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A Muggle at Hogwarts

Ch 14: A Perfect Christmas Evening

“Violet!” Harry called as he appeared beside me.

I turned to look at him and asked, “What is it?”

“What’s wrong with you? You’ve been spaced out for over five minutes now,” Harry informed. It was finally then that I looked around and realized I was in the Gryffindor Tower. I don’t recall coming back here, but apparently I did. “Is something on your mind—something you want to talk about?”

“No—no, it’s nothing, Harry,” I replied.

“Did something happen with Snape?”

“A mind reader, now, are you?”

“Well, actually, I’ll tell you a secret,” Harry smiled as he leaned over to me. In a warm and playful voice, Harry whispered, “I’m a wizard.”

“Harry Potter—a wizard? That cannot be so!” I joked as I pulled away from Harry.

“Well, it’s true. Just don’t tell anyone. It’s our secret.”

I simply nodded with a small smile. I guess it was the way that he said “our secret” that made me feel uncomfortable. It’s probably because I know he has feelings for me, so that’s why it sounds so weird. But I guess I shouldn’t think on that too much.

“Um…Harry?” I said nervously. “C—can I ask you something?”

“Of course.”

“Do you—d-do you like,” I paused, “do you like anyone at the moment?”

“Yes, actually,” Harry said seriously.

My eyes widened slightly as I nervously looked at Harry. “Y—you do? May I ask who she is?”

“Well…it’s a bit embarrassing if I told you who she is. You know her…after all,” Harry said. “But she’s really amazing. She’s brilliant, kind, loving, loyal and sweet. She’s like an angel—looks like one too,” he said wish a shy glance at me. But as he continued, he lowered his eyes to his hand. “But she doesn’t know how I feel about her. She only sees me as a friend, I believe. But even so, I want to be by her side and protect her from all the things that can harm her. I lov—”

Suddenly, there was a knocking on the door. Harry and I both turned and looked.

“I wonder who that could be,” Harry said.

“Oh, it must be Draco. I—I’m sorry, I have to go, Harry,” I said as I hurried towards the door. Draco couldn’t have come at a better moment.

“Wait, Violet!” Harry suddenly called out as he reached out and took my hand.

“Is something the matter?” I asked. My heart was racing the entire time. In my head, I plead that he wouldn’t confess to me. Not now. Please not now.

“P—please be careful with Malfoy,” Harry stuttered.

I smiled a smile of relief. “You don’t worry about me, I promise. I’ll try to be back as soon as possible.”

“I’ll be waiting for you,” Harry smiled as I slipped my hand out from his.

I walked outside of the tower and just as I thought, Draco was there waiting for me. He was leaning against the wall, his arm crossed over his chest with a smirk on his face.

“Trying to look cool, are you?” I grinned.

“Trying?” Draco scoffed. “I am cool.”

I laughed. “So, what do you have store for us this evening, Mr. Malfoy?” I asked as I took the hand that he extended out to me.

“It’s a secret,” Draco whispered as he pulled me towards him. “Now follow me,” Draco whispered as he led me up the stairs.

“Where are you taking me?” I asked as I willingly followed him.

“You’ll see soon enough. Oh, wait,” Draco said as he turned around and faced me. He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a black cloth. He stretched it out and looked down at me. “I almost forgot. You can’t see this.”

“You’re going to blindfold me?” I laughed as I nervously stepped back from him.

“Only for a moment, I promise,” Draco smiled as he placed the blindfold over my eyes. He quickly tied it before taking hold of my hand once again.

He slowly led me up the steps. Draco and I chatted as the stairs shifted. As we continued walking around, I told him about my “wonderful” day with Snape. Draco laughed at this, but told me not to fret about it.

“Now, I need you to do something for me,” Draco said as we continued walking. “Just think about what you want most in the whole entire world. Where you want to be.”

“Can I remove the blindfold then?” I asked.


I smiled brightly but did as Draco said as we continued to walk around. And then, I heard a strange sound, and them Draco and I stopped. He slipped his hand from mine and placed them on my shoulders to turn me.

“Okay,” he whispered into my ear, “now reach out your hand.”

Hesitantly, I did as I was told. I didn’t feel anything right away, and then at the tips of my fingers, I felt something cold and metallic. Slowly, I wrapped my hand around what felt like a handle. As I turned the doorknob and opened the door, Draco slipped the blindfold off of me. It was just in time for me to see the door opening to reveal the most wonderful thing ever.

My hands shot over my mouth and tears began forming in my eyes. I looked over to Draco, who was staring back at me with a smile.

“C—can I go in?” I asked.

“Of course. It’s your present, after all,” Draco grinned.

With that, I hurried into the room, and Draco followed behind. He closed the door while I gawked at the room—the cream-colored walls, cherry-wood flooring, red curtains with white embroidered flowers along the side. I walked over to the single-size bed and placed my hand over the golden sheets and the soft pillows which matching covers. A smile fell onto my face as I fell onto the bed and felt it out and embrace me we as I lied on it.

“So,” Draco said as he came over and sat down beside me, “mind telling me where we are?”

“It’s my room,” I sighed. I smiled brightly as I repeated that phrase, more to myself than to Draco. This was my room! It felt so amazing to back where I came from—somewhere familiar. To be home.

“You have a nice room,” Draco said as he scanned around. “Organized, too.”

I smiled while sitting up in bed. “Let me show you something!” I took Draco’s hand and walked over to my closet, where my Harry Potter costume could be found. “My mother bought this for me when I was younger,” I explained “It’s a little bit small for me now, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it,” I laughed. “But look here,” I said while reaching for a long black box. I opened the case and revealed to Draco a slick ebony want with a silver handle.

