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A scary day of unexpectedness

Adrian’s POV

I woke up did my morning routine, brushing my teeth, taking a shower, and getting dressed. I got out of the bathroom and placed my ipod in the charger. It died from over night playing music. Which sucks since I’m going to be bored again for the whole morning until Angel, Ashton, and Alex get out from classes. It makes me miss school. It occupied the whole morning. I sighed and decided to check my email and maybe watch some YouTube. I got on my email and saw an email from Dakota. I clicked it and it read:

Hey Sissy,
I miss you. What the hell have you been doing? You haven’t me in over two days! Are you alright? Oh and my brother is a dillweed. He bought me a fur coat! Can you believe that monster? I cried when I saw it. You know what made it worse?

I’ll answer when you reply with a what?,

I chuckled and rolled my eyes. I clicked the reply button and started to type.

What made it worse? Don’t worry about me. Gosh, its not like I disappeared off the face of the Earth. And it has been only two days. Sure we talk everyday. I was just hanging out with my roommate and his idiotic friends. I played Black Ops. You know who won. ;P I also played... PICKLES TO PENGUINS! Remember that. It was the best game EVER! I wish you were there to play it with me. Angel cheated. Asshole. Anyway reply already. I want to know what happened.
Your BFF,

I clicked the send button, and went to check my other email. Its was all ads. I just deleted them all. I signed out and went to watch YouTube videos. I mostly just go look for music and let it play. All the other videos are stupid. I think that YouTube should only be about music and ENTERTAINING stuff, but oh well it’s not like I can control it. I watched and listen to music and their videos for like 30 minutes and then I got bored again. Them my tummy grumbled. I sighed. I got up and grabbed my cell phone and left the dorm for some grub. I got a tofu wrap and some milk. I sat and ate. I didn’t notice someone coming in and he sat in front of me. I was half way through another bite when I saw him staring at me. I bit, chewed, and swallowed.

I really don’t want to talk to him. He can sit there and stare at me for the whole day. I just want to eat my breakfast. As long that he won’t bother me, I'll be okay. I was half way done with my wrap when he got up and left. Umm, okay? I just shrugged it off. I finished the rest of my food and cleaned up. Then I walked aimlessly around the campus it wasn’t productive, but hey it kept me occupied.

I felt like I was being followed after walking around for awhile. I turned around after some point and saw the same guy from earlier, the one watching me from before. I stopped and turned around and headed toward him. As I got a closer look he did look familiar.

“What do you want?” I asked.
“You.”he said bluntly.
“What?” I said shocked and a little scared.
“I want you.’ he said, “How clear can I be?”
“You don’t even know me.”
“So I just go on appearances,” he said, “and you’re one good looking person.”
I backed away a little scared as he started to approach me.Then out of no where he grabbed me. This time I freaked out and started thrashing around trying to loosen his grip. He grabbed my other wrist and restrained me. Then his face got closer to mine and stopped when there was only an inch apart.

“This kiss will blow your mind.” he whispered.

As he was about to close the gap he was harshly pulled away. I closed my eyes scared of what was about to happen.

“Who the hell are you?!” the stranger asked.
“I’m his freaking boyfriend!” I opened my eyes to that and saw Angel glaring at the stranger from my side.
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I know this isn't one of the best chapters, but I had major writer's block and school work is killing me. Essay after essay and my journalism teacher is up my ass on editing my story for the paper. But hey I updated and added some drama and a cliffhanger . Sorry for the wait and shortness. :/