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A Muggle at Hogwarts

Ch. 10: Fights Don’t Always Include Wands at Hogwarts

“So, how has your arm been?” I asked Harry as the two of us strolled around the school.

“Good. It’s healing pretty well,” Harry grinned.

“That’s good to hear,” I beamed back. “But it’s too bad that you couldn’t play in that rematch against Slytherin, though.”

“Yeah, that was a bummer. But on the good side, at least we won!” Harry exclaimed.

“Of course,” I smiled.

“So, Violet,” Harry said nervously as he stopped walking.

I spun back around and faced Harry with a pleasant smile on my face.

Harry looked to the ground and started intertwining his fingers together. Without looking up at me, Harry asked, “Well, you know that Ron, Ginny, and Hermione are going to be gone for Christmas break—“

“Oh, shoot!” I exclaimed suddenly.

“What is it?” Harry asked with widen eyes.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to interrupt you. I just remembered that I haven’t forgot to go and tell Dumbledore that I’d be staying at Hogwarts over the holidays,” I explained.

“Oh, well, do you want to go then? I’ll escort you!” Harry offered.

“No, it’s all right. I’ll just have to remember to go tell him sometime today,” I said. “So, what was it that you were saying?”

“Well,” Harry blushed as he once again stared down at his feet. “Ron and the others are going to be gone for Christmas break. But before that, they wanted to go hang out at Hogsmeade next Saturday. Ginny’s bringing Dean along and Ron asked Lavender Brown, and Hermione decided to go with Cormac McLaggen. He’s a year older than us and is also in Gryffindor. And I was just wonder if—”

“Harry!” someone shouted from down the hall.

Harry and I turned to look to see Ron hurrying down the hallway with a big smile on his face.

“Ronald Weasley!” Hermione bellowed as she appeared behind Ron. Her eyes widened when she saw Harry and me before she raced after Ron.

“Guess what? There’s a change of plans for break!” Ron exclaimed as he reached Harry and me.

“Ronald!” Hermione shouted as she appeared beside Ron and gave him a whack on the head.

“Ouch! What was that for?” Ron asked as he turned to Hermione while rubbing the back of his head.

“First you messed up by meeting Harry at the Hospital Wing and taking him to your Quidditch practice, and now you’re ruining Harry’s chance of asking Vi—!“

“Hermione!” Harry quickly cut in.

Hermione stopped and looked at Harry who gave her a stern look. She immediately closed her mouth and looked away.

My eyebrows scrunched together. “What’s going on?” I asked as I looked from Hermione and Ron to Harry.

Harry looked at me with a stunned look on his face before quickly glancing at Ron as if he was asking for help.

“Uh…Ginny and I are going to Romania to visit our bother with my parents this break,” Ron spat out before I could say anything else.

“That’s great to hear Ron!” Harry exclaimed. “Beats just staying home.”

“Yeah. That sounds wonderful, Ron. I hope the two of you have fun,” Hermione added.

“You know, you and Harry could stay at our place over break. You don’t have to stay at Hogwarts,” Ron suggested.

“No, it’s all right,” Harry replied. “Anyways, Violet and I should probably to get going. We need to go tell Dumbledore that we’re going to be staying over for the holidays.”

“But you went this morning—”

Hermione suddenly turned around and stomped on Ron’s foot. He let out a painful cry, which echoed loudly throughout the halls.

“Hermione!” I gasped.

“Sorry, Ron,” Hermione apologized sarcastically. “But I thought I saw a huge spider on your foot.”

“Like hell you did,” Ron groaned.

Hermione faked a gasp as she exclaimed, “Is that another one I see?”

“NO!” Ron shouted as he jumped away from Hermione.

“Honestly Ron, I’m only trying to help,” Hermione grinned.

“Of course you are. Now, why don’t you go run along and find your boyfriend, Cormac? I’m sure he’s searching the entire grounds for you!” Ron snapped.

