Living is a nightmare, suicide's reality

Chapter 5

When the bell went for break, i felt lost. Who was i going to hang round with? Frank seemed to be talking to some guys near their lockers. What did i do?
'Hey, Anna,' came a voice from behind me. Lisa stood there, smiling. 'You wanna come meet the gang?'
'Uh, sure,' i said, a little hesitantly. I wasn't sure i'd like them. But suprisingly enough, she walked over to where Frank and his new found friends were standing.
'Hey Anna!' Frank shouted hugging me gently. 'This is Gerard, Mikey, Ray and Bob. We're all in the same classes, isn't that cool?' He seemed a little hyper. Lisa looked at me and giggled. 'Seems like somebody's being drinking too much coke.'
He stuck his tongue out at her, and she did likewise. Then they grinned at each other. Oh, God. Sometimes Frank was just too careless. He knew he couldn't have a girlfreind. We discussed it before coming to school. Friends were fine but girlfriends and boyfriends were too close. We couldn't let anyone else know. It was too dangerous. Gerard led us all outside. He seemed like the unnofficial leader of the gang, but no one seemed to mind. We sat on the grass outside the gym. It was warm so i took my jacket off. I stretched my arms and noticed the marks. 'Shit,' i muttered under my breath before quickly putting the jacket back on.
'What's up?' Lisa whispered.
'Nothing, i just forgot my.... lunch,' i said, making it up. I had my lunch in my bag, but it wasn't very appetising. Frank had made it. And although i'm sure he'd be able to cook when he was older, he couldn't seem to master it just now. The bread was all squashed and the cookies that he made last week had gone off. I'm sure that chocloate chips shouldn't be green. But Frank was sure that they had just 'changed colour'. Right. Since when do biscuits change colour. They're not chameleons.
'You can share mine if you want?' she offered, kindly.
'No, it's ok i'll eat with Frank. He won't mind.' I actually didn't want to eat. My stomach seemed to have rebelled against me. I guess it was the thought of dad waiting at home. While i was thinking, 3 other girls had walked up to us. They were looking at me and Frank strangely. Gerard noticed. 'Oh yeah, by the way this is Frank and Anna. Guys this is the rest of us. Savannah, Kirsty, and Loz'
They all smiled at me. Kirsty had longish dark brown hair and blue/green/grey eyes. They were like a mixture of three colours. I could spend ages just trying to work out what colour was what. But i wasn't that sad. She was thin and about Frank's height. She sat down next to Mikey and cuddled him. Either they were brother and sister or boyfriend and girlfriend. The second option sounded more sensible when she kissed him. Ray's girlfriend(i was guessing, since she sat on him) was quite tall. Blue eyes and brown hair. She looked very slim and i could see why Ray was going out with her. She was the person you'd pick out first in a crowd. She had a Simple Plan t-shirt on and tight black jeans. Ray was looking at her in wonder. He was like a lovesick puppy. I giggled slightly. She started talking a loud of nonsense to Ray. He looked at her intently but you could tell he wasn't listening. She had an English accent and it was quite interesting to listen to even though i had no idea what she was talking about. Gerard and Savvanah had walked off towards the art rooms together. Savvanah had a bright yellow hoody on and it hurt my eyes looking at it. So i stopped. They all seemed really nice though. They were all a bit hyper. They were talking a loud of rubbish, including Frank. I was the only quiet one in the group. My mind kept wandering to what was going to happen when we got home. It was all nice and sunny now. I had met some nice people, everyone was happy, the sun was shining and the birds were singing. But when we get home we have to face a totally different world. A world where you can't have friends because you have a big secret to keep. A world where you can't be happy, because your constantly bleeding. A world where the sun goes behind a cloud and all the birds fly away in fear. In fear of my father.

Everyone's taken now.....