Living is a nightmare, suicide's reality

Chapter 11

Gerard's house was eccentric to say the least. His bedroom was in the basement, and was covered with his artwork. He had posters of Iron Maiden and other rock bands on his wall. I dumped mine and Frank's bags in his bedroom and went upstairs to find him sat on the sofa with Mikey. They were talking in low voices.
'Look, she can't stay here forever, Gerard.'
'I know but her dad, well i think her dad, hurts her. And Frank. He's only little,' Gerard sighed. 'Look they need friends right now, ok? We have to be nice. Maybe then we can figure out whats going on.' He got off the sofa and started walking towards me. Shit. I walked in just as he was walking out and smiled at him. He smiled back and went to get some popcorn.I sat next to Mikey.
'You don't mind me staying here do you, Mikey?' I asked him.
'No, of course not,' he lied and smiled at me. We sat in silence while Gerard came back in, Frank in tow.
'Frank!' i exclaimed, hugging him hard. He looked worn out. 'You ok?' i asked him, concerned.
'Yeah, just tired i guess.' he breathed out deeply. 'Anna, can i talk to you for a minute?' i nodded and he pulled me gently, into the kitchen and shut the door. He rolled the sleeve of my hoody up to reveal pink scars, all up my arms.
'Frank...' He looked so sad. He was obviously upset.
'Anna, why? I thought we agreed... dad wasn't gonna destroy us. Your hurting yourself because of him.
'Frank, it's not that...'
'But why then? He hurts you enough. You don't need to hurt yourself too.' He had tears in his eyes. It made me want to cry.
'I only do it because i don't like to see you hurt. when he hurts you i can't stop him. I never could. i don't like seeing you like this.'
'I can look after myself,' he said calmly, 'and tommorow we will go home and everything will be ok again, right? I'll talk to dad. I promise.' He was lying to himself. He did this all the time. He pretended everything was peachy, then he acted shocked when things went wrong. He was just scared to admit it.
'Frank, plaese, we can't go back. He'll kill us.'
'No, i promised you, it'll be alright. Dad's gonna change.' He smiled to reassure himself, more than me. I just shook my head. A leopard can't change it's spots. Ok, that was cheesy but whatever. Dad will never change. Ever.