Remember Last Knight

face first


"Look, I hate to ask, but did you drive here?"

Knight's head snapped up from his phone, fast. He had been ignoring me, finally, for the first time tonight. Too bad it was when I couldn't ignore him.

"Yeah," he mumbled, eyes narrowing slightly. "Why?"

"I need to drive your car home, to my house, because this guy," I grabbed at Ayden's arm as he tried to walk away from me. "needs to go home. I need to take home. Let me borrow your car."

It wasn't my sweetest voice, obviously, but I was angry. First, I had been continuously hit on but a clueless boy. My brother was drunk, when I specifically told him not to drink too much, which had led me to hit the clueless boy, breaking my year standing record of not hitting any human being. To top it all off, my wasted brother spilled half of my soul as he cut down the wall I had with my fighting.

I was mad. Mad angry. I was pissed. I needed out.


Looking back, I don't remember why I let Elle drive my car. I don't remember much of it, honestly. I had chugged some beverage as we walked out the door, her dragging her brother, me fuming and drunk. She had slung her brother into the backseat head first after I handed her the keys and she opened the door. I didn't pay much attention to anything actually, because next thing I knew we were at her house and she was throwing the keys in my lap.

She slammed the door behind her as she exited the driver's seat, boggling my brain in my skull some. An angry growl of some sort fell from my mouth as she opened the back door, pulling her brother after struggling for a moment, then slammed that door, too. I glared at her through the windows, as best as I could, and fumbled for the door handle.

My feet hit the ground, I think, but it was my face hitting the pavement that hurt.


I had dropped Ayden as soon as I got him through the doorway to his room. Pulling and pushing him up the stairs had been a hassle in itself, I wasn't coaxing him into his bed.

Instead, I walked a few doors down to my room, where I slipped out of my flannel and jeans and into a pair of shorts and a top to sleep in. I pulled my hair into a lump on the top of my head, tying it in place. I had been drained of the little energy I had had at the beginning of the night, my bed was getting more beautiful by the second and I was ready to hit it.

Downstairs I locked the front door and started to close the blinds when I was possessed with the urge to strangle myself from the curtain rod. There, I saw it as I peered through the blinds, was Knight's car, in my driveway. He'd been sitting there for fifteen minutes, at least.

I fumbled with the lock for the door, swung it open and stomped my way to his car in about four steps and two breaths. "Are you leaving any time soon?" His windows are tinted too dark for me to peer in, so I grab the door handle and pull.

Only to be greeted with the other side of my yard. "The fuck?" I whisper, more to myself. I back away from the car, and walk around the front to the side.

"Oh, for fuck's sake!" Knight was sprawled out on the ground, face flat against the concrete, passed out.

So for the second time that night, I dragged a boy into my house and up the stairs.
♠ ♠ ♠
Elle's pajamas.