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A Muggle at Hogwarts

Ch. 15: Unwelcomed Surprises

“So in all honesty,” Draco said as we left the Room of Requirement, “how did you like your present?”

“I loved it!” I squealed. “Everything was—no,” I paused and turned to face him. “Everything is perfect. Thank you for such a wonderful evening,” I said as I have him a peck on the lips. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Draco murmured against my lips.

We laughed before parting from each other. But our hands had found each other, and we continued on our way back to the Gryffindor entrance, hand in hand.

As we walked, Draco suddenly asked, “So, Violet, I know this is random, but, do you know how everything will turn out?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“About the Dark Lord and Potter,” Draco replied. “I mean, I saw that you had all the films. Does that mean that you know how everything will play out?”

“No, I don’t know everything because things can change,” I answered. “My being here has already effected and changed a lot of things. But I’m sure things will work out the way they’re supposed to.”

“Then you know what’s going to happen to me, right?” Draco asked as he suddenly stopped.

I stopped and looked at him with sad eyes. Although I have not said a word about what he’s going to do, I had a feeling that he already knew what was in store for him. This scared him; it was written clearly on his face.

“Draco, listen to me,” I whispered as I placed my hands on his face. Looking deeply into his eyes I said, “I can’t tell you what’s going to happen—because at this point I don’t even know for certain. But what I do know is that you’re not a bad guy. You’ll never be a bad guy. Even if the world was against you, I’ll believe in you. Because I trust you. And I know that the man before me right now, that’s the real you.”

Draco flashed me a smile before placing his hand on my cheek. “I don’t know what I’m going to do without you, Violet. I don’t know how I’m going to survive once this is over. Once we have to return that awful life of lies—the one without each other, like this.”

I smiled as I leaned my head against his. “You’ll survive—we both will. And even if we’re apart, I will always be here for you. And I’ll always be here to support you—as long as you don’t do something stupid like try to kill me or something,” I laughed.

Draco was silent for a moment, but there was a faded smile on his face. “I hope so, Violet. Because I don’t want you to ever leave my side.”


“Draco!” a familiar voice echoed throughout the hallway ruining our moment.

Draco and I quickly parted from one another as quick footsteps echoed throughout the hallway. Suddenly, before us, Pansy Parkinson appeared. She stopped at the end of the hallway and just stared at Draco and me for a moment. I heard her scoff before walking proudly down the hallway toward the two of us.

“I was look everywhere for you!” Pansy exclaimed to Draco while throwing her arms around Draco’s neck.

“Pansy,” Draco snarled as he backed away from her. Looking at her sternly, he said, “You know I hate being cuddled.”

“O—oh, yes,” Pansy sighed. She then smiled brightly at Draco and asked, “So, aren’t you happy to see me, Draco?”

“Actually, I’m wondering what you’re doing here. Didn’t you leave for winter break?” asked Draco.

“This is a Christmas surprise of course!” Pansy exclaimed. “Unfortunately, things didn’t quite go according to plan, so that’s why I’m here so late.” She then looked at me and asked, “Why are you still here, Muggle? Don’t you have Potter to attend to? Hurry up and scram!”

I just scoffed as began walking away. As I walked away, Pansy went on to tell Draco how she had planned to surprise him in the Slytherin Tower, but he wasn’t there and all that good stuff. As I reached the end of the hall, I turned back and glanced at Draco. He caught me staring at him and gave me a quick wink and mouthed goodnight. I smiled brightly as wave goodbye before walking off.

“Harry, I’m back!” I announced quietly as I walked into the Gryffindor Tower. The room seemed empty, and it was dark. Only the light from the fireplace lit the room.

As I walked over to the couches, I found Harry asleep and wrapped in a knitted blanket. A smile came onto my face as I sat beside him and lightly shook him.

Immediately, his eyes shot open and he quickly sat up. “What time is it?” he quickly asked as he fixed his glasses onto his face.

“It’s almost ten,” I replied. “How long have you been waiting for me?”

“Oh, um…” Harry blushed.

I smiled as I said, “Ever since I left, I’m assuming. Harry, that was over five hours ago. You could have died of boredom!” I laughed.

“Almost did,” he grinned. “But I just wanted to make sure that you got back all right.”

“Do you honestly not trust Draco that much?” I questioned—the smile disappearing from my face.

Harry looked at me a bit surprised. “Do you mean to tell me that you actually trust him?”

“Harry,” I whispered.

