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A Muggle at Hogwarts

Ch. 16: Plan of Attack

“Harry, hurry up!” I urged as we walked through the snow to get to the platform. School was starting once again tomorrow and students were returning to Hogwarts today. I wanted to get to the platform and meet Hermione and the others. Lucius and Bellatrix’s words were still playing in my head. A cold shiver raced down my back when I thought of what they could have done to Hermione and the others during Christmas.

“I can hear the train!” Harry exclaimed as we neared the platform.

The two of us took off running and arrived just as the train was. Once it came to a stop, students quickly poured out and headed down the path to catch a coach back to Hogwarts—all laughing and talking about the events of their break. Harry and I stayed towards the front of the train and looked for our friends, all the while.

“There’s Ron and Ginny,” Harry said as he put his hand up in the air and waved to them.

“Is Hermione with them?” I asked while getting onto the tips of my toes to try and see over the crowd of people.

“Y—yeah,” Harry answered. “Come on, let’s go over there,” Harry said as he took my hand and lead us through the parade of students.

The two of us fought our way through the crowd and eventually met Hermione and the others. The moment Hermione saw me, she hurried over to me and gave me a hug.

“I’m so glad you’re okay!” she exclaimed as she parted from me. She gave Harry a hug as well. “That God you both are!”

“We were so worried about you guys,” Ron said.

“Worried about us?” Harry questioned. “What about you guys?”

“I think this is something that we should discuss elsewhere,” Ginny suggested as she looked around.

We all agreed. Once we returned to Hogwarts, we grabbed a quick bite to eat before heading off to the Room of Requirement. When we entered the room, we found it to be decorating like a living room without windows. There were couches arranged around a small tea table with a vase full of flowers in front of a burning fireplace.

“All we need now are snacks,” Harry joked.

“I have you covered,” Ron said as he pulled out a small bag of cookies. “Mum made them. There’s all kinds in here—chocolate chips, peanut butter—”

“Ron!” Hermione scolded. “This is a serious.”

“Sorry,” Ron murmured as we all headed to the couches.

“So,” Harry began as everyone took their seats, “what happened to you guys over Christmas?”

“Mr. Malfoy and Bellatrix showed up at Charlie’s place in Romania,” Ginny explained. “The two basically destroyed the place. It took us the rest of our break to fix his place up and find all of Charlie’s baby dragons.”

“Why where they there in the first place?” I asked.

“They probably thought Harry was with us,” Ron suggested.

“No,” Hermione suddenly interrupted. We all turned to look at her, and fear was written all over her face. She was shaking as she explained. “They came to my house just as my parents and I were cleaning up the mess from our family gathering. The two of them came smashing through our living room window and just started destroying the place. They were looking for Violet,” Hermione said as she looked up at me with tearful eyes. “They—they then—”

Hermione suddenly broke into tears. Ginny quickly hurried to her side and cried to comfort her.

“What happened?” I gasped.

“They tortured her parents,” Ginny replied with a stern look.

“How do you—”

“Hermione told Ginny on the train,” Ron answered.

Ginny took a deep breath as she went on to tell what happened. “They thought that Hermione and her parents were hiding you because they’re Muggles—like you. Hermione wouldn’t tell them that you were still at Hogwarts, so they tortured her parents in order to get her to talk.”

“I’m so sorry, Violet!” Hermione suddenly exclaimed as she looked up at me—tears streaking down her cheeks. “I couldn’t let my parents go through anymore pain. I told them you were here. I’m so sorry.”

“No!” I cried as I reached out and took her hand. “Don’t be sorry. You did what you had to in order to stop Lucius and Bellatrix. I should be the one apologizing. If it weren’t for me, you and your parents wouldn’t have gone through that torment. I’m the one who’s sorry, Hermione. I’m so terribly sorry.”

“How does Mr. Malfoy even know about you?” Ron questioned.

“Do you remember Halloween night?” I asked.

“When Mr. Malfoy visited the school, right?”

