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In Her Eyes Lies Her Heart

The Fourth Champion

As the next day was Saturday, most students would normally have breakfasted late. Harry, Ron, and Hermione, however, we're not alone in rising much earlier than they usually did on weekends. When they went down into the entrance hall, they saw about 20 people milling around it, some eating toast, all examining the Goblet of Fire. It had been placed in the center of the hall on the stool that normally bore the sorting hat. A thin, golden line had been traced on the floor, forming a circle 10 feet around it in every direction.
Harry saw Eve sitting on a bench along the wall, watching others put their name. Harry nudged Ron and Hermione and I made a beeline for Eve. She was in muggle clothes; a long sleeved black sweater and jeans with tall black boots that reminded Harry of those worn by jockeys.
"Anyone put their name in yet?" Ron asked, eagerly, as they approached her.
"All the Durmstrang lot," she replied. "They came in as a group about half an hour ago, but I haven't seen anyone from Hogwarts yet."

"Bet some of them put it in last night after we'd all gone to bed," said Harry. "I would've if it had been me… Wouldn't have wanted everyone watching. What if the goblet just gobbed you right back out again?" Eve snorted quietly, and then began twirling a piece of hair around her fingers. Harry noticed that she was wearing dark leather gloves as well, and wondered how Eve did not feel overly warm.
Someone laughed behind Harry. Turning, he saw Fred, George, and Lee Jordan hurrying down the staircase, all three of them looking extremely excited.
"Done it," Fred said in a triumphant whisper to Harry and the others. “Just taken it.”
“What?” said Ron.
“The aging potion, dungbrains,” said Fred.
"One drop each," said George, wringing his hands together with glee. "We only need to be a few months older."
"We're going to split the thousand galleons between the three of us if one of us wins," said Lee, grinning broadly.
"I'm not sure this is going to work, you know," said Hermione warningly. "I'm sure Dumbledore will have thought of this."
Fred, George, and Lee ignored her.
"Ready?" Fred said to the other two, quivering with excitement. "Come on then, – I'll go first –" Harry watch, fascinated, as Fred pulled a piece of parchment out of his pocket bearing the words Fred Weasley – Hogwarts. Fred walked right up to the edge of the line and stood there, rocking on his toes like a diver preparing for a 50 foot drop. Then, with the eyes of every person in the entrance hall upon him, He took a great breath and stepped over the line. For a split second Harry thought it had worked – George certainly thought so, for he let out a yell of triumph and leapt after Fred – but next moment, there was a loud sizzling sound, and both twins were hurled out of the Golden Circle as though they had been thrown by an invisible shot putter. They landed painfully, ten feet away on the cold stone floor, and to add insult to injury, there was a loud popping noise, and both of them sprouted identical long white beards..