“His father’s a Death Eater—his entire family is!” Harry interrupted. “You can’t trust him so easily, Violet.”

“Sirius Black was technically a family member through Bellatrix and his mother,” I commented.

“But Sirius was different!” Harry argued.

“So why can’t Draco be different?” I questioned. “If Sirius wasn’t bad, why does Draco have to be evil, then?”

Harry remained silent. He then reached out and took my hand. Holding it tightly in his, he said, “Because he is. You should know him better than anyone else. Draco—“

“He’s not as evil as you portray him to be!” I snapped. “The world is not black and white, Harry. There are those who fall into the gray area between—and Draco’s one of them.”

“But there are those who are a darker shade of gray than others, Violet,” Harry said while staring deeply into my eyes. “I just want you to be careful around him, Violet. You can’t let your guard down so easily.” With a heavy sigh, Harry withdrew his hand. “I don’t want you to get hurt. I care about you too much.”

“Draco Malfoy is not someone you have to protect me from. I have the capability to do so myself.”

“I know,” Harry said with a sad smile.

“I appreciate what you’re trying to do, Harry. I just don’t want you to worry about me all the time.” I smiled. “I don’t want to have another Hermione looking over my shoulders!”

Harry laughed at this and nodded his head. “Yes, we wouldn’t want that,” he agreed. Just then, his eyes much had caught something because he suddenly asked, “Violet, what’s that in your pocket?”

“What?” I asked as I reached into my back pocket and pulled out the wand from my room. “I can’t believe I didn’t notice this!”

“You have a wand?” Harry questioned.

“Oh, y—yeah,” I stuttered holding the wand in my hand. “I got it as a part of Draco’s Christmas gift.”

“What did you two do exactly?” Harry questioned.

Before I could answer, there was a loud bang on the door. Harry and I jumped as we turned to face the entrance. The loud banging continued, and soon, the few Gryffindors who stayed behind were all gathered with Harry and me.

“S—should we answer it?” one guy asked.

“Stay back,” Harry warned as he pulled his wand out. “Head back to your rooms. Violet, go with them,” he ordered as the banging got louder.

“No, I’m not leaving you alone!” I replied.


Suddenly, the seven of us all jumped as the entrance door fell open. Everyone pulled out their wands and stared into the darkness.

There was nothing, though.

Before anyone knew it, two black shadowy mists flew into the room and surrounded us. Screams were heard all around me as the room went black.

“Violet,” I heard Harry whisper as his arms wrapped around me. He pulled me to the ground, covering me.

“H—Harry?” I muttered once everything went quiet.

“I’m right here,” he whispered in my ear. He held onto my hand tightly as he helped me onto my feet. He then whispered, “Lumos.”

I gasped as I clutched onto Harry’s arm. The other students who were here were all laying on the ground knocked out. There was no sign of the intruders, though.

“Stay close to me, Violet,” Harry warned.

“Hello,” came a voice as a dark green flame sparked from the fireplace.

Harry and I both turned to look to find two figures standing there. One was a man—the other, a woman. Both people were all too familiar to me as I observed their dark features glowing brightly in the light of the green flame.

“Is this the Muggle you were telling me about?” the woman asked as she started circling the room. She began snickering as she said, “She doesn’t look very special.”

“Oh, but she is,” the man remarked as he stood beside the fireplace with a grin on his face.

“Harry?” I whispered as I clutched onto him tighter.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered back. “I’ll protect you.”

“Tell me, Muggle,” the woman said as she continued her waltz around the room, “do you know who I am?”

I remained quiet.

“SPEAK!” bellowed the woman.

“Bellatrix Lestrange!” I replied calmly—my eyes glued to her.

She laughed. “But anyone who reads the Daily Prophet would know that.”

“You sisters are Narcissa and Andrimeda, though you only like Narcissa because she married another pure-blood, Lucius Malfoy,” I said as I glanced at the man in the room. Lucius simply greeted my frightened stare with a smirk. “Andrimeda married Ted Tonks, and so she was disowned from the family. Now, other than helping Voldemort come to power, you seek the lives of relatives who belonged to the Order of the Phoenix. Since you already killed Sirius,”—Harry clutched his wand firmed as I mentioned this—“Nymphadora Tonks is probably next on your to list.”

She scoffed at this. “This honestly doesn’t prove anything, Lucius,” Bellatrix sighed as she strolled back to Lucius’s side.

“Why are you here?” Harry demanded. “It is obvious that you’re not here to talk about your life history.”

