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A Muggle at Hogwarts

Ch. 19: Back to the Beginning

“I—I think she’s waking up,” a female voice said.

“She looks like she’s in pain,” a male commented.

My eyes immediately snapped open as I quickly sat up in bed. I looked around me, and found myself in a very familiar room. The room was dark and clothes and chess pieces were scattered on the dark wooden floor. Around me, were Harry, Hermione and Ron.

“Are you all right?” Hermione questioned.

“What happened?” I wondered.

“We found you lying in the fields,” Ron explained. “You looked as if you were in some kind of accident or something.”

“Yes,” Hermione said as she looked at me. “We healed up your wounds, so you should feel a little better now.”

“What are you talking about, Hermione?” I asked.

“Hermione,” Harry whispered as he looked at me, “do you know her?”

“N—no,” Hermione replied. “I—I don’t know her.” She then turned to me and asked, “Have we met before?”

“What are you guys talking about? I’m Violet, Violet Bell. We’ve been going to school together for about four months now,” I said. As I looked around the room, I questioned, “And why are we back at the Weasley’s place? I thought the second semester was starting today.”

“Is the girl awake?” Ginny asked as she came through the door.

“Um…yeah, she is,” Harry replied as he glanced at Ginny.

“Ginny!” I exclaimed. “You remember me, don’t you?”

She cocked an eyebrow at me. “I—I’m sorry,” she replied. “I don’t know you.”

“I’m Violet. I was on the Quidditch field with you when Harry fell off his broom and broke his arm.”

“What game was this?” she questioned.

“It was Gryffindor verses Slytherin—in November. It was shortly after the Halloween party,” I explained.

“I have yet to break my arm a third time,” informed Harry.

“You guys don’t honestly don’t remember?” I asked as I looked around at everyone. They all had a blank stare of their faces. “What is going on here?” I whispered as I buried my face in my hands.

“Um…how did you get here, Violet?” Hermione asked.

“Through a Universal Portal,” I answered. “I’ve been here for four days.”

“A Universal Portal? You mean one which connects different worlds to reach other?” Ginny asked. “Aren’t those incredibly rare?”

“They are, which makes this even more remarkable!” Hermione exclaimed. “I can’t because this. I—“

“Read about these portals in hundreds of books before,” I finished. “I know. This all happened before. This happened the first time I arrived here.”

“But,” Ron said, “you did just get here.”

I looked at him and sighed heavily. “Your mother is going to call in a moment and call you guys down to eat.”

Just before Ron could say anything, Mrs. Weasley called Hermione, Ron, Harry and Gunny down to eat. Hermione and them then turned and looked at me with amazement.

“A—are you some kind of prophet?” Hermione asked.

“No! I’m not. I’m a Muggle who attends Hogwarts—or at least I will.”

“Y—you’re a Muggle?” Harry questioned.

I nodded. “I—I don’t know what’s going on, but this all happened before, I know it did.”

“Are you sure you didn’t just bump your head or something?” Ron questioned.

I sighed heavily as I looked away. I didn’t know how I could make then understand. I laughed as I said, “Everything was either a dream or I’m going crazy.”

“This is probably just—very overwhelming for you,” Ginny suggested. “Maybe you just need more rest.”

“No,” I said shaking my head. I then looked up at Harry and held his gaze with pleasing eyes. “Harry, please believe me. I know that this happened before. All of this happened before! You have to believe me, Harry.”

Harry held my gaze and stared deeply into my eyes. Slowly, he nodded. “I do—I believe you.”

“Harry?” Ron gasped. “You’ve got to be joking.”

“No, I seriously do. I believe her,” Harry said as he flashed me a smile. “There’s something—there’s something very familiar about her.”

I smiled at him as well. “Thank you.”

“So, why are you here, then?” Hermione questioned.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. The second semester was going to start. Winter Break just ended, and everyone was just returning to Hogwarts. And then—”

Just then, thing something struck me.

“Is something the matter?” Ginny asked when she noticed the look of concern on my face.

“I didn’t want tomorrow to come,” I whispered.

Just then, Mrs. Weasley walked through the door. She looked around the room and then at me. A warm smile came onto her face as she said, “You’re awake! How are you feeling, Violet?”

“Wait!” I exclaimed. “Mrs. Weasley, do you remember me?”

“Huh? Oh, I just assumed your name was Violet. It was on this envelope,” Mrs. Weasley said as she held up an envelope. “It’s a letter from Hogwarts.”

“Bloody hell, she was right,” Ron gasped as I slowly rose out of bed and took the letter.

I was right. It was the acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

“Right about what?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“I think we should head downstairs, mum,” Ron suggested.

