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Heart of Gold

Game 6 Chicago Blackhawks vs. Philadelphia Flyers

At the end of the third period the score was tied 3-3. Game 6 was headed into overtime as this was the last chance for the Chicago Blackhawks to win the hardest trophy in all of mankind. If they win hopefully they will this will be the first time in 49 years that Chicago has won the Stanley Cup.

As both teams head back to their dressing rooms I headed to the concession stand along with my friend Gwen. “So how you feeling?” Gwen asked me. “I just hope Jonny and the team win this. Or else I won’t stop listening to him complain.” “Stell what would happen if they did win?” “Hmm. I don’t know. Probably I won’t stop listening to him saying that they can’t believe that they actually won the cup. But I still love him.” “Aww! So my brother was betting that you and Jonny wouldn’t last this long. Especially since Jonny is so into hockey.” “Well if you look at where we are. Jonny knows that we are perfect for each other. Hockey is the main support system that brings us together.”

We headed back to our seats as overtime was about to begin. I had high hopes for this game. I could see that all the Hawks were nervous. Jonny looked up from the bench and our eyes met. I mouthed him ’Good Luck’ and he smiled as overtime began. Within the five minutes of the 20 given for a period in hockey my buddy Patrick Kane was passed the puck. I stood at the edge of my seat as he slapped that puck “passed” Leighton. Kaner somewhat knew that it went in so he started celebrating leaving everyone else in confusion about what happened. Unfortunately the ref had to do a video review but Mr. Patrick Kane was already celebrating with the rest of the team on the other end of the rink. “Did it go in?” Gwen asked me. I shrugged in loss and confusion. I sighed, “Hopefully it went it. Who knows? If it didn’t that would be embarrassing.”

Finally the referee was finished with the video review and declared that the puck did go in! There you have it the entire Chicago Blackhawks team for the first time in 49 years won the Stanley Cup. Gwen and I along with the other Hawks fans around the Wachovia Center cheered for our home team. I couldn’t wait to see Jonny down on the ice. Luckily I was given passes to celebrate with the Hawks if they won. Gwen started freaking out. “I can’t believe they won! Oh My God! This is so freaking cool! Suck that Pronger!” I burst out laughing so hard that I was crying. Of course all the Flyers fans were upset especially the team themselves. They just stood there waiting for the Hawks to do the traditional handshake.

Now for the moment of truth the presentation of the cup, but there was the Conn Smythe trophy to be handed out. I was told that the Conne Smythe could be given to a player on the opposing team but it didn’t. It went to my lovely boyfriend captain of the Chicago Blackahwk Jonathan Toews. I screamed in a congratulatory way while the Flyers fans just booed Jonny away. He didn’t mind. He was wanting to hoist that Stanley Cup. Lord Stanley entered the room after Jonny was given the Conne Smythe. Gwen and I like the idiots we are bowed down to the Holy Grail as it was set on the table. We like making idiots out of ourselves. Presented to the same man from the same man Jonny skated over to the cup in excitement as he was able to hoist that cup for the first time as one of the youngest captains to ever hoist it. After he hoisted it he passed the cup to Marian Hossa. “3rd times the charm.” I told Gwen. “Good for him.”

I looked into the sea of Blackhawks hoisting the Stanley Cup. They were ever so excited. Gwen and I rushed downstairs to the area where they would let family and friends down with the Stanley Cup champions. We ended up meeting Kaner at the entrance. “Oh My Gosh! Congats!” Gwen and I screamed to him. He hugged us both. “This is so freaking awesome!” He said. “It’s not everyday that your friends with a Stanley Cup champ.” I laughed. We all walked out on to the ice carefully hoping we won’t fall. Gwen and I went up to everyone on the team and said ‘congrats.’ I was never filled up with this much hype before. The only thing was that I didn’t see Jonny. Was he on the ice? Gwen noticed that I was lost. Same with Kaner.

“Stella,” Pat skated up to me. “Are you okay?”

Pat was always like an older brother.

“Yea.” I said in a monotone voice. “Uh where’s Jonny?”

Just then he pointed to an area of the rink that wasn’t occupied by the press, hockey players, coaches, management, etc. I walked over to Jonny and he had a big smile on his face. “Congratulations!” I said as I kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me. “Just to let you know you’re my other trophy.” I blushed like crazy as he kissed my forehead. “So I just have one question to ask you.” I could tell that Jonny was serious about this. I turned my head back to see Gwen and Patrick watching me. I looked back at Jonny and he was down on one knee holding a box. Tears started forming in m eyes. “Stella Marie Raymond,” Jonathan opened the box.

“Will you marry me?”
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