Lucius smirked. “Things will be revealed in good time, Potter. When your friends return, ask them if they like our little surprise visit.”

Harry’s eyes widened. “What did you do?” Harry bellowed.

“Nothing too damaging, unfortunately,” Bellatrix said with a heavy, disappointed sigh. “Well,” she grinned, “other than to that Mudblood.”

“What did you do to Hermione?” I asked.

The vile smirk on Lucius’s face widened. “I believe we have achieved what we wanted. Let’s go, Bellatrix.”

“No you don’t!” Harry shouted as he broke away from my grasp. He pointed his want at Lucius and shouted, “Expelliarmus!”

Lucius grunted as he went flying back into the wall. Harry quickly turned his wand to Bellatrix, but she was quick on her feet. She had already pulled out her wand, and with a flick on her hand, sent Harry flying backwards. He hit the stone wall and his limp body then fell to the ground.

“Harry!” I exclaimed as I hurried to his side. I knelt down beside him and gently shook him. “Harry, wake up! Please, wake up!”

“Oh, how touching,” Bellatrix said in a sarcastic tone. Behind her, Lucius stumbled to his feet while muttering curses under his breath.

“That stupid little—”he sneered as he straightened himself. He too took out his wand and started approaching Harry and me.

“Stay away!” I ordered. Without thinking, I held out my fake wand.

“What in the world are you planning to do with that?” Bellatrix laughed.

Lucius laughed at my silliness and suggested, “Why don’t you just head upstairs and pretend that none of this happened, Muggle? Leave Potter there with us for a moment.”

“In your dreams,” I snapped.

“What a rude little girl, you are!” Bellatrix commented. “I should teach you some manners!”

“No,” Lucius said as he put out his hand to stop Bellatrix from approaching Harry and me. “We have orders.”

“Oh, but it’s so tempting,” Bellatrix snickered—her eyes glowing with lust. “Just a little bit?”

Lucius stared down at me for a moment before dropping his arm. Bellatrix smiled widely at this as she twirled her wand in her hand. With a blink of the eye, she swung her wand. A bright green light suddenly came flying towards me.

“Protego!” I suddenly shouted just before the light hit me. A blue light suddenly burst before my eyes, and Bellatrix’s attack disintegrated as it touched the shield.

“What?” she gasped.

Taking this chance, I quickly pointed my wand at Lucius who held up his wand to attack and disarmed him with expelliarmus. I then shouted, “STUPEFY!”

He, once again, goes flying back into the far wall.

“Well, well, well,” Bellatrix grinned as she looked at Lucius, who was struggling to get back on his feet, and then back at me. She held her wand against the edge of her lips and simply looked at me with amused eyes. She paced back and forth with that sinister smile on her face.

Suddenly, she stopped.

“You little bi—“ Lucius began as he stumbled next to Bellatrix.

“What a pretty little, Muggle,” Bellatrix sudden said to both Lucius and my surprise.

Her dark brown eyes suddenly grew large as she stared at me. It was as if she suddenly realized something. What frightened me, though, was that amused look that was still present on her face.

“She looks just like that witch you killed so many years back, Lucius,” Bellatrix suddenly said. “What was her name—Angel…something Angel.”

“What is this, a walk down Memory Lane?” Lucius questioned.

“Scarlet!” Bellatrix suddenly said. “Scarlet Angel—she was that witch who was friends with Potter’s parents, remember? The one we tortured for hours, but wouldn’t say a thing—wouldn’t even scream,” Bellatrix informed as she danced happily around the room. “Oh, the wonderful memory of her torment—”

“Whatever are you doing here?” snarled a voice.

Bellatrix and Lucius both turned to the entrance of the Gryffindor Tower, which they had destroyed. Out of the darkness came Snape. Bellatrix and Lucius simply glared at him for a moment before withdrawing their wands.

“Let’s go, Bellatrix,” Lucius said. “Our work here is done.”

Bellatrix simply scoffed. She turned to look at me and gave me a tiny wave. With a blink of the eye, the two disappeared into black smoke. The green fire that burned in the fireplace turned into a warm golden color and illuminated the room.

Once gone, Snape hurried over to Harry and me. He knelt down in front of me and checked to make sure Harry was still breathing. He then checked the other students before returning to me, who was still knelt down beside Harry.

“Are you all right?” he asked.

“No,” I replied as I glared at him. Holding sternly onto his gaze, I said, “You and I have a lot to discuss, Professor.”