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Shh! I'm Really a Girl!

Missing Towel?

Adrian’s POV

I tossed the ball in the air and brought my racket down for the serve. Technically I knew he was good, due to the fact I went against him as a girl. It was some tournament. He beat every single one of his opponents, and he was a good receiver and server. When he finally got to me he actually almost beat me. We each won two sets and the last one was neck to neck, but me being way better then him, kicked his ass and won the trophy. So here we are again.

He returned it and I we went back and forth of each hit. This was too fun. I’m not even playing seriously.(That’s what happened in the tournament). Truthfully he’s not even in my league. But I got too careless so I almost lost. I really don’t want to play serious, but I don’t want to lose. I’ll just play seriously at the last two sets.

The game went on for about an hour and a half. We were playing five sets and I already knew I won. I won the first three since I got bored half of the first set and started to play seriously then. Now I’m just half-assing it. I mean come on it won’t matter if I won the next two or not. I won most of the sets so what the hell.

Once the game was over I won all of the sets. He officially sucked ass. He started out good, I guess, but after the second set he started to get sloppy and then, well, eventually lost. It really sucks. I thought he improved. I did. I practiced everyday to get better. It’s my second dream to be a professional tennis player. Of course being a doctor is first.

He looked defeated. I kind of felt bad for him, but come on really if you want to become the best you have to practice your ass off. I mean who wouldn’t .

“So , I won...” I said with a smirk. “That means you are my bitch slave.”

“Yeah, yeah...whatever.” he said dismissively.

“So the first thing I want you to do is buy me caramel cappuccino everyday, every morning.” I said.

“Fine.” he said.

“But if you give it to me cold, I swear that I’ll force you eat your balls.”


“Um...yeah so just give me the damn cappuccino, okay.”


I left it at that and grabbed my things and left. I entered the dorm room and got ready for a shower. I mean we played tennis for a good hour. I started to feel funky. I finished and reached out the shower for a towel and found nothing. I looked out the shower and couldn’t find any. Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh crap!. I even don’t have clothes. What the hell is wrong with me? Ugh. I stepped out the shower with nothing on dripping wet. I opened the bathroom door and peeked out the door.

“Angel!” I called out. Nothing. Okay. All I need to is jet through across the room to my closet. I checked the room out and made absolutely sure no one was there. When I made sure, I opened the door and ran through the room, but as I was half way through the door started to unlock. It distracted me and I tripped over a shoe. Shit! Shit! Shit! The door opened and Alex came through. I scrambled onto all fours and quickly crawled to my closet before he realised that I was there. I quickly closed the door breathing hard. That was fucking close. I grabbed a towel from the closet, but when I started to look around, I realised that it was not my closet. Are you shitting me!? I opened the door and checked the room again. He was still there. At least he knew I was a female.

“Alex?” I asked.

He looked around and saw me.

“Oh Adrian.” he said a bit surprised. “What are you doing in Angel’s closet?”

“Um..something happened.” I said. “So you know I’m a girl right?”


“Okay, so I’m only in a towel and I want to warn you that I need to come out and go to my closet.”


“So turn around as I head there.”


“Okay turn around until I say its okay.”

He nodded and turned around. I ran to my closet and went inside.

“Okay, it’s safe now.”

I changed and left the closet. Alex was gone and Angel was there instead, only in a towel, wet. Oh my gosh, too hot.
“I saw Alex here earlier, why?” I asked.

“He had to get something for me while I was still at the tennis court.”


“Do you know what happened to one of my towels?” he asked. “I’m missing one.”

“ …”

“Hmm...that’s weird.”

“Yeah...” I said. “Well I’ m going out to get some lunch.”
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