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Movie Date With Bestie

I was almost done with packing all my clothes. I actually have my outfits seasoned. One suitcase contains Winter wear, one for Fall, one Spring, and one for Summer. I’m even organized with other things I’m bringing, like one bag for electronics. It’s kinda stupid, but I’m like that. I took my phone out and saw that it was Tuesday. Damn! I forgot. I rushed to get all my things together and ran in the bathroom. I took a shower and got dressed. I didn’t really do my hair since there is nothing there. I left my room and started to head downstairs. I got a text saying:

Dakota: Sissy, I’m almost there. Wait outside.
Me: Kk

I put my phone away and grabbed my keys from the counter and headed out the door. I waited in front for about 5 minutes before seeing Dakota’s car driving up. I got in and we started to go.

“Hey, Sissy how you holdin’ up.”
“Good I started packing.”
“Really? So you really bought all those guy clothes?”
“Yeah,you should come see them when the movie’s done.”
“OMG! Yeah! I’ love to see all this change!”
“Well did you notice my hair?”
“What...” she looks at me, “OH MY GOSH! What happened?! All your hair is gone!”
“I know. Now look at the road before we crash.” I said rolling my eyes.
“Ok Ok.”
“How is it with all your hair gone?”
“Interesting. It’s easier to manage.”

We were quiet the rest of the ride there. We got there in like 10 minutes. She parked and we walked in line. After a while we got to the front.

“Two tickets for Inception.” I said.
“That’ll be $20.”
“Ok”, I gave her the 20 and she gave the tickets.

They read theater 6 and that it started in 10 minutes. To pass the time we decided to get snacks. We both got tons of candy and chips. We busted out laughing and said we looked like fat-asses. We argued if we should get a drink. I wanted one, but Dakota insisted on not getting any in case we have to pee. She always wanted to watch the whole movie this time and not miss anything since she heard that it was amazing. I agreed with her when she reminded me that she was paying for the snacks since I spent the all the money I brought on the tickets. We walked in the theater with our hands full. We sat all the way in the back row so we could see the whole screen .The seats are placed on a diagonal so no one would get in the way of our watching. Time passed by before the trailers. I always looked forward to the trailers since I want to see what’s coming out. After 8 minutes of trailers the movie started. It wasn’t even half way through when Dakota tapped me.

“What?” I whispered.
“I’m thirsty.” she whispered.
“I knew it.” I whispered rolling my eyes, “I knew you wouldn’t last a whole movie without being thirsty.”
“Well can you get me a drink.”
“Oh Hell No!” I hissed, “It’s your fault you get it.”
“Please Adrian.” she pleaded, “I’ll you big time.”
“Pleeease!” Oh gosh she’s whining now, “Pleeease Adriaaan! Please-please-please-please-please-please!”
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Yeah I finally updated! Sorry if I haven't updated in like two months. I got writer's block. I know how can you get writer's block and only on the fourth chapter? Well I did. But writing this chapter gave me a whole bunch of ideas for chapter 5. These are mostly fillers and a small description of Adrian. I just need some chapters before the one where she moves to her college dorm. I'm almost there so don't worry. That's when ythe real deal happens. So thanks for reading. Oh yeah, COMMENT! Please :)

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