when he couldn’t wake him up.” I explained.
“Dang!” Ashton said, “He has a way of waking people.”
“He sure does.” Angel said joining in and leaving his state.
“So let’s see him again.’ Ashton said leading us to their dorm When we entered we saw her lying back, eyes closed and listening to music. Angel put a finger to his lip telling us to be quiet. I guess he’s getting his revenge.
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