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Prank Gone Terribly Wrong

Angel’s POV

I saw him laying on the bed listening to his music, eyes closed. This gave me the opportunity to get revenge. It has to be big, but what could it be. I mean he threw a shoe at me and dumped freezing water. What kind of wake up call is that? I could probably strip him and let him run around the halls naked, but I think that’s going a little too far. But what am I supposed to do?

“Hey Angel, why don’t strip him naked and let him around in the halls.” Ashton whispered.

“Isn’t that going to far?” I asked.

“Then why don’t you just force him down and force him to apologize.” Alex offered. I stared at him.
“What kind of pansy ass move is that?” I asked. “Hell no I’m not gonna do that.”
“Oh I know tie him up and drag his ass out the room and lock him out.” Ashton said.
“You know what that isn’t a bad idea.” I said. “Let’s do it.
“Alright you and Alex grab and tie his feet together. While I tie his hands.”
Alex and I nodded and went toward the bed. We used shoe laces from his shoes to tie him up. Alex and I immediately grabbed his legs.
“What the hell?” Adrian screamed, “What the hell are you guys doing?”
“Revenge.” I stated.
“Really?” he asked, “Are you guys that naive?”
“What do you mean?” I asked confused.
“Just watch.” he said.
Out of no where he jumped up and grabbed both of our arms tied them together and leaped out the bed. Then he kicked the back our knees making us fall. He then grabbed our legs pulled them to the front of us and tied them together too. He left us for a while and came Bach with duct tape. Where the heck did he get that and where's Ashton? I bet he pussied out, .
He wrapped our tied wrists and ankles together with the duct tape. Then he placed duct tape on our mouths. What the hell?
He looked at us and and started to laugh his ass off. He was laughing for a good twenty minutes. That's when Ashton came in.
"Hey guys what are y-," he stopped mid sentence when he saw us and started to laugh his ass off too. Soon they were both laughing their asses off together. That buttmunch. How could he be laughing. He was part of the freaking plan. Okay now it's on, but sadly I'm losing. Adrian-3 Angel-0

So I’ve been trying to prank him for every day of the week, and its hard as hell. He just catches it and back fires on me. Then he goes ahead and pranks me a few hours later. It’s also the same thing. He puts clear plastic wrap on our dorm door and for some reason I don’t catch it and run into it. He also caught Alex and Ashton a few times, but I think they caught on and since they wait for me to enter first before I do. Apparently I’m just that pathetic. I need help, but Alex and Ashton don’t cause they think its so funny when I fall for the same thing over and over again. I guess I didn’t catch on because its unexpected to me. It’s different times of the day. Its not like I know his schedule of when he places it. I should just sneak meat into his vegetarian sandwich. Yeah I should do that. I’ll replace his vegi-burger with real burger. He-he-he I gots him now.

When lunch time came around we usually split up. Alex usually goes with Adrian to the vegetarian cafeteria and I go with Ashton to the regular one. Then we meet up in the outside eating area. I got the burger ready to switch it with his.
We met up at our usual table. We sat down. When Alex asked Adrian to get him a fork because he forgot to get one. I made the change. I had a smirk when he got back. He looked at me suspicious, but then just shrugged it off. When he took a bite I burst out laughing.
“Yes!, “ I exclaimed, “I finally got you!”
“What!?” Adrian shouted,”How?”
“I replaced your vegi-burger with a real burger.” I said triumphant.
“What?!” He screamed. He spit it out immediately, “What’s wrong with you?”
“What do you mean what's wrong with me?” I asked confused.
“I ate a freaking cow!” He screamed almost frantic,” I practically killed one!”
“But it was a prank.” I said a little sad.
“Yeah, but that was a little too far!” he yelled,”This is cutting an emotional line. I’d understand if you put dirt or play dough, but using a killed animal, really?”
I instantly felt bad. I knew what he was talking about. I didn’t really think this out. He became a vegetarian because he felt sympathy. He was emotionally attached. I just messed it up.
He stormed away. I felt guilty.
“Great job Angel,” Alex said glaring at me.
“Dude that was worse than stripping him naked,” Ashton put in.
“I know.” I said with realization.
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Yay! I got rid of that writer's block! Well I hope you guys enjoy this. I personally don't like it a lot. It's not one of my favorite chapters, but I somewhat like it. I kinda shows Adrian's girly drama atttitude.