Living is a nightmare, suicide's reality

Chapter 7

Oh God. He was gonna do it. And me being pathetic couldn't stop him. He was gonna kill my brother. I watched as the knife descended on my brother's throat. Then stop. Someone was knocking at the door. I ran to open it, hoping they would come in and stop my dad from harming Frank. I pulled the heavy door open to reveal Lisa and Savannah holding books in their arms.
'Hey Anna,' smiled Savannah. Her hair was hanging loose by her side. It was strawberry blonde. Her turquoise eys were looking at me worridely.
'Is everything alright?' she asked, concerned.
'Yeah, come in please,' i said, hoping i didn't sound too desperate. I led them into the kitchen. My dad was clearing up the hot water on the floor. He looked up to see the two girls stood at the doorway, frowning. Frank had a new large bruise on his forehead. My father's right hand was an angry red from where the water had burnt him. Lisa broke the awkward silence.
'Frank, we brought round your books. You left them with Gerard by accident,' she said, handing them over.
'Thanks, Lisa. Tell Gerard thanks aswell.' He averted his gaze from hers'.
'I have to go... get ready.' he staggered out of the kitchen and up the stairs. I ran after him. Savannah and Lisa followed us.
'Frank, where are you going?' i questioned as he pulled out his schoolbag and began stuffing clothes in, frantically. Lisa and Savannah exchanged glances as he began searching the room for his comics.
'I don't want to sound intrusive, Frank, but what are you doing?' Savannah asked.
'I don't know. I've got to get out. Now.'
'Frank, you can't leave me here,' i grabbed his arm. He gasped in pain and i let go immediately. 'God, Frank, don't leave me.'
He shook his head and sighed. 'Look he hardly ever hurts you, does he,' Frank took my hand. 'If he does i'll be at Gerard and Mikey's, ok?' He turned around and continued packing.
Lisa stepped forward. 'Are you saying all them bruises you have are off of your dad?' she said incredulously. Frank's eyes widened.
'I didn't say that.'
'Oh come on Frank. Who else do you mean by he,' she walked over to him and stroked his face. 'He's hurting you, isn't he?' she whispered. Frank shook his head violently. God he was so stubborn. Even when he knew he was beaten. I meant that figuratively. Savannah looked puzzled. 'So by he, Frank meant his dad?' she asked Lisa. She nodded.
'No he didn't!' i practically screamed. They both looked shocked. 'I'm sorry but it's really none of your buisness,' i grabbed both of their shoulders and attempted to steer them out of the door. But they both wriggled out of my grip. I never had been very strong. 'Look if your father is beating up my boyfriend, i think i have a right to know!' She breathed out deeply. 'I'm gonna sort this out,' she began to walk downstairs. Savannah walked with her.
'Frank! They're gonna try stop dad. He'll hurt them! Frank!' I shouted at him. He was sat on the floor biting his nails. I knelt down besides him. 'Frank, snap out of it. He's going to hurt them.' Frank seemed to come to his senses. He shook his head. 'We have to help them. If he...' he was cut off by a blood- curdling scream. Looked like we were too late.