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Shh! I'm Really a Girl!


“Ugh!” the stranger said, “You’re lucky I have some type of morals. I don’t go after taken people.”
With that he left. Wierdo. Then realization hit me and I remembered what Angel said.
“So I’m your boyfriend now?” I said with a playful tone and a smirk.
“Shut up, “he said as a blush appeared on his cheeks, “I just did that to save your ass.”
“It’s alright. I love you too.” I said with a chuckle, “Oh and thanks.”
I walked away from him shaking my head. Messed up, love sick boy. Who knew he would have a crush on me? See a girl knows these things. HAHAHA! I’m not one of those ignorant bitches.

I strolled around the area for no apparent reason. Hey, I’m bored.

“Hey!” Ugh, what now? I turned around. It was that weird guy who tried to make a pass on me. As if God has damned me or something.
“What?” I asked bored as hell.
“Where’s your boyfriend?”
“Well apparently he’s not here.”
“So....” he started, “ What’s your name?”
“Umm...let’s see...” I said as he waited anxiously.” None...Of...Your.... God ...Damn...Business...”

I chuckled and left. Stupid boy. Most of them are so ignorant. Well except Alex. He actually figured out that I was a girl. I consider him one of the smarter ones.
I went to my dorm again. God damn this place is boring if you don’t have classes. It would have been better if there was actually girls in this school, but hey being surrounded by guys is a plus. There is so much eye candy, like Alex, Angel, and Ashton. They look good. I can’t wait to start my classes. I would get to see so much more guys. I would probably never get to pay attention and fail. Oh well, another reason to get out of this death trap. But then again I would have to receive that my dad threatened me with. I really want to know what it is.

I sighed and went to my dorm and check if Dakota replied. I saw the new message and clicked.

Yay! You replied! Anyway, my brother bought me a fur coat made with genuine fox fur. I cried for like two days straight hugging the coat. My brother tried to apologize, but I flipped him off. So now he’s freaking guilty apologizing like every minute now. But hey you should go on oovoo. I wanna talk oh and I think that I should be your girlfriend ;]. It’ll be hilarious. I’m always on so just MESSAGE me ALREADY!!! And TALK to ME!
Love, Dakota.
I chuckled at my Dakota’s message. She would be the only one to react like that. I should totally make her my girlfriend. Angel’ll be so jealous. It’ll be hilarious.

I got on oovoo and saw Dakota was on. I started a conversation with her. I saw her smiling really wide.

“SISSY!!!” she screamed into the camera.
“HI Dakota.” I replied chuckling.
“How’s college life treating you?”
“It’s really boring.”
“Really, but isn’t there a lot of hot guys.”
“Yeah, but they are all in class.” I said, “I don’t start until next week.”
“The week’s almost over.”
“I know.” I said with a smile.”I can’t wait.”
“Lucky.” she said with a pout.
“So how are you doing?” I asked.
“Pretty good actually.” she said with some thought, “My schedule fits well with me.”
“You know I miss you.”
“I know this is actually the longest we’ve been apart.”
“Yeah remember you, your brother, and I were the three best friends.”
She chuckled, “Yeah, I remember you even had a crush on him freshmen year.”
“I know, how is he anyway?”
“Good , he’s here actually.” she said. “You wanna say hi.”
“For sure.”
“Sam!” she called him off screen.
“Yeah!” he said.
“You wanna say hi to Adrian!?”
“Sure.” he said with a bit of more enthusiasm.
Sam walked onto the screen.
“Adrian wow your hair is gone.”
“Shut up I know.”
“It actually looks good on you.”
“Shut up.” I said a bit bashful. “What are you even doing there?”
“I go to the same college as Dakota.” he said, “You should have known that.”
“Oh I thought you wanted to go to this school.”
“Well I was going to, but I heard that it was an all male school and backed out,” he said. “I did not want to go to a huge sausage fest.”
“You’d be the only one thinking that.” I said shaking my head. The dorm door opened and Ashton, Angel, and Alex walked in.
“What was that?” Sam asked.
“My roommate and his friends.”
For some reason Dakota came into the screen and shoved Sam out the way. I heard a thump as his ass hit the floor and Dakota situated herself in front of the camera. Sam came back and pushed her off. Then Dakota came back and tackled him back to the floor.. The laptop came with them. The camera landed perfectly on the floor where Dakota and Sam were going at it. i didn’t notice the other boys in my room come behind me.
“Are you watching a porno?” Ashton asked. I jumped a little at the unexpected question.
“No I’m watching my girlfriend and her brother fight.” I said.
Sam stopped. Apparently he heard what I said and pushed Dakota away grabbed the laptop and looked at the screen bewildered.
“I didn’t know you and Dakota were dating!” he screamed. “I always thought you were-” Sam was cut off when Dakota tackled him again. Muttering was going on between Dakota and Sam. When they were done they came back on the screen.
“As I was saying before I was tackled,” he said with a small side glare at Dakota,”I always thought you were gay.”
“Why the hell did you think that?” I asked playing along.
“You always hung around guys and never with girls,” he explained,”The only girl you hung out with was Dakota.”
“Well things change.” I said, “Anyway i want you guys to meet my friends here.”
I pulled Ashton in to the screen. “This is Ashton.” I pushed him back. I pulled Alex in the screen. “This is Alex.” I pushed him back out and pulled Angel into the screen. “And this is Angel.” I pushed him out. Dakota was staring at the screen. I knew she wanted to scream and say how cute they were, but she wanted to be the faithful girlfriend I guess.
I then pointed to Sam on my laptop screen. “This is Sam.”I then pointed to Dakota. “And this is my girlfriend, Dakota.” She just kept staring.
“Dakota?” I asked. She didn’t budge. “Dakota!” She still didn’t move. Come on they weren’t that cute.Yes they were.. “Dakota! Baby!” she moved to that.
“Oh sorry” she said with a small blush. Sam rolled his eyes.
“Why did she freeze like that?” Ashton asked.
“Oh only Sam and Adrian know why.” she said. “It’ a personal matter.”
“Oh.” Ashton said.
“Well I gotta go.” said Dakota.
“Oh okay, bye baby.” I blew her a kiss and she pretended to catch it and put it to her lips. Cheesy, I know, but it was still cute. I waved a bye to Sam and signed out of my oovoo. I closed my laptop.
“Your girl is cute,” Alex said.
I looked at him and saw the small smirk on his lips. he knew my secret and knew it was a bluff. I put a finger to my lips to indicate for him to be quiet an left to get ready. I got ready and went to bed.
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I know this is hella late and I have no type of excuse. But enjoy!