I nodded. “I went to Dumbledore’s office, and he was there with Draco. Dumbledore had to tell him that I was from a different world in order to satisfy him.”

“But that doesn’t explain why they’re after you,” said Harry.

“Doesn’t it?” Ginny asked. “She’s from a different world—one where she has knowledge of our world. If she knows about the magical world, who knows what else she may know.”

“They want to know what happens between Harry and Voldemort,” I whispered. “I know the outcome—I know what they do and how everything plays out in the end.”

“Voldemort wants to use you in order to defeat Harry,” said Ron.

“So that he can come to power once again,” Hermione finished.

“You’re the key to his success,” Harry said horrified.

I immediately stood up. “No! I—I’m not! Even with my help, he could never—” I paused. I could not reveal anything that was to come. I shook my head and said, “No. Even with my help, things that are meant to happen will happen. It’s already been written down, and no one can change it.”

“That still won’t stop the Death Eaters from trying to get you,” Ginny pointed out.

“I know,” I whispered.

“Then it’s decided. We have to get you back home,” Harry suddenly said.

“What?” I gasped.

“We have to get you back home, Violet,” Harry said as he stood up. “It’s too dangerous for you here. You need to return to your world, a place where you’ll be protected—a place where magic does not exist.”

“And leave you guys behind?” I asked. “Harry, you should know better than anyone that this is something I will not do. I’m not going to abandon you guys after getting you into such a mess.”

“This is different, though,” Ginny said agreeing with Harry. “Unlike us, you can’t protect yourself. You don’t have magic.”

“Oh really?” I said as I pulled out my wand. Everyone—but Harry—watched in confusion as I pointed my want to the vase on the table. I did a swift flick of the wrist as I said, “Wingardium Leviosa.” Before everyone’s eyes, the teapot slowly hovered above the table.

“What in the world?” Ron gasped.

Just then the vase fell back to the table and the content spilt over. I cleared my throat as I said, “I still need some practice, but you get the idea.”

“When did this happen?” Hermione asked as she jumped to her feet.

“Christmas,” I answered. “When Bellatrix attacked Harry and me, I felt this sudden rush of energy, mixed with fear. Suddenly, I shouted a spell to protect Harry and me, and it worked.”

“But you’re still new at this, Violet,” Harry said. “Yes, you may know a few spells, but you don’t know how to really use them.”

“I’ve taken Defense Against the Dark Arts, Harry,” I informed.

“But you don’t know how to properly use spells because you’ve never had the abilities to use them before!” he argued.

“Then teach me!” I suggested. “You did it before with far more students. Teach me how to use magic then, Harry. I already know a lot of spells; I just need to learn how to actually use them properly.”
Harry looked at me and didn’t say anything. From the look on his face, I knew that he wanted to say no.

“Please, Harry,” I begged. “You know how it feel when your friends—you loved ones—risk their lives for you and you can’t do anything to stop them. It’s a terrible feeling—knowing that they could lose their lives protecting you. But at least in your case you can fight beside them. I want that chance. If you’re all going to fight for me, I at least want that chance to fight with you, by your sides. Please. Let me help.”

“Teach her, Harry,” Hermione encouraged. “If the Death Eaters are after her, she needs to know how to defend herself against them.”

“I agree with Hermione,” Ron nodded. “We can’t be with her all the time. They could attack at any moment, so she needs to learn how to defend herself if one of us isn’t with her.”

“So, Harry?” I said eagerly.

There was a stern look on Harry’s face as he sat there contemplating what to do. But then he finally spoke.

“We need that spell to send you home,” said Harry.

“Harry—” I began to argue.

“I will teach you how to use your magic—we call will,” Harry said looking around at the others. “But nonetheless we still need that spell. If anything goes wrong, we need to have that spell as a backup plan because you CANNOT fall into the hands of Voldemort.”

“All right,” I agreed with a heavy sigh. “I guess we go talk to Dumbledore, then?”

“Yeah, but after practice,” Harry said with a grin. “Death Eaters aren’t going to wait until you master the arts of defense.”