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Few Days Later------>

I woke up and stretched.
“Finally I get to start school.” I said through a yawn.
“How the hell are you excited for school?” Angel said from his bed.
“I was bored as hell doing nothing and just waiting for your classes to end.”
“Shouldn't you have slept in?”
“Nah, I always get up early.”
“You should learn to do sleep in.” he said followed by a yawn,”It’s nice to just sleep and sleep and sleep..” He dowsed off and fell asleep again. I chucked a pillow at him. He jumped awake. I chuckled and got out. I brought my uniform and went into the bathroom to get ready. I left before Angel and got a vegan muffin for breakfast and head towards the hall I had class. I got a new schedule yesterday since my father concluded that he didn’t like the classes he assigned me. So now I start the day with human anatomy. I get to dissect a dead body and analyze it. Yay, notice the fake enthusiasm. This kind of makes me not like school. But hey it’s way better than sitting around doing nothing.

We started with simple stuff like what each organ was and all the bones. It was like a review. I mean know all this stuff from last year. The professor said that we would work on dissecting animals before the actual humans that people donated themselves to science. I was sickened when we heard about the animals. I mean we are killing animals just for a freaking class. I’ll probably break out crying when we start. I know I should be more nauseous about the dead humans, but I’m not. The thought of it, to me, is actually wicked.

I have no classes with my roommate or my other friends. Which kind of sucks, but being surrounded by the other hot guys make up for it. I do have one class with that one guy who I told that Angel was my boyfriend. He didn’t notice me and I was glad for that. I really didn’t want to start my first day with an interrogation about my “dating” life. But I might have one of my friends in tomorrows class. my schedule differs everyday.

Classes ended around 2:30. I had human anatomy, biology, and some type of math course. You can never escape that subject. I left the lecture hall and went to grab lunch. I got a portabella veggie burger. It was good. I don’t understand how people think veggie burgers are nasty. I find them way better than beef burgers. Veggie burgers are a way better substitute for beef in spaghetti too. Anyway I finished and headed back to my dorm. Seriously this is the only place to be. Sure there is a recreation center, but its all weights, and swimming. So I’m a girl and I don’t lift weights. Oh and the fact that I can fight doesn’t mean I like to lift weights. It’s what you call too manly. I fight with swift and graceful movements and adding bulky muscles wont help. Also I can’t swim with a shirt on. I’ll look like a dork and also there’s a possibility that my shirt will show my boobs.

There is a volleyball and tennis court though. I absolutely love them, but playing it by myself is lonely and boring. I sighed and and plopped on my bed. I thought college life would be exciting, but it’s dull and boring. I guess its that I don’t have any girls to be friends with. I wish Dakota was here. I heard the door open and got up. I saw Angel coming in.

“Hey Angel.” I greeted him.
“Hey.” he said.
“Did you ever play tennis or volleyball?”
“Yeah, its fun.” he said with a bit of enthusiasm. “I can say I’m awesome, in fact I never lost a game.”
“Then let’s play a game,” I said with a smirk, conceited ass. “and place a bet on it.”
“A bet?” he asked. “What bet?”
“Let’s see...” I said standing up and walking up to him, “If I win you have to be my slave for a week and vice versa.”
“Sure.” he said with a smirk. Sigh such a pompous ass. If he only knew that I’m a star at tennis since elementary school, well when I was a girl. I even have two trophy rooms, one for tennis and one for volleyball. He’s getting his ass kicked.

I got ready and met him on the tennis court. I brought my only tennis racket. It’s pink. I know its too girly, but hey I am a girl. I dont even know how to act like a guy. I not even sure how he didn’t find out and he’s my freaking roommate. I mean Alex found practically the day I met him.

I placed my bag on the bench near the court and got in position.

“Who serves first?” I asked.
“Okay heads or tails?”
He flipped a coin. “Okay you serve first.”
I got ready and got in position. The nervousness is amazing. This is why I love tennis.
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