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In Her Eyes Lies Her Heart

The Yule Ball

Eve was a wonderful dancer, and it seemed to have rubbed off on to him. They glided effortlessly around the floor, and Harry was only half conscious of the fact that they were the only ones dancing, and that every face was turned towards them. He now understood why Roger Davies couldn’t stop looking at Fleur. But unlike Fleur, Eve was beyond just beautiful; she was captivating.
Harry vaguely noticed the other Champions join the dance, then the rest of the Hall. Neville and Ginny were dancing nearby - he could see Ginny wincing frequently as Neville trod on her feet – and Dumbledore was waltzing with Madame Maxime. He was so dwarfed by her that the top of his pointed hat barely tickled her chin; however, she moved very gracefully for a woman so large. Mad-Eye Moody was doing an extremely ungainly two-step with Professor Sinistra, who was nervously avoiding his wooden leg.
“Nice socks Potter,” Moody growled as he passed, his magical eye staring through Harry’s robes.
“Oh - yeah, Dobby the house-elf knitted them for me,” said Harry, grinning. He turned back to Eve as they moved into a new waltz.
“You really do know how to make an entrance,” he said quietly. “Are you sure you don’t love all the production and drama?”
Eve laughed, and hit his shoulder lightly. “Oh hush, it was only partly intentional,” she said, with a devious look in her eye.
Harry led her into a spin, and when she came back, he thought he felt her settle a little closer to him.
“You- er,” he swallowed, “you look beautiful.”
“Thank you, Harry. You look pretty dashing yourself,” she smiled at him, and he let his arm go more snugly about her waist.
“I am sorry I missed the feast though,” Eve said, after another revolution of the floor. “I was rather looking forward to it.”
“There are some treats set up in the corner there,” Harry said, “let’s take a break so you can have something.”
He led her away from the dance floor, past Fred and Angelina, who were dancing so exuberantly that people around them were backing away in fear of injury, and over to the corner. Eve picked out a variety and then they sat at a small table along the dance floor to watch the rest of the dance.
“They seem to be getting on,” Eve remarked, gesturing toward a couple across the floor.
Ron and Pavarti were dancing and having what seemed to be a very animated conversation. Harry could not hear what they were saying, but Pavarti laughed and Ron, his ears going bright red, grinned back at her.
“He certainly seems to have gotten over the shock of Hermione showing up with Krum,” Harry said, surprised. “Speaking of, where are they?” Harry looked over the floor and spotted them at another table. They were leaned very close together, and Krum’s arm was slung across the back of her seat. “There,” Harry stood, about to go say hello, but Eve stopped him with a hand on his.
“Let them be, Harry,” she said, pulling him back into his seat. “There’s no need to break the magic.”
Harry sat, and felt an odd tug in his stomach when she didn’t let go of his hand.
Harry’s happy moment didn’t last long however. Percy had bustled over, rubbing his hands together and looking extremely pompous. “Excellent! That’s the whole point, you know - international magical cooperation!” He was watching Hermione and Krum flirt with fervent approval.
To Harry’s displeasure, Percy now took the empty seat next to him. Harry glanced at the head table and saw why Percy had finally left his seat. The top table was now empty; Professor Dumbledore was dancing with Professor Sprout, Ludo Bagman with Professor McGonagall; Madame Maxime and Hagrid were cutting a wide path around the dance floor as they waltzed through the students, and Karkaroff was nowhere to be seen. Percy must have come to talk to Harry when the others were no longer within lecturing distance. Thankfully, the band began playing a very loud, trumpet and bagpipe filled song which overwhelmed the rest of Percy’s dissertation on Hermione’s tact and political sense.
When the song ended, everybody applauded once more, and Harry saw Ludo Bagman kiss Professor McGonagall’s hand and make his way back through the crowds, at which point Fred and George accosted him.
“What do they think they’re doing, annoying senior Ministry members?” Percy hissed, watching Fred and George suspiciously. “No respect…”
Ludo Bagman shook off Fred and George fairly quickly, however, and, spotting Harry, waved and came over to their table.
“I hope my brothers weren’t bothering you, Mr. Bagman?” said Percy at once.
“What? Oh not at all, not at all!” said Bagman. “No, they were just telling me a bit more about those fake wands of theirs. Wondering if I could advise them on the marketing. I’ve promised to put them in touch with a couple of contacts of mine at Zonko’s Joke Shop…” Percy didn’t look happy about this at all, and Harry was prepared to bet he would be rushing to tell Mrs. Weasley about this the moment he got home. Apparently Fred and George’s plans had grown even more ambitious lately, if they were hoping to sell to the public. Bagman opened his mouth to ask Harry something, but Percy diverted him.