The entrance hall rang with laughter. Even Fred and George joined in, once they had gotten to their feet and taken a good look at each other’s beards.
"I did warn you," said a deep, amused voice, and everyone turned to see Professor Dumbledore coming out of the Great Hall. He surveyed Fred and George, his eyes twinkling. “I suggest you both go up to Madame Pomfrey. She is already tending to Miss Fawcett, of Ravenclaw, and Mr. Summers, of Hufflepuff, both of whom decided to age themselves up a little too. Though I must say, neither of their beards is anything like as fine as yours."
Fred and George set off the hospital wing, accompanied by Lee, who was howling with laughter, and Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Eve, also chortling, went in to breakfast. The decorations of the Great hall had changed this morning. As it was Halloween, a cloud of live bats was fluttering around the enchanted ceiling, while hundreds of carved pumpkins leered from every corner. Harry led the way to a few spaces next to Seamus and Dean, who were discussing possible entrants, and they all sat down to eat.
Eve pulled a slice of breakfast ham onto her plate, followed by eggs and gravy and made a sort of messy sandwich between two slices of toast. Harry thought that her gloves would be covered in gravy, but when she put the sandwich down to take a sip from her goblet, they were quite clean.
“Why are you wearing gloves? It’s not cold in here.” Harry asked her.
“Oh,” she said, “it was a bit chilly out this morning when I came to the castle. I guess I just forgot to take them off.” Harry thought she sounded as though she was hiding something, and she did not remove the gloves.
He leaned in closer to her, keeping his voice low, “Are you going to explain to me why I’m the only one who sees that your eyes are scarlet?” He watched her reaction closely.
She put down her goblet and sat very straight before looking at him. “Not here, Harry. We’ll talk later.”
He nodded, satisfied that he would get some answers, and joined in the conversation with Seamus and Dean.
“There's a rumor going around that Warrington got up early and put his name in,” Dean told Harry. “That big bloke from Slytherin, that looks like a sloth.”
Harry, who had played Quidditch against Warrington, shook his head in disgust.
“We can't have a Slytherin champion!”
“And all the Hufflepuffs are talking about Diggory,” said Seamus contemptuously. “But I wouldn’t have thought he’d have wanted to risk his good looks.”
“Listen!” said Hermione suddenly. People were cheering out in the Entrance hall. They all swiveled around in their seats and saw Angelina Johnson coming into the hall, grinning in an embarrassed sort of way. A tall black girl who played chaser on the Gryffindor Quidditch team, Angelina came over to them, sat down, and said, “Well I've done it! Just put my name in!”
“You’re kidding!” said Ron, looking impressed.
“Are you 17, then?” asked Harry.
“‘Course she is, can’t see a beard can you?” said Ron.
“I had my birthday last week,” said Angelina.
“Well, I’m glad someone from Gryffindor’s entering,” said Hermione. “I really hope you get it, Angelina.”
“Thanks Hermione,” said Angelina, smiling at her.
“Yeah, better you than pretty-boy Diggory,” said Seamus, causing several Hufflepuffs passing their table to scowl heavily at him.
“What’re we going to do today, then?” Ron asked Harry and Hermione when they had finished breakfast.
“We haven’t been down to visit Hagrid yet,” said Harry.
“Okay,” said Ron, “just as long as he doesn't ask us to donate a few fingers to the skrewts.”
“Do you mind if I join you?” asked Eve, seeming hopeful. “I haven’t seen Hagrid yet, since I returned to the country.”
Harry, Ron, and Hermione all looked at each other and shrugged.
“Sure,” said Harry, standing. “You’re supposed to be keeping an eye on us anyway, and I much prefer talking than being followed.”
Eve smiled a huge, genuine smile that took Harry aback. He had not expected her to be so thrilled, and he made a mental note to include her more often.
Hermione ran upstairs to grab her S.P.E.W badges, so Harry, Ron, and Eve waited in the Entrance hall.
"Hey, Ron," said Harry suddenly. "It's your friend…"
The students from Beauxbatons were coming through the front doors from the grounds, among them, the veela-girl. Those gathered around the Goblet of Fire stood back let them pass, watching eagerly.
Madame Maxime entered the hall behind her students and organized them into a line. One by one, the Beauxbatons students stepped across the age line and drop their slips of parchment into the blue white flames. As each name entered the fire, it turned briefly red and emitted sparks.
"What d’you reckon’ll happen to the ones who aren’t chosen?" Ron muttered to Harry as the veela-girl dropped her parchment into the Goblet of Fire. "Reckon they’ll go back to school, or hang around to watch the tournament?"
“They will stay,” said Eve. “When the tournament isn’t going on, Madam Maxime continues teaching them in the Carriage as though they were still at Beauxbatons. They still have to take exams and everything.”
When all the Beauxbatons students had submitted their names, Madame Maxime let them back out of the hall and onto the grounds again.
"Where are they sleeping, then?" asked Ron, moving toward the front doors and staring after them.
“Also in the Carriage. Madame Maxime put an Undetectable Extension Charm on it, so it’s bigger on the inside than the outside. There are bedrooms and a common space where they do their lessons.”
A loud rattling noise behind them announced Hermione’s reappearance with the box of S.P.E.W. badges.
"Oh good, hurry up," said Ron, and he jumped down the stone steps, keeping his eyes on the back of the veela-girl, who was now halfway across the lawn with Madame Maxime.
Eve snorted quietly at him, and followed, keeping level with Harry as they walked across the grounds. The walk was pleasant in the cool autumn air, and Harry and Eve talked about Quidditch, which Eve knew a surprising amount about. She was just explaining when she went to the first ever Quidditch world cup, which Harry realized made her at least 437 years old, if not more, when they reached Hagrids cabin.
Harry knocked on the door, still in shock from Eve’s revelation, and Fang’s booming barks answered instantly.
“Bout time!” said Hagrid, when he had flung open the door. “Thought you’d forgotten where I live!”
“Sorry, we’ve been really busy, Hag-” Hermione started to say, but then she stopped dead, looking up at Hagrid, apparently lost for words.
Hagrid was wearing his best (and very horrible) hairy brown suit, plus a checked orange-and-yellow tie. He had also attempted to comb his wild hair, so that it now lay in two frizzy clumps by his ears.
Eve burst out laughing, leaning on the doorway as she bent over, struggling to breathe through her cackling. Hermione began to giggle as well, but regained herself quickly, pretended nothing was out of the ordinary, and led the troupe inside. Eve remained in the doorway for a second, still smiling, with her hand up as if asking for everyone to wait a moment. When she finally stood and caught her breath, she stepped inside and closed the door behind her.
“I’m sorry Hagrid, but I just can’t believe you still wear that!” said Eve, still smiling broadly.
Hagrid glared at her, then, to Harry’s, Ron’s, and Hermione’s astonishment, lifted Eve into a huge hug and exclaimed, “It’s so good t’ see you, Evie. When nobody heard from ye, we all thought- well, enough o’ that. I’m jus’ glad yer here.”
“Me too, Hagrid.” Eve said, quietly. She sat down, rather more sedate than Harry thought she should be after meeting an old friend.
Hagrid did not seem to have noticed Eve go quiet, and began bustling about to make tea, chatting excitedly about the Triwizard Tournament. He seemed quite as excited about it as they were.
“You wait,” he said, grinning. “You jus’ wait. Yer going ter see some stuff yeh’ve never seen before. Firs’ task… ah, but I’m not supposed ter say.”
They all enjoyed themselves trying to pull the information from Hagrid, and ended up having lunch with him. None of them ate much, though, for Hermione found a talon in her casserole, which made all four of them lose their appetites. They still greatly enjoyed themselves speculating about the tasks and who the contestants were going to be, until Hermione stated that it was probably time to go back up to the castle.
When they entered the candle-lit Great hall, it was nearly full. The Goblet of Fire had been moved; it was now standing in front of Dumbledore’s empty chair at the teachers table. Fred and George- clean-shaven again- seemed to have taken their disappointment fairly well.
“Hope its Angelina,” said Fred as Harry, Ron, Eve, and Hermione sat down in the spaces beside the twins.
“So do I!” said Hermione breathlessly. “Well, we’ll soon know!”
The Halloween feat seemed to take much longer than usual. Everyone in the hall was craning their necks impatiently, wanting to know who the Goblet would pick for the champions.
At long last, the golden plates were wiped clean, and Dumbledore got to his feet.
“Well, the Goblet is almost ready to make its decision,” said Dumbledore. “I estimate that it requires one more minute. Now, when the champions names are called, I would ask them to please come up to the top of the hall, walk along the staff table, and go through to the next chamber”- he indicated the door behind the staff table- “where they will be receiving their first instructions.”
He took out his wand and gave a great sweeping wave with it; at once, all the candles except those inside the carved pumpkins were extinguished, plunging them into a state of semidarkness.
The Goblet of Fire now shone more brightly than anything in the whole hall. Everyone watched, waiting….A few people kept checking their watches….
"Any second," Lee Jordan whispered two seats away from Harry.
The flames inside the goblet turned suddenly red again. Sparks flew from it. The next moment, a tongue of flame shot into the air, and a charred piece of parchment fluttered out of it. The whole room gasped. Dumbledore caught the piece of parchment and held it at arm’s length, so that he could read it by the light of the flames, which had turn back to blue white.
"The champion for Durmstrang," he read in a strong clear voice "will be Victor Krum!”