“You have a wand?” Draco asked in amazement.

“My little sister, Karen, gave me for my sixteenth birthday. My dad helped her buy it for me,” I smiled as Draco opened the case. He took the wand out and held it in his hands.

“Does it work?” Draco asked while giving the wand a few swings.

I laughed as I took the wand away from him. “Of course it doesn’t. Magic doesn’t really exist in my world, remember?”

“But we’re not in your world,” Draco commented.

I grinned and shook my head. Slipping the wand into my pocket, I lead Draco away from my closet and over to my dresser, where my small jewelry chest lied. “Here,” I said as I turned back around to face Draco. I tilted my head as I saw him hunched over my desk. “Draco, what are you doing?”

“N—nothing,” Draco stuttered as he straightened and then turned to see me. He then pointed to a picture on my desk and asked, “Is this a picture of you and your family?”

A smiled as I looked at the picture frame on the dark wooden desk. I walked over to Draco and wrapped my arm around his before picking up the picture. “This is my mom, Lauren. She’s an elementary school teacher,” I said while pointing out the woman with light green eyes and light brown hair that dangled just above her shoulders. I then pointed to the middle-aged man with the blond hair and dark brown eyes beside Mom. “My dad, Charlie, works as a technician for a computer company. Then there next to me is my little sister, Karen.”

“I hope you don’t mind me saying this but you look very different compared to your family members,” Draco pointed out as he turned to look at me.

“It’s because I’m adopted,” I said—my eyes glued to the family picture.

“I’m sorry—”

“Don’t apologize,” I quickly said. Besides, it wasn’t as though I’ve never noticed. Even looking at the picture right now, I still stand out very much—especially standing next to Karen, with her dirty blond hair and green eyes. My dark, dark brown hair, pale skin and deep blue eyes. I looked so different from everyone else. “But they’re my family,” I whispered with a smile.

Draco sighed heavily as he placed the picture back down onto the table. He then faced me and suddenly held me in a strong embrace. “You’re such a strong person, Violet.”

“Thank you,” I smiled, trying to fight back the tears that were about to escape. “Oh hey, you almost made me forget!” I quickly pulled away from Draco and blinked away my tears. I held the small box I was holding in my other hand and gave it to Draco. “Merry Christmas. I hope you like it.”

“What is it?” he asked as he took the box.

“Open it!” I exclaimed.

Draco glanced at me with a pleasant grin before opening the box. Draco smiled as he pulled out the silver ring inside the box—a simple silver ring with a single emerald in a circular shape.

“I had bought that when we drove to Florida. It reminded me of you—well, I mean…you know what I mean. It reminded me of Rowling’s Draco Malfoy and I just bought it for some reason,” I laughed. “Anyways, it’s much too big for my fingers, so I hope it’ll fit you. B—but, I mean, you don’t have to wear it if you don’t want to. Especially since you already—”

“No,” Draco smiled as he slipped the ring onto his left middle finger. “It fits perfectly,” he smirked as his eyes flicked up and met mine. “Thank you.”

“You’re very welcome,” I smiled brightly.

“Everything you do take my breath away—ever gesture of your kindness,” Draco said as he stepped closer towards me. “How did I get so lucky to have you in my life?”

“Um…” I stuttered as I looked up at him completely baffled and probably as red as can be. “H—hey, let’s take a walk down memory lane!” I suddenly suggest as I turned and quickly walked away. I went over to the TV and looked through the stack of DVDs organized beside it.

“AHA!” I exclaimed as I pulled out the movie I was looking for. I turned around and showed it to Draco.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer of Stone?” Draco read.

“Yep! It’s your first year at Hogwarts!” I exclaimed. “Go on, have a seat on my bed. This will be fun.”

I placed the DVD into the TV and played the movie before taking a seat beside Draco. We spent the next few hours watching the movie—laughing and commenting on scenes. I couldn't have been happier, sharing this moment with Draco.

“Come here, Violet,” Draco said as he sat behind me and pulled me back into his arms. I was a little shocked at his actions, but it felt…nice. It felt really nice to be in his arms. It was as though it was okay for me to let go of all my fears and worries every time he held me in his arms.
I grinned widely as I leaned against Draco’s chest as the two of us continued the movie, until I drifted into a small slumber.

By the time I awoke, the TV was off and Draco was no longer by my side. For a moment, I thought that maybe I had finally awakened from my dream. Maybe I was finally back home like I wanted.

And then within that moment, a wave of sadness washed over me.

“How was your nap?” Draco’s voice suddenly rang.

I quickly turned in my bed and found Draco sitting by my desk—a cool smirk on his face. “Draco,” I said with a huge sigh of relief. I was still here. I was still in their world.

Without another word to him, I hurried over to his side and pulled out my camera from one of the drawers.

“What are you doing?” he questioned as I turned on the power to my camera.

“I want a picture with you,” I said while turning back to him. “I want to remember this moment. To remember us.”

“Us?” he repeated with a distraught expression.

I lowered the camera in my hand. “What’s wrong?”

His arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me down towards him. He had me sit on his lap—as a father would do his scared child. As I sat there, he raised up his hand and wiped something from the corner of my eye. And as his thumb glided across my skin, I could feel the wet trail of the tear he had wiped away.

“C—come on,” I whispered with a smile. “On a count of three, okay?”

I lift up the camera once again and held it out in front of Draco and me. I smiled brightly, and told him to do so as well, before I began to count. The moment I said three and clicked the button, I felt Draco’s lips against my check. I suddenly pulled away from him with a completely red face.

"Your face is red," he grinned.

I looked at him baffled for a moment, but then we both burst out into laughter. I then threw my arms around his neck and held him close to me.

I never want to let you go…