Living is a nightmare, suicide's reality

Chapter 3

The school was huge. It looked like an overly secured prison from the outside and a mental institute from the inside. Outside was red brick, with iron railings all around, as if to keep the students in. The inside was whitewashed. It looked and smelt funny. Like too much disinfectant. Me and Frank looked around nervously, as if hoping someone would come to show us where to go. Scarily enough a tall blonde student came up to Frank and tapped him on the shoulder. He winced slightly, as he had a gigantic bruise where dad had being gripping his shoulders too tightly. The girl raised her eyebrows but said nothing about it.
'Right, my names Charlotte, i've being assigned to show you to your classroom, blah, blah, blah, as if you care. Follow me and then leave me alone. You can find your own way around after that.'
Frank shot me an amused look. I was less than amused. We had to find our own way around. Oh God we're gonna get lost. Frank saw my worried expression, and put his arm round my shoulder. 'It'll be ok,' he whispered into my ear. I some how doubted that but i kept my mouth shut. I knew what Frank was like if i told him he was wrong about something. He was like a toddler.
Charlotte stopped outside room 108 and turned to face us both. 'Right, don't tell anyone that i left you ok? I've got enough to deal with, never mind showing newbies around' She shook her head and stalked off. Frank giggled and opened the door slowly. The teacher looked around, a bemused expression on her face. 'Ah new kids, go sit down, i'll be with you in a minute.'
But we didn't know where to sit. There was only one desk spare. Me and Frank looked at each other worridley. The teacher looked up again. 'Errr..... Mr....... ah, yes, Frank, you can go sit at the back with... Mikey, and Anna you go sit with Lisa.'
I took it was the girl sat on her own. Frank perched on the end of a desk. He kept looking at me. I shrugged and sat down next to Lisa. She smiled slightly and moved her stuff so i get my things out. Lisa was obviously the odd one out in the class. Her black clothes and reddish hair told me that. I looked at everyone else and they seemed artificial to me. Lisa seemed... different. But it was a nice change. Someone like me at last.
'Hey, do you.. errr.. wanna listen to my ipod?' she asked quietly. I nodded and she passed me an earphone. She was listening to Simple Plan, one of my favourite bands. She hummed along while drawing skulls on the back of her notepad. I watched her draw. She was really good. I was kinda nervous about the first day, but it looked like i had made a friend. I just wish everyday could have been like this. Then i wouldn't have as many scars. But as always there was worse to come, i could feel it. It was such a depressing feeling. I took my compass out of my bag and began scratching little marks in my skin, underneath the table. But nobody noticed because nobody payed attention to me. Nobody ever does.

Ok Gerard's taken now, so it's just Mikey, Bob and Ray