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Finally there

Three Days Later…
I finally packed all my things. I had all seasons packed into four suitcases, huge suitcases. It would probably show how rich I am, but oh well. I mean come on I’m still a girl and I would pack a lot of clothes. I had a bag of um privates, like boy shorts, ones that look like boxers, and an extra chest belt. We got the other one during the three day period. I also brought my laptop, Ipad, Itouch, my cell phone, camera and their chargers. I brought some books that aren’t gay. *cough* twilight*cough*.

So now I’m in my room getting ready for tomorrow’s trip to my school. It’ll probably take a good five hours to get there. I placed my outfit for tomorrow on my bed before I packed everything. I had to get an up early, like at 5 AM. I set my alarm on my phone and slept at 8 PM.

I heard the annoying alarm go and I groggily got up and pressed the snooze button. I got the prepared clothes and chest belt and headed in my bathroom to get ready. I brushed my teeth, and then took a shower. I dressed up in the bathroom and got out. Our helpers placed my suitcases in the car. I grabbed my Northface book bag with my ipod, cell phone, and wallet in it so I won’t get bored during the ride. I got in the car. Our driver got in and he started the car. We started to go there and he started some conversation.

“So how are you this morning, miss.”
“Tired.” I said indifferently.
“Well you should sleep then.”
“Yeah, yeah.” I yawned.

The thought of sleep made my eye lids heavy and they eventuall y closed and I fell asleep.

I felt a shake and opened my eyes. I saw our driver in my face. When he saw that I was awake he backed away. I sat up and rubbed the sleep from my eyes and yawned.

“We’re here already?”
“No I stopped for gas. You should get a bathroom break and get a snack at Wawa’s.”
I yawned, got out of the car, and stretched. “Alright.”
I walked inside Wawa’s and headed towards the bathroom. I used it, washed my hands, and left. I walked around and got a vegi-sandwich and an iced tea. I paid for it and left. I walked toward the car and got in. I ate my sandwich while I waited for the car to fill up with gas. It was two minutes before we left. I grabbed my Ipod from my bag and started to listen. I got bored of listening to music after an hour, and started to play with apps for the next hour and a half. I fell asleep when I was half way through that game with the gingerbread man.

Our driver started to shake me awake again.
“We’re here, miss.”
“Alright.” I yawned and rubbed the sleep from my eyes again.
I got out and headed toward an area with three buildings. One main one and two buildings that were the west wing and east wing sat there. There were other two buildings. One was on the side of the west wing and the other was beside the east wing. They were the dorms. I started toward the gate with people behind me with my suitcases and bags. I entered the gates and sighed.

“Here we go.”
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Chapter 6.

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