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Shh! I'm Really a Girl!

Best Prank Ever

We left the hair salon with my new hair. I lightened up when a guy said I was cute, but I'm still mad. I mean come on I lost all my hair. The one that took me forever to grow and keep in tact.
I glared at Sarah the whole ride to...well I don't know. She looked uneasy and guilty when she drove. There were a few times when she would open her mouth as to say something, but then she closed it again changing her mind. We finally stopped at an outlet probably to get my new "warbrobe". I got out after Sarah and followed her to Aeorpostale, American Eagle, Pac Sun, and some other stores. I got everything from new Pjs to even new shoes. I also had to get a uniform to follow dress code. She let me choose most of it so it was ok. i also chose a wig that looked like my old hair to make me feel better.
When we were done we loaded all the bags in the car and got in.
"We have one more stop before we go home." she said. I just nodded.
We got to a store that I didn't know. I followed Sarah into it. She talked with someone I'm guessing working here. The person nodded and motioned for me to come. I walked up to him. He ushered me into a room and gave me garment that looks like a tube top except it had a Velcro strap opening it. Sarah came in and the guy left.
"Take off your shirt and bra." she said. I stared at her confused. She rolled her eyes. "Just do it."
I did then she took the tube top thing and put it on me. She tightened and tightened it until my chest was flat. I then finally realized what it was. It was a chest belt that made me look even more like a guy so I can blend "in". She stepped back to get a good look on me. She nodded and told me to take it off. Then she instructed for me to trying to put on. I did, but it didn't really look right. She told me to take it off and do it again. It took me a while before I actually did put it on right. she told me to put it on again to see if I really understood how to put it on and that it wasn't on a lucky try. I did and it was correct. after that we got the chest belt and left.
She drove me home and helped me put all the bags in my room.
"Well...bye then." she said with a small smile. I just nodded. Her smile fell. She then nodded and left. I closed my door and started to organize the new wardrobe. When I was done I heard the front door open. My brother called out seeing if anyone was home. I didn't answer. With me guessing he probably wouldn't care if there was an answer or not. He would just walk in and head in the living room and watch tv until someone would come in.
I decided to try to trick him. I undressed and put on my chest belt, grabbed sweatpants and a plain white shirt, and messed up my hair a little. I checked my mirror and smirked. I looked like a genuine guy. If I could fool him I could fool the entire school I'm going to. I headed out the door and downstairs toward the kitchen. I went to the refridgerator and grabbed a bottle of water. I headed in the living room. Sure enough he was in their watching tv. I walked across and sat in the couch across from him and started to watch what he was watching. I glanced at him. He was staring at me just staring. i looked back at the tv.
"Who are you?" he asked. Yes! I fooled him. I opened my water bottle and took a drink. Then I turned to look at him. I smirked. I got up and walked towards him. I kissed him on the cheek and left the room.
"Yuck! What is a fag doing in our house!?" he yelled. I ran towards my room trying to hold my laugh. When I got to my room I burst out laughing. I took everything off and changed in to a tank top and pajama pants. I took out the wig and placed it on my head. I added lip gloss to add a more femine look to my face. i then headed out my door and downstairs. i went in the living room and sat next to him. He had a disgusted look to his face.
"Did you see a strange guy in the house?" he asked.
"Nope." I said trying to hold down a laugh and kepping a straight face.
"Well I saw him a while ago." he said.
"Ok..." I said looking at him like he was crazy. I got up and headed upstairs. well that brightened up my mood on my hair loss. i probably can do the all boy school situation.
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