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A Muggle at Hogwarts

Ch. 29: The Final Chapter

“Oh, honey, I really wish you would wake up,” whispered a voice.

“Lauren,” a male voice said. “The doctors said she’s going to be all right. Don’t worry too much.”

“Then why isn’t she waking up?” the woman named Lauren cried. “It’s been a week Charlie! What if—“

“Don’t say that!” Charlie exclaimed.

“Mom?” I tried to whisper, but nothing came out of my mouth. With all my might, I tried to call out again louder. This time, I managed to. “—om—m—mom?”

I heard my mom gasp at the sound of my voice. Suddenly, I held her soft hand upon mine.

“V—Violet?” I heard her whisper. “Mommy’s here, Violet. Daddy and Karen are here as well. Charlie, hurry up, wake up Karen!” Mom ordered.

“Right,” dad said as I heard him walked away quickly. Within a few moments, he was back and I could feel a person sitting on the bed beside me.

“Daddy, you said Violet woke up,” my eleven-year-old sister said in a tired voice.

“She is,” my dad whispered softly. I then felt his hand gently running through my hair as he encouraged me to try and open my eyes.

Ever so slowly, my eyelids began to slowly flutter. Before long, I was able to open my eyes—though everything looked very blurry. However, after a short time, everything began to become clearer. I was soon able to make out the faces of my parents and younger sister who all stared at me with a smile.

“Violet!” Karen smiled as she wrapped threw her arms around me.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” my dad laughed as he gently pulled my sister away from me. “Careful there, Karen. The doctors should probably come and check on her to make sure everything’s fine first.”

“Oh, I’m so happy you’re awake,” my mother cried. I smiled sadly as I looked at her. Her light brown hair was a complete mess, and there were dark circles beneath her green eyes. Dad looked similar, though the circles around his brown eyes weren’t as dark. Karen, on the other hand, looked fine as always. I mean, minus her messy dirty-blond hair that was probably the result of sleeping on the hospital couch.

“Hey,” Dad said as he looked down at me, “what’s that around your neck?”

“What?” I asked as I looked down. I gasped as gently placed my hand on the silver locket with violets that rested against my chest.

“Was she wearing that this whole time?” Dad asked as he turned to Mom.

“S—she must have been,” Mom stuttered.

“So, how are you feeling Violet?” Karen asked eagerly.

“I’m feeling—I’m really quiet well, thank you,” I replied with a weak smile.

“What’s wrong with the way you’re talking?” Karen asked as she tilted her head to the side. “You sound funny.”

“I don’t sound funny!” I argued with a smile.

“Yeah you do!” she exclaimed. ”Mommy! Doesn’t Violet sound funny? She sounds like that wizard from those movies she keeps watching.”

“Honestly, Karen,” I said, “how can you possibly not know what Harry Potter is?”

“Well, I don’t watch it!” Karen said as she placed her hands on her hips. “I enjoy watching Twilight!”

“You’re too young to be watching that,” I remarked. “And how in the world did you see Twilight?”

“On the TV,” she said as she turned and pointed at the TV hanging on the ceiling in front of me.

“Oh, all right girl, settle down,” my mom laughed. “But Karen does have a point, you do sound all British-like.”

“Ugh!” I groaned as I closed my eyes. Still with my eyes closed, I asked, “When can I get out of here?”

“We’ll go get the nurses and doctors and see what they have to say,” Dad replied.

“By the day,” I said as I opened my eyes once again, “how long have I been here?”

“Only a week,” my mom answered.

“It’s only been a week?” I asked.
She nodded. “Why, honey?”

“Um…I—I was just wondering if that letter from the Teen Leadership Program came in,” I lied.

My mother awed as she patted my hand. “You’re so dedicated, Violet. But to answer you question, yes, it came and you got accepted! You will be participating in the program throughout school. Congrats!”

I smiled. “Thank you.”

“Ah, this calls for a celebration!” Dad exclaimed. “I mean, once you’re out of the hospital that is. What would you like to do Vi—go out to eat, Six Flags, visit Great America?”

“How about just getting home as soon as possible?” I suggested with a wider smile.

“Eh, not so great, but it can be arranged,” my dad smiled.

The next day, after a series of tests to make sure I was well, I was free to go home with my family. When we got home, mom headed out go by some groceries. She wanted to make my favorite today, as well as buy a small cake so we could have a little party at home. Karen decided to tag along, while dad went to check up on my car—which was being fixed.

Alone in my room, I couldn’t help but wonder if everything I had gone through was real or not. I mean, Harry and everyone—was that all real? I have the necklace that Harry had given me after all.

“Let’s see,” I said to myself as I walked over to my closet. Inside, I found the case where the wand from Karen was kept. If everything was real, the wand should be missing since Draco and I took it out when he was here.

However, when I opened the case, there the wand was.

“That’s strange,” I whispered as I closed the case and put the box back. Then I remembered about the ring, hurried to my jewelry case, and looked through it. The box with my silver ring was there, but there was no ring inside! Next, I hurried to my bookcase and found my sixth Harry Potter book missing!

“Everything—it all happened,” I whispered as I sunk to the ground. As I looked around the room, glimpse of my Christmas with Draco flashed through my mind. I could not help but think of him and that wonderful Christmas evening that we had spend together.

While I looked around, I noticed my camera lying on my bed. I jumped off the floor and raced over to it. As I held it in my hand, I debated whether to turn it on or not. However, my curiosity quickly overcame me, and I turned on the camera.

It was only after a few clicks did tears began sliding down my face. There before me was the picture that Draco and I had taken. I was smiling brightly, my eyes sparkling with glee. As I stared at Draco, I noticed that his lips were formed into a small smile as it pressed against my cheek.

“Draco,” I whispered in a shaking voice as I gently ran my hand across camera screen over his face. My heart was aching. Despite everything that I had went through, despite the betray I felt when he allowed the Death Eaters into Hogwarts—at that moment, I couldn't help but want one thing. At that moment, I couldn't help but want Draco Malfoy back in my arms. However, I knew this could never happen. I was back in my world, and Draco was in another. We will never see each other again. This one picture that I held in my hand was the only evidence that we were ever together.

I held my breath as I looked down at the picture—trying to engrave it in my mind. And then with a final click, I pressed "Delete" and the picture disappeared before my eyes.
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