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Getting To Know The Boys

They lead me through the whole campus. They showed me the cafeteria, library, where Ashton and Alex stays. I figured out that they are roommates. They seemed very hyper and eccentric except for Angel. He practically stayed calm through the whole thing, smiling or laughing occasionally.
It took us a good two hours to see the entire campus and them explaining what each individual building was. I had to run most of the time to catch up to them. They called me slow, but my tiny legs can only go so fast. It’s not my fault I’m extremely short.
It was only six when we went back to the room. I started to unpack my suitcases in my closet. Midway through I heard someone clear his throat. I shook my head, stopped, and turned my head to face the guys sitting in Angel’s bed looking bored as hell.

“Yes?” I said.
“Come on, hurry up, we’re boooored!” they all complained.
“Well excuse me if I just got here, and that I’m not even properly set up.”
“You could do that later!” Ashton whined.
“Well too bad.” I said, “Besides I’m almost done, just go play with each other or something.”

I heard laughing and realised what I said.

“Shut up.” I yelled as I turned around finished unpacking.

“Are you done yet?” Ashton asked.
“Almost.” I said.
“Are you done yet?”
“Are you done yet?”
“Almost.” I said getting a little peeved.
“Are you done yet?”
“Are you done yet?”
“You know asking ‘Are you done yet?’ isn’t gonna help me go faster.”
“But your taking forever.”
“It’s only been two minutes. “ I said.
“But it was a long two minutes.” Ashton whined.
“Just give me five more minutes.”
“Fine.” Ashton said, “But I’m timing it.”
“If you don’t come out in exactly five minutes,” Angel joined in, “we’re dragging your ass out here whether you like it or not.”
“Fine, whatever.” I said, “I’m just warning you guys. You guys only knew me for a few hours. You don’t know what I’m capable of.”
“Yeah, yeah whatever.” they all said.

I rolled my eyes and continued unpacking. I’m guessing five minutes passed when a hand grabbed my shoulder. I pretended to not notice. As the grip got tighter, I then unexpectedly grabbed the hand and flipped whoever it was over my shoulder and pinned him down. I sat on his stomach and looked at the door of my closet. I saw angel and Alex staring at me with wide-eyes and a their mouths open. I guess I was sitting on Ashton.

“I warned you.” I said as a huge smile spread across my face. I got up and headed out the door. I looked back and saw Ashton getting up as Angel and Alex fixed their faces.

“Well come on.” they nodded and followed me out the dorm room.
“So let’s get dinner.” I said while walking, “Where do you guys eat?”
“H-how’d you do that?” Ashton asked.
“I took some classes, did some stuff, but that doesn’t matter.” I said. “I’m hungry so let’s gets some food.”
Ashton pouted. “Not until you apologize. It hurt.”
I sighed and shook my head. “Really, come on, I warned you.” His mouth got poutier.
“Fine, I’m sorry.” his pout then changed into a smile.
“Then let’s go.” he said as he lifted me over his shoulder.
“No put me down!” I protested.
“No short stuff!” He said as he carried me away as the other boys shook their heads and followed him.

He walked all the way to the cafeteria and finally put me down.
“Well here we are.”
“Good.” I said.

He lead us into the cafeteria.
“Well what do you want?” Angel asked.
“Is there anything vegetarian?” I asked.
“Yeah follow me.”
He lead me to a salad bar. I smiled and piled myself up with lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, and got some ranch dressing.
“Is this the only vegetarian meals here?”
“Nah, that food is in another building.” he said, “This is here to have something healthy, but no one really gets any salad.”
“Oh.” I said, “You’ll have to show me where that building is cause I can’t survive only on salad.”
“Yeah, sure.” he said smiling making my heart melt.
“So...” I said as we walked to a table. “What are you gonna eat?”
“I’ll get a sandwich when the other two come back so you can have some company.”
“Thanks.” I said as I dove into my meal. Alex and Ashton came back with their meal. As they sat down Angel left to get his meal.
“Hey Adrian.” Ashton called.
“You’re one cool dude.” he said smiling.
I chuckled and shook my head. “Thanks.”
“Hey Alex,” I called, “why don’t you talk much.”
“He doesn’t do well with new people,” Ashton answered, “once he gets to know you better he’ll warm up and trust me he’s really a great person.”
I smiled at him and waved. He gave a small smile in return. Aww! So cute!

When Angel came back, we ate, and finished up. We cleaned up and left the cafeteria. Ashton and Alex said bye and headed to their dorm. While me and Angel left to our dorm.

When we got back it was around seven-thirty. I went back to my closet and finished organizing my stuff. I changed in to my PJs in the closet. I grabbed my toiletries and placed them into the bathroom. There was a his-and-her sink. I placed my things on the side with nothing on it. I brushed my teeth and left the bathroom. I turned my lamp on and brought my phone and Itouch with me in bed. I looked over and saw Angel at his desk working on something. This reminded me to set up my laptop on my desk. I got out of bed and went to my closet and got my laptop and its accessories. I placed it on my desk making as centered as possible. I placed the charger next to it and the mouse in the drawer of the desk. I also added my drawing pad and its pen in the same drawer. It was used for accurate drawings that I needed for high school in art class. Once I was finished I climbed in bed and grabbed my itouch and started to listen to music. I then started to text Dakota.

Dakota: Hey,SISSY!!! How’s your school?
Me:Awsome well except for the all boy part, but I made some friends already.
Dakota: Cool. So...... How’s your roommate?
Me: Omg! Soo hot, cute, and cool. His eyes are crystal blue, black hair, and nicest smile ever!
Dakota: Reallly? Looks like someone’s crushing.
Me: Shut up.

Dakota and I texted each other until eleven about some random shit mostly me denying about me crushing on Angel. i told her about their names and I’ll send pics tomorrow. I sneaked a picture of Angel too. I made sure he fell asleep before I went to bed. I then texted Dakota goodnight and deleted my messages. I paused my music and removed my ear buds. I then made sure Angel was asleep before I quietly slipped out of bed and into my closet. I removed my chest belt, hid it, and left my closet. I slipped in my bed and eventually fell asleep.
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