Hermione glared at Ron and clenched her jaw tightly. She angrily crossed her arms over she chest as she said, “Oh, and I guess you should go searching for Lavender Brown then. Or are you just scared she’s going to suck your face off, since she enjoys snogging you so much?”

“Hermione!” I quickly cut in before a fight broke between the two. “Since Harry already told Dumbledore that he’s staying for the holidays, how about you come with me?”

“Gladly,” Hermione said as she and I hooked arms and hurried down the hallway.

“But Hermione—!” Harry objected. But Hermione and I were already down the hall and weren’t going to be turning back.

After we told Dumbledore that I would be staying for the holidays, Hermione and I headed to the Great Hall for dinner. Hermione was still furious about Ron and kept talking about him nonstop.

“I mean can you believe him?” Hermione yelled. “I only asked Cormac because Ron went and asked Lavender Brown, and how he—ugh! The nerve of that Weasley!”

“So you did it to make him jealous then?” I asked.

“Of course—” Hermione paused before adding, “not. I mean, why would I want to make Ron jealous?”

I smiled before asking, “Hermione, have you forgotten that I come from a whole where your entire life is basically exploited for the world to know?”

Hermione’s face reddened. “That—that’s completely unfair! And a bit unsettling.”

I laughed. “It’s not my fault.”

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter anyways. Ronald is with Lavender, and there’s nothing I can do about it now,” she said with a heavy sigh. “By the way, Violet. Did Harry tell you about the plans to go to Hogsmeade?” she asked changing the subject.

“Yeah—he mentioned it briefly.”

“Well, did Harry ask you anything?” Hermione nervously inquired.

“No. Was he supposed to?” I questioned back.

Hermione groaned. “It would be best if Harry ask you himself.”

“He’s not going to ask me out, is he?” I quickly questioned.

“Of—of course not,” Hermione hastily answered before quickening her pace.

“Hermione!” I called out as I ran after her. “You brought it up, now you have to tell me! Don’t just run away!”

Hermione scoffed and moved a stand of hair behind her ear. She stopped walking and the two of us faced one another.

“It’s not…exactly a date,” Hermione explained. “It’s more of a—a friends hanging out sort of thing.”

“Hermione, you know how Harry feels towards me. I don’t want to lead him on or anything!” I stated.

“I know, I know, and you don’t have to. You’re simply going with him as a FRIEND and also so he doesn’t feel left out!”

“But for him to not feel left out, it would have to be a date, since that’s basically what it is for everyone else!” I pointed out. “Can’t he just stay back?”

“And leave me and Ron together with our dates along with Ginny and Dean? Do you know how awful that would be? Ron hates Cormac, and I can’t say that I fancy Lavender either. Dean and Ginny would either be snogging or arguing! You and Harry are the only ones who can keep everyone from tearing one another’s heads off!” Hermione explained.

“But did you forget that Ginny likes Harry?” I whispered. “I can’t possibly go on with you guys on a triple date with Harry knowing that Ginny will be there and that she likes him. Not to mention, I think she actually believes that there’s something going on with Harry and me.”

“But we can’t possibly cancel now. Oh please, Violet?” Hermione begged. “And besides, if Ginny really does like Harry then she should just break up with Dean—not trail Dean along until she knows she can have Harry and then just toss Dean aside. Maybe if she realized that maybe there really is something about you and Harry, she’ll focus more on her relationship with Dean!”

I groaned. “I don’t know…:

“Oh, please Violet! Please?” Hermione begged.

“Fine!” I groaned frustratingly. “But if anything goes wrong, don’t blame me because I’m warning you now that I have a bad feeling about all of this.”

“Of course, of course. Now, don’t tell Harry that I told you, all right?” Hermione grinned. “I think he may still be waiting to ask you himself.”

“Sure, whatever,” I sighed as I turned and walked away. Hermione quickly followed.

