Living is a nightmare, suicide's reality

Chapter 9

About five minutes after, Lisa's cell went off. Frank dug it out of her pocket and threw it to me.
'Hi is Lisa there?' asked an unfamiliar voice.
'Who's this?'
'My name's Ravez. I need to talk to Lisa,'
'I... um... Lisa can't really talk at the moment,' Understatement of the century. 'But i can take a message,'
'No it's ok, i'll come round, if that's ok? Your Anna, right?'
I nodded, then realised she couldn't see me. 'Yeah, but...'
'Ok then, won't be long,' She hung up on me. Oh God, what was i gonna do. Lisa was nearly unconscious, Frank was covered in scars and Savannah had three punture wounds staight through her hand. I could always say the dog bit her. Shame i don't have a dog.
'Frank?' i whispered. 'Someone's on their way round. What should i do?'
'Go meet them at the door. Then call an ambulance.' He said all of this too calmly. I think he was in shock.
'But what are we gonna tell them?'
'We'll think of something,' he said, a little worridely. He was useless at telling lies.
I walked to the top of the stairs, then stopped. What if dad was waiting there? I started sweating. Just calm down, i thought to myself. Everything will be ok. I unlocked the door, and walked into the hall. It was deserted. I looked around for anything to defend myself with. I picked up a plant pot. Ok, so not exactly gonna help but it was made of ceramic, so it would have to do. I peered into the kitchen. No sign of anyone in there. A small pool of blood lay on the floor. That was where we had found Lisa.The knife was nowhere to be seen. I opened the door to check if they were here yet. The pitchfork lay on the grass, discarded. The edges were covered in blood. I hoped no one would notice. I continued checking the house warily. When dad was nowhere to be seen, i went back into the basement.
'Frank, you'd better bring them up,' I helped him with Lisa, then went to help Savannah. Her face was white as a sheet. The cloth was soaked in her blood. I better hurry up and call the ambulance, i thought. I picked up the phone, just as there was a knock at the door. I started dialling the number, while greeting Ravez, Gerard and Bob. Ravez had long black hair with blue highlights and red bangs. Her eyes were a bright blue colour. They made me feel dizzy. Or maybe that was the thought of explaining all of this to the ambulance. I let them all in and they proceeded to the lounge.
'What the fuck?' Gerard exploded. I went to see what was wrong. He was holding Savannah's hand in his own. 'What the hell happened?' he demanded.
'Hello, can i have an ambulance please. 107 Thorntree Drive. Thank you,' i hung up and went to the kitchen. i quickly wiped the blood off of the floor. No point in bringing up more questions. When i had finished, i turned round to see Gerard staring at me. I smiled weakly at him.
'What's going on?' he said quietly. The look he gave me was scary, like he was going to fly off the handle any minute. It reminded me of dad. I shrugged. What could i say. His eyes grew cold. 'Look, Anna, they're my friends out there. Frank has got scars all over him. Years old. Then i come in, find Lisa and Savannah bleeding, your mother and father nowhere to be found, and you cleaning blood off the floor.'
'Wait, you think i did this?'
'If it wasn't you, who was it?'
'You think i would intentionally hurt my own brother. My friends. You don't know anything.'
'What i do know is that someone has hurt my best friends. I just wanna know who,'
'Fine! You wanna know who abuses Frank? Who did that to your friends? It was...'
I was cut off as my father walked through the door.
'Hello, Anna,'