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Black Ops and Pickles to Penguins

Adrian’s POV

I rushed out the eating area. I was more nervous than angry. Sure I was pissed that he tricked me to eating meat, but I was scared that I acted too girly. Angel and Ashton might catch on. I doubt it though. Angel is probably too guilty to really analyze how I acted, and Ashton is just plain ignorant to recognize anything. Alex is probably shaking his head on how I acted. He’s probably thinking ‘dead giveaway’. I chuckled at the thought. I headed to the bathroom cuz I really got to pee.

When I was done with my business, in a stall of course, I headed back to the dorm. I think its only Tuesday. I still have another five days before I have to go to class. I got my things ready for it just to keep me occupied. Then after five minutes I was bored out of my mind. There is nothing to do here. I could go on my laptop and check my email, but I was too lazy to get off my bed. I heard the door open and saw Angel walk in. He stopped and saw me. His eyes was filled with guilt. I inwardly laughed, I’m mean I know. It’s not like it’s my fault. I just ignored him. I took my iPod fromthe charger and started to listen to it. I layed back and closed my eyes and began to be taken into the music. I didn't realize that someone sat in my bead until the shaking of my shoulders made me open my eyes. I sighed and saw Angel staring down at me. I took my earbuds out.
"What do you want?" I asked.
"I'm sorry." he said.
"Sorry?, " I asked, "About what?"
"Im sorry for tricking you into eating meat."
I just looked at him with indifference. For some reason I couldn't say that he's forgiven even if I forgave him a long time ago.
"Look I don't usually apologize to guys," he started," I just saw how upset you were and felt guilty."
"Fine," I said, "I forgive you."
"Really!?" he said obviously happy, "Thanks."
Then he hugged me. I didn't hug him back. It'll be a little too weird hugging him back. I really try not to show guy to guy affection. I'll get too caught up into it and then I'll act all girly and then give away my act.
"Umm..." I started, "I know you're happy and stuff, but this hugging is starting to feel weird."
"Oh...yeah," he let go of me and rubbed the back of his neck a little embarassed.
"Dude, I'm bored as hell," I said,"What do you do here for fun?"
"There's a rec center for games and stuff."
"Then let's go I was literally during of boredom." I said getting up and walking out the dorm. I let him lead and I followed him to this huge building. We entered and there was a gym, a swimming area, racketball court, and a basket ball court.
"This is just the entrance, there's more inside. Oh and there's a tennis court, soccer, lacrosse, and footbal field in the back."
"Cool." I responded. I followed him to the back and there was I guess you could call it a game center. It had every game system in there and each system had it's own 52" flat screen TV. Each system also had all of the recent games out.
"How the hell can this school afford this?" I asked amazed.
"There's this major contributer who gives funds for only entertainment for the boys." he explained, "Umm I think it's Mr. Lai."
Mr. Lai? Is he talking about Dakota's dad?
"His son works for this school." he added, "I think his name is Derek."
Yeah, it's Dakota's dad. I remember Dakota mentioning once about her brother. She doesn't really talk about him. She says that he's a stick in the mud and don't really want to bring him up. I met him like only once. I met him on her sweet 16.
"Oh okay."
"So what do you want to do?"
"How good are you at Black Ops?"
"I'm fucking beast."
I rolled my eyes.
"I bet I can beat you in like five minutes."
"You're on."

------five minutes later----

"How the hell is that possible?" he sat there dumbfounded that he lost.
"I'm just that awsome." I said smug, "Hey is ther any board games around here too."
"Yeah, but not a lot of us play." he said, "So most of them are barely touched."
"Where are they?" I asked.
"Over there." he said pointing to a corner with two bookcases. I got up and walked over. I saw a whole lot of games like Monopoly. I scanned and found my all time favorite game. Pickles to Penguins. I pulled it out and walked over to Angel.
"Hey we should totally play this game with Ashton and Alex." I said.
"What is it?" he asked.
"Pickles to Penguins."
"What is that?"
"Its a card game, just call them over here so we can play."
He called them over. They came in about ten minutes.
"Hey so I have this great game I want to play."
"What is it?" Ashton asked.
"Pickles to Penguins."
"It sounds weird, I'm totally up for it." Ashton said.
"Alex?" I asked."
"So how do you play anyway." Angel asked.
"Okay so I have to deal 25 cards for each player. Then you have to place the first five cards down in front of you. It's double sided. Then two cards are placed in the middle of the circle. You have to make a reference with your cards with one of the cards in the middle. Like for example. If I have card with a dog and a card in the middle is a cat I can say that they both have fur. I then have to place my card on top of the card I made a reference with. The goal is to get rid of all your cards first. Oh and a wild card can be placed in the middle without a reference and any other card and be placed on top."
"Alright," they all said in unison. I passed out all the cards and placed two in the middle.
"Okay when I flip the cards the game starts." I said. "Ready, set, GO!" I flipped the cards. I went first.
"A snail eats grass." I said quickly.
"A opossum and a kangaroo are marsupials." Alex said.
"A dog and a baby both shit!" Ashton screamed.
"Umm..ok..." I said,"Where the hell is the baby card?"
"I don't know I panicked." he said uncertain.
"We only placed two cards down." I said raising one eyebrow.
"Shut up." he said pouting.
"Whatever." I said.
"I win!" Angel screamed out of no where.
"Hey no fair I was talking to Ashton." I complained,"You weren't even talking. You fucking cheated."
"Whatever I still won."
"No I call a rematch."
"No can do boys it's almost time to leave." a guy said from the door way,"Clean up and head to your dorms."
"Tomorrow I swear." I said glaring at Angel.
"Whatever." he shrugged.
We cleaned up the game and I put it away. When he left the rec center me and Angel went our way and Alex and Angel went the other. Thier dorm was on the East wing.
"You're gonna lose tomorrow." I said on our way there.
"Whatever." he said."It doesn't change the fact that you guys lost."
"It was because you cheated." I countered,"It shouldn't even count."
"I won get over it." he said.
"I know what this is about you want to keep this win cause I kicked your ass in Black Ops."
"Yes, yes it is." I said opening the door to our building.
"No it's not." he countered,"Besides you probably just got lucky."
"No, I won because I kick ass."
"Yeah, right."
"Yeah I know I'm right." I said as I opened the dorm door.
"Whatever." he shrugged.
I chuckled. I grabbed my clothes from my closet and headed for the bathroom. I changed and brushed my teeth. I left and he entered. I went to my closet ad hid my chest belt. I got in my bed and got my iPod and placed my earbuds in my ears. I fell asleep with Please Don't Go by Mike Posner blasting in my ears.
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Sorry if this update was late. My computer broke and I just got it back today. I hope this chapter makes up for it. This story is mostly going to be made up of fillerish chapters because I really want to base it on everyday life not on a particular plot. I do have a plan for a turning point so I can actually have some type of an end, but don't worry it's far from over and I do plan for a sequel cuz the ending I plan for will be EPIC. Anyway...