“How do you feel the tournament’s going, Mr. Bagman? Our department’s quite satisfied - the hitch with the Goblet of Fire” - he glanced at Harry - “was a little unfortunate, of course, but it seems to have gone very smoothly since, don’t you think?”
“Oh yes,” Bagman said cheerfully, “it’s all been enormous fun. How’s old Barty doing? Shame he couldn’t come.”
“Oh I’m sure Mr. Crouch will be up and about in no time,” said Percy importantly, “but in the meantime, I’m more than willing to take up the slack. Of course, it’s not all attending balls” - he laughed airily - “oh no, I’ve had to deal with all sorts of things that have cropped up in his absence - you heard Ali Bashir was caught smuggling a consignment of flying carpets into the country? And then we’ve been trying to persuade the Transylvanians to sign the International Ban on Dueling. I’ve got a meeting with their Head of Magical Cooperation in the new year -”
“Let’s go for a walk,” Eve muttered to Harry, with a sly smile, “get away from Percy…”
Pretending they wanted more drinks Harry and Eve left the table, edged around the dance floor, and slipped out into the entrance hall. The front doors stood open, and the fluttering fairy lights in the rose garden winked and twinkled as they went down the front steps, where they found themselves surrounded by bushes; winding, ornamental paths; and large stone statues. Harry could hear splashing water, which sounded like a fountain. Here and there, people were sitting on carved benches. He and Eve set off along one of the winding paths through the rosebushes, but they had gone only a short way when they heard an unpleasantly familiar voice.
“… don’t see what there is to fuss about, Igor.”
“Severus, you cannot pretend this isn’t happening!” Karkaroffs voice sounded anxious and hushed, as though keen not to be overheard. “It’s been getting clearer and clearer for months. I am becoming seriously concerned, I can’t deny it _”
“Then flee,” said Snape’s voice curtly. “Flee - I will make your excuses. I, however, am remaining at Hogwarts.”
Snape and Karkaroff came around the corner. Snape had his wand out and was blasting rosebushes apart, his expression most ill-natured. Squeals issued from many of the bushes, and dark shapes emerged from them.
“Ten points from Ravenclaw, Fawcett!” Snape snarled as a girl ran past him, trying to straighten the neckline of her dress. “And ten points from Hufflepuff too, Stebbins!” as a boy went rushing after her. “And what are you two doing?” he added, catching sight of Harry and Eve on the path ahead. Karkaroff, Harry saw, looked slightly discomposed to see them standing there. His hand went nervously to his goatee, and he began winding it around his finger.
“We’re walking, Severus” Eve told Snape shortly, eyebrow raised. “Not against the law, is it?”
“Keep walking, then!” Snape snarled, and he brushed past them, his long black cloak billowing out behind him. Karkaroff hurried away after Snape. Harry and Eve continued down the path.
“What’s got Karkaroff all worried?” Harry muttered. “And since when have he and Snape been on first-name terms?” said Harry slowly.
Probably were both Death Eaters together.” Eve said. “Maybe he meant his Mark was getting darker.”
“His- what?” Harry asked.
“All Death Eaters are branded with the Dark Mark. It’s how they communicate over long distances. When the Dark Lord wants to call them, he need only press upon the Mark, and all of his follower’s will feel theirs darken and burn.” She bent to peer at a fairy twinkling in the bushes.
“Why would his Mark be getting darker? Voldemort is gone,” Harry asked. Eve shrugged.
They had reached a large ice reindeer now, over which they could see the sparkling jets of a tall fountain. The shadowy outlines of two enormous people were visible on a stone bench, watching the water in the moonlight. And then Harry heard Hagrid speak.
“Momen’ I saw yeh, I knew,” he was saying, in an oddly husky voice. Harry and Eve froze. This didn’t sound like the sort of scene they ought to walk in on, somehow… Harry looked around, back up the path, and saw Fleur Delacour and Roger Davies standing half-concealed in a rosebush nearby. He tapped Eve on the shoulder and jerked his head toward them, meaning that they could easily sneak off that way without being noticed (Fleur and Davies looked very busy to Harry), but Eve shook her head.
“What is it with you and interfering with other people’s magic moments?” She whispered, pulling Harry deeper into the shadows behind the reindeer. They were pressed awfully close together.
“What did you know, ‘Agrid?” said Madame Maxime, a purr in her low voice.
Harry definitely didn’t want to listen to this; he knew Hagrid would hate to be overheard in a situation like this (he certainly would have) - if it had been possible he would have put his fingers in his ears and hummed loudly, but that wasn’t really an option. Instead he tried to interest himself in a small beetle scurrying across the ice sculpture. And when that didn't work, he allowed himself to revel in the feel of Eve’s back against his chest, and her hair against his cheek. But not even the smell of spiced wine surrounding him could block out Hagrid’s resounding voice.
