Living is a nightmare, suicide's reality

Chapter 14 (probably)

I sat in the warm interior of Strabucks, sipping coffee. I shivered everytime the door opened. A cold gush of wind hit me in the face. I glared at everyone who opened the door.
The door opened again and two girls walked in. I looked up to see Kirsty and Loz stood next to my table.
'Can i help you?' i glared. I really wasn't in the mood.
They both sat facing me, watching me intently.
'What am i, an exibit?' i snapped at them both. Loz smiled slightly.
'Look, Anna, i know this is hard for you....' she started.
'You don't know anything!' i screamed at her. People were glaring at me but i didn't care. 'is your father beating you? Do you slit your wrists to stop the pain? Do you lock yourself in the bathroom and sing as loudly as you can, to drown out your brother's screams?' People were watching us. To them it was like a television show. They watched from afar but never had to play it out. They were all sick. They started whispering. Tears rolled down my face.
'Anna...' Kirsty reached out.
'He's dead!' i shouted. Everyone stopped talking. Bully for them.
'My fucking brother is dead! And none of you could care! You sick bastards.' I knocked the coffee to the floor and ran out. I heard footsteps coming after me.
'Anna, wait!' Loz screamed. They were running after me. Normally i could have outrun them. But i was so physically and emotionally drained that i couldn't.
I stopped and leant over, to get rid of the stitch in my side. They both caught up.
Kirsty put her hand on my shoulder. I shrugged her off, breathing heavily. When i looked up they both had tears in their eyes.
'I don't need your sympathy,' i turned around and began to walk away.
'Anna, what happened?'
'He lied to me. That's what happened.' i swallowed hard, trying not to cry again.
'Who?' Loz stood over me. She was taller than me. For some reason, that really annoyed me.
'Frank promised never to leave me. But guess what? It was all lies, as usual. He left me on my own.'
'Oh, Anna...'
'I couldn't give a fuck. Who needs him? Who needs anybody, huh? Do you know that my mother said she'd never leave me. Lies. All of it. Every fucking word that came out of her mouth was a lie. Anna, i love you. Anna, he'll never hurt you. Shit. All of it. But i don't care anymore. She's dead, he's dead, i'm dead.'
'Anna?' Kirsty said, uncertainly.
'That's right, bitches.' I laughed. But it wasn't my laugh. It sounded like Frank's.
'You stupid motherfucker. Get out of me!' i screamed as loud as i could, walking backwards, slowly.
'Anna, don't your gonna fall!' cried Loz. Fall where? I was confused, my throat hurt and my heart ached. I continued walking backwards.
'Anna, your gonna fall!' they screamed in unison. What the fuck were they talking about? But when my right foot when backwards, and there was nothing there to support it, i realised what they meant. As i fell through the air, i laughed as loud as i could. I looked up to see their horrified faces. And Frank's. What?
As i hit the ground two words went through my head.
'Oh shit.'