Remember Last Knight

first date


When I wake up, the first things that hit me are a hangover, the scent of oranges, and a pillow; the pillow hitting me being the thing that woke me.

My reaction was groggy and slow, the contributing factors being my exhaustion and the hangover, so my reply to this attack was muffled and indistinguishable.

"Come downstairs, eat, then leave," her voice said from above me, followed by quiet footsteps and a slammed door.

I buried my face in the blankets of this bed, willing myself to close my eyes and maybe shut out the pounding in my head. That's when I noticed it again, the orange scent. It filled my nose and made my head spin for a few seconds, worsening the migraine that had hit me somewhere in the middle of the night.

I sat up fast, my head spinning, holding onto the edge of the mattress for support. I wanted rest, but I was in desperate need of aspirin and something to sit on my whirling stomach. I took a look around at my surroundings at, what I presumed to be, Elle’s room. It was a nice little room, actually. Organized. Clean. Black wooden furniture, gray walls, white bed comforter and curtains. The room wasn’t big to begin with, but the space had been taken to a new level. Finally, I stood up and started toward the open door of this room.

Black picture frames framed gray pictures beside the door frame, all different. The top picture was of two kids, standing on a rock. They held each other as they smiled down at the photographer. The next photo down was of Elle, younger, alone, grinning ear to ear with medals hanging from her arms and neck. Then, there was the last photo. Elle and Ayden, standing in front of two similar looking adults (most likely their parents,) all of them dressed rather nicely. Elle and Ayden’s faces were emotionless, minus the slight look of skepticism in Elle’s arched brow, while the parents’ were straining to keep smiles plastered onto their pale faces. It was odd to see them like this... seeing such a happy family change into this..

“Get down here now and forget about the food,” my head turns toward the sound. A white sound box, set in the wall. Damn, someone sounds cheery. Nonetheless, my need for aspirin is growing. I follow the stairs to the kitchen doorway.

The citrus scent of Elle’s room fades and is engulfed by the overpowering aroma of bacon and maple syrup. I peak into the room, noticing both Ayden and Elle. She was standing by the counter, watching her brother as he stared down at his plate, eyes heavy.

“Go ahead, sit down,” she said, not looking away from Ayden. I started into the room, watching her. Her head turned in my direction, her eyes watching me as I watched her. I’m not gonna lie, even a punch to the jaw couldn’t stop me from noticing how good she looked. Her hair was pulled back to the side, braided over her shoulder. Her legs stretched out under her as she leaned back against the counter. She didn’t say a word as I traced her body with my eyes, only stared at me as if to be appraising my actions.

I took my seat, looking at Ayden. He looked as ragged as I felt. I could only imagine how the devil had found a way to wake him. I stared down at my plate, looking over the bacon and French toast. I bit off a piece of bacon, in need of some sustenance on my stomach.

“How you feelin’, man?” I asked the boy across from me. He was looking toward his sister, eyes wide. He grunted something, before reaching out for a bottle of Tylenol that was sitting beside the salt and pepper. I looked at Elle, who had her back turned to us, then back at Ayden. I was confused…

Then the noise started. I recognized it quickly, easily, instantly. Ice, fruits and juices were being puréed and crushed in the blender Elle’s frame was hiding. I reached out for the bottle Ayden had slammed to the wooden table and popped two, rushing them down with a swig of OJ.


I sipped my smoothie, finally done wiping out the bowls and cleaning the knife and cutting board I had used to chop my fruits. A job well done, I must say so myself. My drink and the results of torturing my brother and Knight were a success. I wasn’t even bothering to listen to the small conversations they were having, most likely over their hatred toward me and the undying pain they may or may not be feeling. I wasn’t listening that hard, that is, until I heard Knight ask about what Ayden had let slip last night.

“I think it’s time you go,” I said. They both looked up at me, unaware that I had been paying even the slightest bit of attention. “I mean, I’m sure your parents are worrying about you. I managed to keep you from mine, so-”

“Elle, you know Mom and Dad didn’t even come home las-”

“Shut up, Ayden. Like I said, it’s time you leave.”

“Okay,” Knight said, standing and pushing his chair in. He leaned down and bumped Ayden’s fist, before turning to me. “Walk me out?” I didn’t have time to refuse as he started to walk away.

Knight found his way to the front of the house easily, opening the front door. He turned back toward me once he stepped out. He reached his hand out, holding onto my wrist. He looked me in the face as he spoke, staring at me with hazel eyes.

“I wanted to say thank you for doing that last night.. you know, not letting me drive home and then the breakfast this morning. It was really nice of you, all things considered.”

He dropped my arm. Took a few steps back. Smiled. “All in all, I think it was a great first date, don’t you, Elle?”

I slammed the door, hard and fast. Better the door than his face.
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