"No surprises there!" yelled Ron as a storm of applause and cheering swept the hall.
Victor Krum rose from the Sytherin table and slouched up toward Dumbledore; he turned right, walked along the staff table, and disappeared through the door into the next chamber.
"Bravo, Victor!" boomed Karkaroff, so loudly that everyone could hear him, even over all the applause. "Knew you had it in you!"
The clapping and chatting died down. Now everyone's attention was focused again on the goblet, which, seconds later, turned red once more. A second piece of parchment shot out of it, propelled by the flames.
"The champion for Beauxbatons," said Dumbledore, “is Fleur Delacour!"
"It's her, Ron!" Harry shouted as the girl who looked like a veela rose gracefully to her feet, shook back her sheet of silvery blond hair, and swept up beneath between the Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff tables.
After Fleur vanished into the side chamber, silence fell again, but this time it was silence so stiff with excitement you can almost taste it. The Hogwarts champion next…. And the goblet of fire turned red once more; sparks showered up out of it; a tongue of flame shot high into the air, and from its tip, Dumbledore pulled the third piece of parchment.
“The Hogwarts champion,” he called "is Cedric Diggory!"
"No!" said Ron loudly, but nobody heard him except Harry and Eve; the uproar from the next table was too great. Every single Hufflepuff had jumped to his or her feet, screaming and stamping, as Cedric made his way past them, grinning broadly, and headed off towards the chamber behind the teachers table. Indeed, the applause for Cedric went on for so long that it was sometime before Dumbledore could make himself heard again.
"Excellent!" Dumbledore called happily. "Well, we now have our three champions. I am sure I can count on all of you, including the remaining students from Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, to give your champions every ounce of support you can muster. By cheering your champion on, you'll contribute in a very real –" Dumbledore suddenly stopped speaking, and it was apparent to everyone what had distracted him. The fire in the goblet had just turned red again. Sparks were flying out of it. A long flame shot suddenly into the air, and borne upon it was another piece of parchment. Automatically, it seemed, Dumbledore reached out a long hand and seized the parchment.
He held it out and stared at the name written upon it. There was a long pause, during which Dumbledore stared at the slip in his hands, and everyone in the room stared at Dumbledore. And then Dumbledore cleared his throat and read out – "Harry Potter."