Harry helped me downstairs and when there, I told everyone what happened. I told them about my world and the events that got me here in the first place. I then went on to tell them everything ranging from what happened when I first arrived to going to bed the night before the second semester began. I even told them about Lucius and Bellatrix attacking Harry and me on Christmas while everyone was away. Lastly, I told them that Hermione and I were going to go talk to Dumbledore the next day about a way to send me home. As I told them these things, though, I left out the parts about Draco and Snape. Hermione—well, “future” Hermione—was the only one who knew, and I didn’t feel like sharing it with the others.

After I told my story of what happened, Mr. Weasley simply nodded. Just like in the past, Mrs. Weasley smiled warmly and told me that they will take care of my school fees. I couldn’t help but tear up at this.

“What’s the matter dear?” Mrs. Weasley asked.

“You guys are so kind to me. This is the second time you’ve helped me. I really don’t know what to say,” I smiled as I wiped away my tear. “Thank you.”

“Thank you is enough,” she smiled.

The next day, went to Diagon Alley. Things turned out the same way that they did the last time. Hermione and Ginny took me to Madam Malkin’s Robes for all Occasions and bought my robes. Ginny and Dean went off like they did the first time, and Hermione went off to Flourish and Blotts. I, once again, wondered around before arrived at the Quidditch shop.

As I waited in the shop, my heart began to pound rapidly in my chest as I waited for Draco to come. Oh, how I wanted to see him. I saw the group of kids who had trampled me over walk by, but there was no Draco. After a while, though, he never showed up. Disheartened, I headed out of the Quidditch shop.

Just as I headed out, I ran smack into someone.

“Sorry,” I apologized as I looked up at the person I ran into.

My eyes widened as I looked up at the handsome man before me. His familiar blue-gray eyes stared down at me, and held my gaze. A smile couldn’t help but form on my face.

“Do I—do I know you?” Draco asked.

“Feels like it, doesn’t it?” I asked.

“Um…” Draco said as he parted from me, “I’m Malfoy, Draco Malfoy.”

“Violet Bell,” I replied.

“May I—may I walk with you?” Draco questioned.

“Yeah,” I smiled. “I would love that.”

Draco and I started walking around Hogsmeade. As we walked, we talked about many things. It felt just like how things were between us. He was witty and charming, and every moment with him, I felt my love for him getting stronger.

“Violet,” Draco said as we made our way back to Quality Quidditch Supplies. “Are you sure we haven’t met before? You seem very—familiar.”

I smiled weakly. “Maybe in a different time.”

“So, um…will you—will you be on—“

“Yes,” I replied before he could finish. “I’ll be on the train.”

“All right then,” Draco nodded. “I’ll be looking for you.”

“Same here,” I smiled. “Well, um…I have to get going. Goodbye.”

With those last words, I walked away. My heart couldn’t help but flutter as I did so. Maybe this was the reason why I came back. It was probably because I wanted to stay with Draco so badly—maybe it was because I didn’t want tomorrow to come—that I went back in time. In a way, I guess this is how Draco and I could stay together—always.

“Where you just with Draco Malfoy?”

The smile on my face suddenly disappeared as I turned around and saw Harry standing behind me.

“H—Harry,” I stuttered.

“You said you were from a world where you knew everything about us, so why would you go off with Malfoy?” Harry asked.

“I’m sorry!” I apologized. “But why are you getting so angry, Harry?”

“Everyone is worried sick about you, Violet. No one knew where you were,” Harry explained.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered.

“Please don’t ever do this again. It terrifies me to think that you’re with Malfoy.”

“W—why’s that?”

“Don’t you understand? Malfoy is the son of Lucius Malfoy,” Harry pointed out. “You said so yourself that in the future, Bellatrix and Mr. Malfoy attacks the two of us on Christmas. Shouldn’t you take more precautions around Draco then?”

“Draco—I know him pretty well, Harry. He—he won’t hurt me,” I said.

“And you know this how? From an hour with him, you learned this?” Harry questioned.

“No!” I snapped. “I have spent four months with Draco and have gotten to know him. As I will say to you in the future and now: Draco Malfoy is not as bad as you portray him to be.”

“He’s a Death Eater!” Harry exclaimed.

“Not yet, he’s not,” I argued.

“No, he is a Death Eater,” Harry informed. “He’s not going to become one in the future, he’s a Death Eater—as in now.”

I shook my head. “That—that can’t be. How could I not have known, then?”

“Maybe this is what you came back to find out,” Harry said as he placed a hand on my shoulder.

“No,” I said once again. “It’s not true—it’s not true!”

Suddenly, I felt incredibly weak. My legs gave out on me and I collapsed to the ground. Harry quickly knelt down beside me and checked if I was all right. His voice was blurred, though. When I looked up at him, his face—no, everything seemed ten times brighter than it originally was. Before I knew it, everything went black.