“I jus’ knew… knew you were like me… Was it yer mother or yer father?”
“I - I don’t know what you mean, ‘Agrid…”
“It was my mother,” said Hagrid quietly. “She was one o’ the las’ ones in Britain. ‘Course, I can’t remember her too well… she left, see. When I was abou’ three. She wasn’ really the maternal sort. Well… it’s not in their natures, is it? Dunno what happened to her… might be dead fer all I know…”
Madame Maxime didn’t say anything. And Harry, in spite of himself, took his eyes off Eve’s shoulder (which looked like porcelain in the combined light of the moon and a nearby fairy) and looked over the top of the reindeer’s antlers, listening… He had never heard Hagrid talk about his childhood before.
“Me dad was broken-hearted when she wen’. Tiny little bloke, my dad was. By the time I was six I could lift him up an’ put him on top o’ the dresser if he annoyed me. Used ter make him laugh…” Hagrid’s deep voice broke. Madame Maxime was listening, motionless, apparently staring at the silvery fountain. “Dad raised me… but he died, o’ course, jus’ after I started school. Sorta had ter make me own way after that. Dumbledore was a real help, mind. Very kind ter me, he was…”
Hagrid pulled out a large spotted silk handkerchief and blew his nose heavily.
“So… anyway… enough abou’ me. What about you? Which side you got it on?” But Madame Maxime had suddenly got to her feet.
“It is chilly,” she said - but whatever the weather was doing, it was nowhere near as cold as her voice. “I think I will go in now.”
“Eh?” said Hagrid blankly. “No, don go! I’ve - I’ve never met another one before!”
“Anuzzer what, precisely?” said Madame Maxime, her tone icy.
Harry could have told Hagrid it was best not to answer; he stood there in the shadows gritting his teeth, hoping against hope he wouldn’t - but it was no good.
“Another half-giant, o’ course!” said Hagrid.
“‘Ow dare you!” shrieked Madame Maxime. Her voice exploded through the peaceful night air like a foghorn; behind him. Harry heard Fleur and Roger fall out of their rosebush. “I ‘ave nevair been more insulted in my life! ‘Alf-giant? Moi? I ‘ave - I ‘ave big bones!”
She stormed away; great multicolored swarms of fairies rose into the air as she passed, angrily pushing aside bushes. Hagrid was still sitting on the bench, staring after her. It was much too dark to make out his expression. Then, after about a minute, he stood up and strode away, not back to the castle, but off out into the dark grounds in the direction of his cabin.
Eve, to Harry’s dismay, pulled away and walked towards the now vacated bench.
“Why was she so upset?” Harry asked. “He said she was half giant,” Eve said, as if that were obvious.
“So what?” Harry said, confused. He thought that being a half giant was the most sensible explanation for Hagrid and Madam Maxime’s size.
He knew immediately, from the look Eve was giving him, that he was once again revealing his ignorance of the wizarding world. Brought up by the Dursleys, there were many things that wizards took for granted that were revelations to Harry, but these surprises had become fewer with each successive year. Now, however, he could tell that most wizards would not have said “So what?” upon finding out that one of their friends had a giantess for a mother.
“I’ll explain, but lets keep walking,” Eve said, deciding against the bench. Fleur and Roger Davies had disappeared, probably into a more private clump of bushes, but he could hear giggling and knew she had the right idea. Once they got out of earshot again, Harry broke the silence.
“So?” Harry prompted Eve. “What’s the problem with giants?”
“Well, they’re,” Eve thought for a moment. “… not very nice,” she finished, not entirely satisfied with her choice of words.
“Who cares?” Harry said. “There’s nothing wrong with Hagrid!”
“I know there isn’t, but,” Eve said, shaking her head. “Most people wouldn’t agree if they knew.”
“But what’s it matter if his mother was a giantess?” said Harry.
“Well… no one who knows him will care, because they know he’s not dangerous,” said Eve slowly. “But… Harry, they’re just vicious, giants. It’s like Hagrid said, it’s in their natures, they’re like trolls… they like killing. There aren’t any left in Britain now, though.”
“What happened to them?”
“Well, they were dying out anyway, killing each other in wars and territory disputes, and then many of the especially vicious ones were killed by Aurors. There are giants abroad, though… They hide out in mountains mostly, where muggles and wizards alike won’t find them.”
“I don’t know who Maxime thinks she’s kidding,” Harry said. “If Hagrid’s half giant, she definitely is. Big bones… the only thing that’s got bigger bones than her is a dinosaur.”
Eve chuckled at that, and to Harry’s pleasure, she slipped a gloved hand in his as they walked.
“Hey-Harry!” Harry heard someone call behind them, and turned.
It was Cedric Diggory. Harry could see Cho waiting for him at the fountain a ways back.
“Yeah?” Harry asked.