There was no applause. A low buzzing, like a swarm of angry bees, was starting to fill the hall; some students were standing up to get a better look at Harry as he sat, frozen, in his seat.
“I didn't put my name in,” Harry said blankly to Ron, Hermione, and Eve. “You know I didn't.”
The three of them just stared back at him. At the top Table Professor Dumbledore whispered urgently with Professor McGonagall, then straightened up.
"Harry Potter!" he called again. "Harry, up here, if you please."
"Go on," Hermione whispered, giving Harry a push. Harry got to his feet and set off up between the Gryffindor and Hufflepuff tables. Harry moved off along the teacher's table and went through the door out of the great hall.

Eve was staring perplexed at the Goblet of Fire, an odd expression on her face. She leaned over to Hermione and said, “keep an eye out for me.” When she was sure nobody was paying attention, Eve changed into a small, furry animal, somewhat like a weasel, and scampered off along the Gryffindor table, leaving Hermione and Ron shocked. She dodged the many feet of the Gryffindor students, racing to make it before Dumbledore, shut the door behind him. She slipped in at the last second, though Dumbledore almost caught her tail with the door. She slinked along the wall to where Harry and the other champions were standing and hid in the shadows, watching.

Professor Dumbledore, followed closely by Mr. Crouch, Professor Karkaroff, Madame Maxime, Professor McGonagall, and Professor Snape, hurried down to the waiting teens.

Eve watched in anxious silence as Madame Maxime and Professor Karkaroff argued over the addition of Harry to the Tournament. She realized now that Dumbledore had been expecting something to go wrong, and that it was for this reason that he requested Eve to watch Harry. Although she did not know Harry very well, she knew his importance, and the thought that he was just entered into a possibly fatal competition made her stomach turn over. She would have to watch him closely, which would be difficult, while still masquerading as a Beauxbatons student. Eve moved quickly and silently, trying to see the scene better.
“We have no choice but to accept that both Cedric and Harry have been chosen to compete in the tournament,” said Dumbledore, bringing the argument to a close. Madame Maxime, Karkaroff, and Snape all looked livid, but they could not come up with any alternative. “Now, Mr. Crouch, if you would please carry on…” Dumbledore gestured that they speak.
Crouch gave the champions their instructions quickly, seemingly ready for the night to be over. When he was finished, Karkaroff, Maxime, and the others left the room and filed into the Hall. Cedric held back and walked next to Harry through the Great hall and into the Entrance Hall. He tried to get Harry to tell how he how he got his name in the goblet, and he did not seem to believe Harry when he said that he did not put his name in.
Cedric gave Harry one last skeptical look, then left Harry to his thoughts. Slowly, Harry started to climb the marble staircase. Eve scampered furtively after him, keeping to the shadows, all the way up the staircase to the portrait of the Fat Lady, who swung forward on her hinges to let Harry into the common room.
The blast of noisy excitement that greeted them was too much for Eve’s more sensitive, rodent ears. She let Harry close the portrait hole behind him, deciding that he did not need watching in the Gryffindor tower. She scurried off, down the staircase again, and out onto the grounds to think in the Beauxbatons carriage.
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