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“Nmph” Adrain mumbled.


He opened his eyes. “What do you want Angel?”
“Get up.” I said.
“Ugh, why?”
“We have class.”
“No, you have class.” He said groggily, “I start next week.”
“Oh, sorry,” I apologized.
“Yeah, yeah whatever,” he said as he pulled the covers over his head, “Just go to class.”

After class---------------------->

I walked to my dorm and saw Adrian still sleeping. God! How in the hell can he sleep this long? Its already four! This is ridiculous. I walked toward his bed and climbed in.

“Adrian!” I shouted dead straight into his ear.
“Ahh!” Adrian screamed as he rolled off the bed bringing me with him. I started laughing my ass off as he groggily got up tangled in his sheets.

“Asshole, what the fuck was that for?” he exclaimed.
“You slept for like seventeen hours.” I said.
“So? I don’t give a shit if I sleep for two days.”
“But its not healthy.” I said pouting.
“Ugh fine.” He said.
“Yes!” I exclaimed and punched the air.

He got up groggily with the blanket around him. He went in his closet, grabbed some stuff, and trudged to the bathroom. He took a long ass bath. I sat in my bed and and waited for him. I dozed off occasionally and eventually fell asleep waiting for him.

Adrian’s POV

I got out of the bathroom fully dressed and saw Angel asleep on the floor in a fetal position. I looked at him questioningly. Did he really wait for me? How sweet. I went up to him and shook him gently to wake him up. When he didn’t wake up I shook him harder. I eventually was shaking to the point where his neck might snap. I groaned and gave up. Dumbass heavy sleeper.

I got from my knees and left for the door. Before I left I threw his shoe by the door at him. He cursed as the shoe collided. I quickly left before he could wake up. I walked down the hall and out the building. I headed toward the main office. I entered to doors and walked up to the desk.

“Is there a vegetarian cafeteria available?” I asked.
“Yeah, its right behind the main cafeteria.” she said.
“Ok thanks.”

I left the building and headed toward the main cafeteria. I saw a building behind the main cafeteria. It was a smaller building and looked like more a cottage then a cafeteria. It was different with all the other buildings, but it still blended in with the other buildings. I walked up to it and entered.

I stared in awe as I looked around. It was like a small cafe. It was a modern one, but it was still comfy. At the far corner was a buffet of freshly made vegetarian dishes. I smiled and walked up to it. I grabbed a vegi-burger and some fries. As I sat down a student walked in. I realized it was Alex. he grabbed his lunch and i called out to him.

“Alex!!” I called out to him. He looked up and saw me. He smiled and headed toward my table to sit with me.

“Hey.” I greeted him.
“Hey.” he said quietly. Aww too cute.
“I didn’t know you were vegetarian.” I said with a confused look on my face.”Didn’t you eat lunch with us in the main cafeteria.”
“I’m not a vegetarian.” he said. “I just prefer to eat this food sometimes.”
“So you’re a vegetarian?” he said as I nodded. “How long?”
“Since I was a sophomore.”
“Wow. real dedication.” He said impressed.
“I know.”
“I didn’t see you in class today, why?” he asked.
“I don’t start until next week.” I answered.
I laughed. He joined in too. Then we ate the rest of our lunch in comfortable silence. We got up and cleaned up. We headed out the door and something that made me and Alex stop in our place. We saw Ashton kissing a guy I didn’t know.

“Is Ashton gay?” I asked Alex.
“No, I saw him with girls before.”Alex answered.
“So he’s probably bi.”
“I guess so.”

Well that’s some interesting information.
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