Cedric looked as though he didn’t want to say whatever it was in front of Eve, but she gave him a smile, squeezed Harry’s hand, and walked away to join Cho.
“Listen…” Cedric lowered his voice as Eve disappeared. “I owe you one for telling me about the dragons. You know that golden egg? Does yours wail when you open it?”
“Yeah,” said Harry, a little surly that his moment with Eve had been broken.
“Well… take a bath, okay?”
“Take a bath, and - er - take the egg with you, and - er - just mull things over in the hot water. It’ll help you think… Trust me.”
Harry stared at him.
“Tell you what,” Cedric said, “use the prefects’ bathroom. Fourth door to the left of that statue of Boris the Bewildered on the fifth floor. Password’s ‘pine fresh.’ Gotta go… want to say good night -”
He grinned and winked at Harry again and hurried back to Cho, slipping an arm around her waist.
Eve returned to him and they continued their walk around the grotto. That had been extremely strange advice. Why would a bath help him to work out what the wailing egg meant? Was Cedric pulling his leg? Was he trying to make Harry look like a fool?
Harry glanced at Eve, and though she seemed quite comfortable, they had been outside for quite a while, so he put an arm around her exposed shoulders in an attempt to make her warm. When his hand touched her bare skin, he felt a rush of desire and heat course through his body. Then, as he felt his entire body ache to give in, to hold her against him, to let the spicy smell of cloves and wine envelope him, the smell turned sharp and acrid. He felt a sharp sudden pain in his arm, and a horribly familiar tug in his chest. He went cold all over and the air began to leave his lungs as if a large hand was squeezing him from the inside. Harry was frozen in place, unable to pull his wand or run away. He felt darkness pushing down on his brain, threatening to smother him in despair, then suddenly air flooded his lungs and he crumpled to the ground. Eve had wrenched herself from his grasp and stood away from Harry. She was panting, color high in her cheeks, and her hands shaking, and Harry thought he must look much the same. His head swam, and he pressed his eyes shut, letting the feel of solid stone beneath his hands take away the dizziness.
When Harry finally felt the world stop spinning around him, he stood. Eve was still breathing very hard through her nose. Her hands still trembled, but the strained, frightened look she had worn moments before had been replaced by a cold blank stare.
“What the hell just happened?” he said, still slightly shaking himself. He walked clumsily toward her. “Are you okay?” he reached out and Eve flinched. He could see the fear again, barely hiding underneath her unsettling façade of indifference. Her eyes were bright and glassy, and Harry thought he could see in their scarlet depths the shadow of a person who had known only sadness.
“Eve,” he tried to take her hand. “Evie, please, talk-“
“I’m fine,” she said, pulling her hand from his. “Are you hurt?” She said the latter very quietly, and now Harry saw the guilt as well.
“No I’m okay, just a little dizzy is all,” He said, brushing dirt off the knee of his robes in an effort to look nonchalant. “What just happened, exactly?”
Eve glanced at him, then shook her head. “I don’t really know.” She began walking, and Harry fell into step beside her. She took a deep breath and continued in a hesitant, yet purposeful way, as if she were choosing her words with extreme care. “Its… not something I fully understand.” She said softly. “It’s a sort of… curse; very old magic I carry. When I am prepared and focused, I can keep it within myself. But if another touches me, if my skin and theirs connect when I’m not expecting it, it creates a type of channel that I can’t control.” She looked at her hands. “The connection is strongest on sensitive skin, like my hands. That’s why I wear the gloves, it keeps me from making that connection unintentionally."
“I don’t understand. What is the magic? What does it do, why did it do that to me?” Harry asked.
Eve thought for a moment. “Its- I don’t know how to explain it,” she said, frustrated. “It takes something from you; something vital. It promises to take away your pain, give you all you’ve ever wanted if you just let it in… And once you do, takes away your will. And if you continue to be exposed to it… I already used some of it on you, when you couldn’t perform the summoning charm. I focused the magic to take only your fear, your anxiety, but it opened that connection between us. I let you hear its call.” Harry remembered her hand holding his hair, the glint of the gold in her eyes, the beating of drums in his chest… Eve stopped walking abruptly and turned to Harry, taking his hands and looking fiercely into his eyes. “If you had touched my face or my neck rather than my shoulder, if I hadn’t been able to pull away fast enough... Harry, with the barrier between us already broken, I would have destroyed you.” Her voice was shaking. She looked tortured, and savage, with her flushed cheeks and fierce scarlet eyes boring into his. “I would have taken your heart and soul and life and left you with nothing but a longing that can never be sated; you would be nothing but an empty shell. Harry, you must never touch me again, do you understand?” Her grip on his hands tightened.
Harry felt something as he said “I understand.” As Eve released his hands and walked away, he realized the insatiable longing had already begun.
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