Hermione and I arrived in to the Great Hall to find that Ron and Harry were already seated and eating. The two of us quickly headed over to them and sat down.

“Not sitting with Cormac?” Ron asked as Hermione put some food on her plate.

“I see Lavender isn’t here to cling around you like she usually does. Did you two have a fight?” Hermione snapped.

“Settle down, children,” I sighed heavily while putting a piece of chicken on my plate.

“Why are you two arguing, anyways?” Harry asked.

“It’s nothing,” Ron muttered before continuing his dinner.

The four of us all went quiet and simply ate our food. After a moment, Harry finally broke the awkward silence when he cleared his throat.

“Violet,” he began, “I actually wanted to ask you this in private, but—well, things haven’t exactly turned out the way I wanted them to. So, since I have the chance now, I wanted to ask if you would accompany me to Hogsmeade next Saturday?” Harry blushed. Before I could answer, he quickly added, “Simply as friends, of course.”

“Um…” I said as I looked away from him to Hermione, who was slightly nodding her head. Just passed her, I could see Ginny slightly turning away from Dean, and her eyes fell upon the four of us. Before she caught my gaze, I turned away. I knew that if I met her eyes, I would feel guilty. “Um…yeah, of course,” I replied with a smile.

“Really?” Harry exclaimed as he looked up at me with bright eyes.

I nodded and replied, “Of course. I would love to.”

“That’s great!” Harry smiled.

I glanced away from Harry and to Hermione. She had a pleasant smile on her face, and so did Ron. When Hermione noticed me looking at her, she mouthed thank you. But the smiles on everyone’s faces suddenly faded when I felt cold liquid running from the top of my head down my back. Laughter was heard from behind me while other people gasped.

“Oops, I thought this was the garbage,” Pansy laughed from behind me. “Oh well, Bell here is close enough to a garbage.”

“What the hell did you do that for?” Harry bellowed as he rose to his feet.

“Harry, stop it!” I ordered.

“Sit back down, Harry!” Ron said as he reached towards Harry and grabbed his sleeve.

Harry refused to listen and ripped his arm out of Ron’s grip.

“What, are you going to do, Potter?” Pansy taunted.

“Keep away from Violet,” Harry ordered.

“Harry, please sit down,” I begged as I glanced at everyone who was now staring at us.

“Yes, Potter. Listen to the pathetic little Muggle there and do as you are told,” Pansy grinned. She then leaned over to me and whispered, “Try and make a fool out of me again and I will make you pay even harsher than this. This was simply a warning.”

“Are you threatening her?” Ginny shouted as she stood up from her seat.

“This has nothing to do with you, Weasley. Stay out of it before you enter a world of hurt,” Pansy snapped.

“As if your threat towards me even means anything,” Ginny scoffed. “You’re only picking on Violet because she can’t defend herself. How pathetic are you?”

“Just run back to the hole you crawled out of before you get yourself into something too big for you to handle, Parkinson,” I suggested.

“And what are you goons planning to do, exactly?” Draco suddenly said as he stood up from his seat. Crabbe and Goyal joined him.

“Keep out of this, Malfoy,” Harry sneered harshly.

Draco walked up beside Pansy and his arm slithered around her shoulder. “A boyfriend should defend his girlfriend.”

“Teach her manners is what you ought to do,” Hermione snapped.

“Other than that you can simply put a muzzle on her to keep her mouth shut,” added Ginny.

“Are you calling me a dog you stupid, lowlife?” Pansy angrily shouted as she reached out and yanked on Ginny’s long hair.

“What in bloody hell are you doing?” Ron shouted as he stood up and tried to rip Pansy away from Ginny. At this point, Crabbe and Goyal have begun to go after Ron and Harry quickly jumped in to defend Ron. Dean also stepped in to help while Ron pulled Ginny’s hair loose from Pansy’s grip. When she was free, Ginny pulled away from Ron and socked Pansy a good punch. She tumbled backwards and into the table with a horrid cry.

