Living is a nightmare, suicide's reality

Chapter 13

Mikey's POV
As sound as heard the screams, i jumped up from the table.
'Gerard, Anna?' i shouted.
Gerard came stumbling out of his bedroom. 'What is it?'
'I... don't know. I heard...' I got cut off mid sentence, as another scream came from the bathroom. We both ran in, to see Anna cradling Frank to her chest. She was crying. Frank was.... he wasn't moving.
Gerard ran out of the room.
'Gerard!' i shouted. Frank needed help. How could he just run out? But he came back with towels and the phone. He began to dial for an ambulance. I just hoped they made it on time.

Anna's POV
His face was so pale. Like he had no life left in him. But he must be alive. There was no blood. Which meant he was alive. Any minute now he would jump up and scare us all.
'Haha, you thought i was dead! You can't get rid of me that easily!'
He never moved.
'Frank please wake up. Why won't you wake up? You told me yesterday, remember? You said we shouldn't hurt ourselves, just because of dad. You were going to sort it out. You promised.' I added the last bit quietly. He had promised. He lied to me.
'How could you?' i whispered. 'HOW COULD YOU?' i screamed at him. Mikey moved forward to grab me, but i brushed him off.
'You promised, you'd never leave me. Liar,' i hissed at him.
'Anna, he needs help...' Mikey started.
'Well, he can get it himself. He obviously doesn't need me. Well see if i care. I don't need him either.' I spun round and slammed the bathroom door behind me. I didn't need him. I didn't need anybody. They all left me in the end anyway.