Living is a nightmare, suicide's reality

Chapter 10

'Hello, Anna,' he said, smiling.
I froze. He couldn't do anything now - could he? He smiled charmingly at Gerard and shook his hand. What a gentleman. 'Who's this, Anna?' his face was pleasant, but his voice was cold. Gerard didn't notice.
'G.. Gerard,' i stuttered. Damn. Never act nervous around my dad. It seemed to piss him off.
He rose his eyebrows. 'Your boyfriend?' he questioned.
'No!' i almost screamed. If he thought i had a boyfriend he'd murder me.
'I mean, no, of course not. I'm too young,' i said as innocently as i could. His smile widened.
'That's what i like to hear, poppet.' I shuddered. I hate it when he calls me that. Gerard was obviously convinced. Look at us playing happy families. We should get an Oscar for this. Best acting i've ever seen. Another knock at the door, jerked me from my thoughts. I ran to open it. Two paramedics stood at the door. Shit. Dad walked up beside me. He frowned slightly. 'What's going on?'
'We got a call from this address, sir. We came to see what we were called for.'
'Of course. Come in.' He shut the door behind them. When they were out of sight, he grabbed my arm. 'Did i tell you to call the ambulance? Hmm? Did i?' he shouted, then lowered his voice. 'You had better come up with a good lie to tell them nice people. Otherwise, you'll regret it, understood?'
I nodded. What else could i do? I followed him into the lounge where Lisa was being put on a stretcher.
'She's lost a lot of blood. We need to take her in.' I watched fearfully as they carried her out of the house and into the ambulance. They came back with a wheelchair for Savannah. She could hardly walk. She would faint if she stood up.
'I'll go with them,' Frank volunteered. He ran out of the house before dad could object.
He looked at me, still smiling. I felt a shiver run down my spine. 'Gerard would you mind if Anna stayed at your house, just for one night? I have things to do.'
Evidence to destroy, more like.
'Sure,' Gerard nodded. 'I'll wait outside,' He walked out into the door, frowning slightly at the pitchfork, lying in the grass. I ran upstairs to collect my things. I grabbed Frank's aswell. He would go to Gerard's after the hospital anyway. He wouldn't dare come back here.
'Going on holiday?' Gerard laughed slightly.
'No i've got Frank's things here aswell,' i didn't even attempt to laugh at the joke. We walked silently for a while, before Gerard spoke.
'Listen, i know it's none of my buisness...'
'That's right. None of your buisness,' i said harshly. I regretted it. I needed all the friends i could after wha had just happened.
'I'm sorry. It's just....'
'I know. Your right. It's none of my buisness. I shouldn't have asked.'
But strangely, i wanted to tell him. Part of me laughed at the idea. What would you do when dad finds out? God, i was talking to myself now. I was going mad. Or maybe i was already there. I hoped so. Then maybe it wouldn't hurt as much.