Before anyone knew what was happening, a fight between Slytherin and Gryffindor broke out. The teachers rose from their seats and hurried to stop the fight.

I tried to avoid getting hit by any of the fighting people and the ones being shoved. The entire Great Hall was in a mess with people screaming and yelling.

I suddenly let out a cry of pain when someone was shoved into me, making me fall and hit the table behind me. I groaned as clutched onto my rib in pain.

“Violet!” I heard Harry cry. When he appeared beside me, he looked from me to the person who had run into me. Rage flared up in his eyes as the glared at the person. I followed Harry’s gaze to find Draco standing in front of us dumbfound.

“Harry!” I yelled as he suddenly charged at Malfoy.

Harry snatched Draco’s sweatshirt and two tumbled to the ground with Harry hovered over Draco. As Harry raised his hand up to punch Draco, Draco reached up and grabbed onto Harry’s hand. Harry managed to slip his hand out of Draco’s and swung a punch at Draco. Luckily, Draco was able to push Harry off him.

“Draco, Harry! Stop it, now!” I ordered as I hurried over to Harry and Draco who were struggling to free themselves from one another’s grip so that they could attack.

“Beating up girls now, are you Malfoy?” Harry bellowed as Draco managed to shove Harry off him once again.

“Shut your bloody mouth, Potter!” Draco screamed as he—in a quick motion—punched Harry across the face, making him fall to the ground.

“Harry, are you all right?” I asked as I knelt beside him. He didn’t even say a thing to me before pushing me back and tackling Draco to the ground once again.

“Harry, stop it!” I groaned as I pushed myself off the ground. I raced over to the boys and tried to pull Harry of Draco. “Please, Harry, stop it!”

Despite my begging, Harry ignored me. Instead, he brought his arm back and punched Draco hard across the face. Blood escaped from Draco’s nose as Harry prepared to punch Draco again.

“Stop it, Harry!” I cried as I grabbed his hand before he could strike Draco again. Draco took this moment and pushed Harry of him. He was then ready to leap up and attack Harry, but I placed my hand against his chest and gently held him onto the ground.

“Get away from him, Violet!” Harry ordered as he wiped away the blood that escaped the corner of his lips.

“Stop it, Harry! It was an accident!” I explained. “Draco didn’t—”

“I don’t need a Muggle to defend me!” Draco bellowed as he pushed me aside and charged after Harry. As I began to rise to stop the boys again, someone took my arm and placed their arms around my waist to lift me off the ground. I winced in pain before turning to look to find that Snape was the one who helped me up.

“Please stop them,” I begged as I turned away from Snape and looked at Harry and Draco. Snape didn’t say anything as he slipped away from me and hurried over to Draco and Harry. He suddenly grabbed both of them from behind and forcefully ripped them apart.

“Dumbledore's office, now!” Snape ordered as he dragged the two away. As he passed me, he said, “Go change.”

As Snape walked away with Draco and Harry, I looked down at my clothes. I was a complete mess. Small amounts of blood and food was smeared on my clothing. Not to mention, whatever Pansy had poured on me had soaked into the white color shirt I was wearing.

“Violet!” Hermione gasped as she, Ginny, and Ron hurried towards me. “What happened to you?”

“Who’s blood is that?” Ginny asked as she looked at my clothes.

“Harry’s and Draco’s,” I panted.

“Where are they?” Ron questioned.

“Snape took them to his office,” I replied.

Just as I said this, McGonagall appeared behind the three and said, “All of you in Professor Dumbledore’s office.” When her eyes fell upon me, a worried look flashed across her face. She looked me up and down as she asked, “Are you hurt anywhere Ms. Bell?”

“N—no,” I said shaking my head. “Just a little bruised.”

“Well go change and then head to Dumbledore’s office,” she sighed as she turned to go stop the other students from continuing the fight.